The Holy Manchild

Revelation12; 5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.


Excerpted From Chapter 87 of Book 12

The Rising Kingdom of Our God in the Earth!

“The Fruits of Revelation Twelve”

“Come to Me, My Blessed Child. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

My Blessed Child, hear the bells. Hear the tinkling of the bells. My Little One, these bells bring glad tidings for you!  These bells bring glad tidings for My faithful! But, these same bells bring judgment for the wicked! These same bells bring a greater darkness and a greater judgement! They bring greater calamities in the earth!

My Blessed Child, I have called you back! I have shut your mouth!  I have silenced your lips; but not to the faithful! For, the rest (of the people) are content in their complacency!  The masses love a good time! They love this wicked place; and they love all that money can buy.  The people are utterly corrupt.  They serve gods of the flesh.  They serve gods of the world!  They serve the lusts of the flesh and they love every wicked and perverted thing.

All day long, the righteous suffer under the feet of the wicked.  For, the wicked see My humble sheep. They see My love in them and they come to lay a snare.  They come to set a trap!  They devise every scheme to take from Mine, to steal from Mine and to destroy My faithful in one way, or in another way.

But, now, My Blessed Child, I have laid a trap!  I have laid a snare and I have set this snare in the midst of the whole earth.  This snare is a snare for the wicked. This trap is a trap for the lukewarm. This dread is of me.  This whirlwind is of Me!  This power is of Me!  This great judgement is of Me. This is My plan!  This is My plan and it is unfolding! Who can say what I will do?  Who knows My ways?

Hear Me, oh you rebellious people!  I have laid the foundations of the earth! I have stretched the heavens and I have hung the stars.  I am Most High God and besides Me you have no true God, but imposters, who say that they are gods.

But, now the trap! Now, the horrors! Now, the snare!  This is My snare of Righteousness!  This is My trap for the wicked! I have laid My trap in the midst of the wicked; and you see it not.  I have laid My snare and My trap in the midst of My own house. Yet, you see it not. But, to My righteous ones, this is no trap.  This is no snare.  This is not destruction, but correction. This is not evil for these righteous ones, but encouragement into a greater holiness before Me.

Did I not tell you that I would send My servant, the Branch? Did I not tell you that when evil comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard? Did I not tell you that when evil abounds in a great way, my grace must abound in a greater way.  Have I not told you to prepare, for My kingdom is at hand?

Now, I tell you that My son, the Branch, My Holy Son, the manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve, in in your midst.  I tell you that he is in the earth. I tell you that he is holy. He is My Son. HE has suffered. He has suffered greatly.  He has paid a very great price, a very great price for you, my faithful ones.  He is your portion from Me!  Yet, how many of you see him?  How many of you know him? How many of you believe?

Yes! He is a child, but not at all human!  He is great in My kingdom of light and fire; yet he was divested of his power so that he could come here on your behalves. For, he, too, will help to save you!  His seed are the heritage of the holy and righteous ones, a holy seed!

Has My servant, Linda Newkirk, not told you?  Has she not written of his holy seed?  Has she not told you that he was born (outside of my body, in the Autumn of 2010), and that his holy seed were also born, and were carried into My presence?  This was well over a year ago.

Yes, she has told you of this holy seed and she has told you that this holy seed must come down. (For, it was carried up.) She has told you, but the mouths of the mockers will not stop their mocking!  The mouths of the slanderers will not stop their slandering. The mouths of the blasphemers will not cease to blaspheme Me and what is of Me and what is holy.

My Little Son of light and fire is holy. He is pure. His seed is holy and it is pure; for his seed are My seed and also the seed of the “woman,” for her seed are also My seed.

Yet, you will trouble yourselves in this latter statement. For, My ways are not your ways.  And, My ways are deep!  My word is a double-edged sword and only the appointed ones will understand My mysteries.

But, now, I tell you that I have laid this trap.  I have laid this snare for the rebellious.  I have laid this trap for the wicked. I have laid this trap for My own house.  Yes, a very great trap!  This trap is My Son.  He is your trap!  He is your whirlwind, oh you rebellious world!  Will you fear him?  No, not now!  You do not fear him. But, you will fear him.

For, He is in the earth!  He is anchored in the earth.  He is in the body and the spirit of My servant, Linda Newkirk; for she is your spiritual mother, oh you blessed and faithful ones.  She is the spiritual mother of My end-time house in the whole earth.  She is your earthly mother and your kingdom mother, oh you, who are precious and dear to Me. And, she has paid a price.  She has paid a great and terrible price and still she pays. But, I tell you a thing! Her suffering is becoming less. Her suffering is decreasing. Her suffering is minimizing. And, I tell you why!

This is why!  Hear Me, you faithful ones.   Hear Me, you rebellious and unrepentant ones. For, the line has been drawn. And, now the division is great. In My house, there are no goats.  In my house, in My true house, the wolves have no place.

Now, I tell you about this line! I tell you about this great division between the righteous and the unrighteous; for it is great!  This line is now more than a line, but a very great, a very deep and wide abyss, and this division is growing.

I have made this division. I have caused it. For, the distance between the righteous and the unrighteous is as far as the east is from the west.

What will you do, you fence sitters?  What will you do, oh you lukewarm ones? What will you do?

For, the line is drawn. The gulf is widening.  By the day, you unrepentant ones are increasingly separated from Me!  Your time is short. What will you do?

For, My Son, the Branch, is within the earth!  HE is growing in My great power and fire!  Indeed, he covers the whole earth; for He is not at all human.  He is fire. He is light. He is liquid light fire!  He is My living waters. These living waters, you have not known!  But, he is your living waters. He is the living waters, which will spring up within you!  He is your heritage, you blessed and righteous ones, you blessed, humble and repentant ones. ****(see note at end of chapter.)

Who among you will have him?  Who among you will inherit him?  He is your vehicle into My presence.  He is the vehicle through which you enter into My kingdom.  Who among you will be found worthy to bear him?

Some of you already have him. He is your wonderful gift. He is My gift of great love to You. He is the fire, who will try you and who will refine you as gold and silver.

Are you at all ready for him?  He will magnify all that is within you! He will amplify every sin!  He will magnify every righteous thought! He is your purifier!

All, who receive him, are My sons.  For, He is my son. His seed are My seed and His seed within you make you My seed.  His seed within you make you My righteous children.

And, though he is a child, the power within Him, My power, is not the power of a child. For, he is not at all human!  And, he is anchored in the earth. His wheels-within-wheels cover the whole earth and at some point will extend far into the heavens.

His fire is My fire and his fire is heating up the earth.  His fire is heating up the solar system.  His fire creates! His fire regenerates.  For, his fire is My fire.

But, I tell you a thing!  I tell you a very important truth. He is rotating. He is moving, and as he moves, he is moving the earth!  He is shaking the whole earth.  He is filled with eyes! He has many eyes; and he sees throughout the whole earth. He watches and he sees.

Beware, oh you people!  For, My Son, the Branch, is in the whole earth! His seed are going out!  But, now!  Listen to Me! But, now, all of the 144,000 receive his seed.  All of the 144,000!  Do you hear Me? Can you understand Me?

But, are the 144,000 the only ones, who now have his seed? No, not at all!  For, there are others, and these you are not given to know about.  But, these are the humble ones. These are the meek ones; and I have chosen these and I have blessed these to receive My holy seed, the holy manchild seed.  They know his fire. Some know his rotating. For, he rotates. He is 360 degree DNA. He spins!  For, He is also wheels within wheels.

He is the heritage of the dear and precious souls, who love Me above all. He is the heritage of the humble and meek ones, who will repent and honor Me.

He is My Kingdom come and My will be done in the earth. He is My holiness. He is My righteousness, who is come into the earth.  He is My son, whom I now send to bring you into My kingdom.

But, the mockers, he will shun!  The proud, he will shun!  The holier-than-thou types, he will shun.

But, are you ready?  Are you ready, oh rebellious world?  For, He is going to shake you, oh wicked world.  He is going to shake your lives, oh you wicked and unrepentant ones. He is going to shake the foundations of the world! He is going to shake the foundations of the deep.

This world, from henceforth, will not be the same.  For, My power within him, will shake all that can be shaken.

Every lie will be shaken. Every false thing will be shaken.  Every wicked thing in My house will be shaken.  The world governments will be shaken.  The economies will be shaken.  The heavens will be shaken. The oceans will be shaken.  The mountains will be shaken. The cities will be shaken.

The power within these wheels within wheels will shake this whole earth.  My power, which is within these wheels, will shake this whole solar system. My power, which is within these wheels, will expand. It will grow!  The spinning of these wheels within wheels will increase. The floods will increase.  The earthquakes will increase. Destruction will increase.

The wicked ones will be greatly stirred; for they will have no power over My power within My son. For, My eyes within him see all of their evil works.  And, My power, which is within him, will bring great destruction upon the evil and unrepentant ones.

Yes, He will move; and he will move in greater and greater ways as the days go by!  For, I shall accelerate the speed of the wheels within wheels; and as I accelerate the speed of these wheels within wheels, this acceleration will draw more and more of My power into him.

His great fire will grow. His great strength will grow. My great judgement through him will grow.  The shaking will increase.  The rotating will begin to effect the earth in very great ways.  His rotating will cause the earth to greatly wobble. His rotating and his great fire will begin to melt the poles. (The poles are now melting, thermal imagery data from Oct 2015!) His great fire will begin to eat away at the darkness.  His great fire will begin to burn away and to judge all evil.

Satan will pay a very great price for his great persecution and torture of My Son, the Branch and for his great persecution and torture of my servant, Linda Newkirk.

All, who have blasphemed my servant, Linda Newkirk, and who will not repent, will be marked with a very great mark.  For, they blaspheme My precious servant, who has laid down her life for Me and for love of you, that she might take it back up again.  She is but human, yet My Son is not human.

My works are not the works of humans.  Revelation Twelve is a holy work and all, who have blasphemed Linda Newkirk in ignorance, or with willful intent will now be marked.  For, if you could have seen the errors of your ways and if you could have known what you did, and what many of you did in ignorance, you would not have blasphemed her. And, I have given you ignorant ones a space to repent.

However, I tell you a truth. Most of you have overwhelmingly blasphemed her and you have blasphemed My holy works with willful intent. Through your blasphemies, you have had only one intent and that intent was to destroy My servant, Linda Newkirk and to destroy My holy works.

But, I tell you now, that you have had your times to repent.  You have had your years.  Yet, you would not. Now, I mark you with a mark!  And, this mark will cut deeply. This mark will brand you, and yes, it will also burn you. This mark will separate you and put you solidly among the blasphemers and a blasphemer’s reward you will receive: your place within the jaws of the dragon of Outer Darkness. For, you have solidified your own walk in your blasphemous ways. And, I would have had pity on some of you and I would have forgiven you, if you would  have repented! For, what some of you did, you did in ignorance. Yet, you would not repent!

And, the fruits of your ignorant deceptions have turned many souls away from the truths of these works of Revelation Twelve. You have done your parts in your works for Satan and you have willingly been his instruments to destroy My kingdom, even before it could be established. Yes, you, many of you, have done a very great evil and you have knowingly helped to sift many souls into destruction. Yet some of you claim to serve Me.

But, now, I mark you!  I put My mark upon you!  For, as you have worked to destroy My servant, Linda Newkirk, and as you have worked to destroy these works, I will now turn the effects of your evils upon you.  I will destroy you unrepentant ones, who willfully and with great forethought, sought to destroy My Kingdom, even before it could bear fruit.

But, in spite of all that you evil ones have done, and even because of it, My kingdom is born.  The holy seed is born.  The holy seed has been carried into heaven.  This seed had been made ready.  Some of you already have this holy seed, but now at this time, at this Feast of Unleavened Bread, I have held true to My promises.

And, a few of you faithful ones know of My promises.  And, many of you evil ones also know of My promises; for you monitor all communications and all of My words to My servant, Linda Newkirk.

But, this unfolding, this great unfolding, which has taken place at this time, has been kept from the masses.  These pearls have not been cast before the swine, so that you could trample the pearls and then turn to trample My servant, Linda Newkirk.

Yes! I have denied you these truths, oh you rebellious house! But, I have not denied these truths to the faithful. For, through My servant, Linda Newkirk, I have told you! Even through the dreams of others, I have given greater confirmations to My servant, Linda Newkirk.

And, yes! Oh that day, on that day of the 10th of April of 2012, it began!  A great power surge began to enter into My Son, the Branch, the wheels-within-wheels, and I began to move him, to cause his wheels to begin to move and to move within the whole earth. And, it was this movement, which has produced the acceleration in the frequency of the recent earthquakes and also the increases in the intensities of these recent earthquakes worldwide.  My increased movement within him, in his rotations, and through My increased fire in him, has caused these great upheavals. (See chapter 88 further down the page)

But, hear Me!  For, I tell you some very great news.  This rotation, this increased fire within him and these upheavals signal the release of these holy seeds of light and fire to the rest of the 144,000. But, not only the 144,000 will now receive these holy seed, but these holy seed will be released to more and more of the faithful.

This time is now! This release is now! The Latter Rain is beginning now!  But, this is only the beginning.  For, you will also see the former rain. You will hear of My great miracles within your midst. You will see the increase of My great miracles in your midst. You will feel this heat of My Son, who is within you. You will feel this fire. You will begin to feel this rotation, and as I add more spin to My son, who is within My servant, Linda Newkirk, you, who have the holy seed, will also begin to experience a greater increase in the fire, who is within you.

As I increase the movement, which is within these wheels-within-wheels, who are within My servant, Linda Newkirk, who now covers the whole earth, the rotating of My holy seed, who is within each of you, will also increase.

This rotation and this fire will increase over time until a final amount of fire is released within My holy son, who is within my Servant, Linda Newkirk. When this great fire is released within her, then there will come a very great release of fire into each of you, who has this holy seed.  And, at that time, a transition fire will be released, a very great transition fire, and through this very great transition fire, there will be a short time, when it will be in the earth, as it is in heaven. And, the increased rotation and the spinning in each of you will cause you to move quickly in your supernatural bodies and also with great ease amidst all protection and holiness.

And, the great fire, which comes into My servant, Linda Newkirk, will fill My Son and will fill the whole earth and so great will be the miracles in the earth.  But, the fire will consume much evil. And, the effects on all that is electrical will be very adverse.  And, the electrical systems of the world will quake and quiver and falter. For, My fire, the holy fire through My Son, who is within Linda Newkirk, will cover the earth. And, this great fire, who is within her, will open up a blazing trail to My throne. And, a very great catastrophe will take place in the earth. And, the earth will be moved exceedingly. It will wobble to and fro like a drunk man. It will be moved from its foundations. And, great and terrible will be this destruction all over the world.  For, this power will be very great.

And, it will be at that time that you will see a second sun in the sky. And, this second sun will be both a brilliant white light, and a brilliant blue light. For, one color will gradually change into another color.

And, the appearance of this second sun signals a very great harvest of souls. For, these souls will enter into eternal life through this gateway.

And, it will be at that time that you will see a woman in the sky, and she will be clothed in the light of this second sun and there, at the beginning, you will see the moon at her feet and on her head, you will see the crown with the twelve stars.

For, she is the destined one.  She and she, alone, has paid such a terrible price of great torture and suffering. And, I have tried and tested the heart of my servant, Linda Newkirk, and I have laid many trials before her, that she might be filled with great love, mercy and forgiveness in the midst of this great fire of My holy son. And, she is your spiritual mother, oh you children of My Kingdom. And, she is My firstborn.

Therefore, you will see her there in the midst of the second sun, who is My holy son of light and fire, who will manifest there in the heavens.  And, then she will beckon to you, who have the light and fire of My holy son within you. And, she will call out to you, for she is My firstborn. And, as she calls out to you, you will ascend up into the presence of My holy son of light and fire.  First, one small group, then another small group, and then a very great group, indeed!  And, this is both the small harvest and the second larger harvest. And, I tell you now. This is how it will be.

Then, these souls will be carried to the marriage feast. A very great feast, indeed!  And, many will remain at my feet, but not all. For, some of you will return to the earth, that you might help these, who are in great travail. And, some of you will be in the earth until that time that I appear in the clouds. But, you will not be separated from me, not anymore.  For, indeed, you will travel the heavenly highway, the highway that Isaiah saw and you will go up and down, for you are My arms and My feet in the earth, and the power of My holy son will be very great in you. (Isaiah 35:8)

But, at that time, at the time that I return with My Chosen Ones, at that time of the harvest at the end, wherein the marriage supper will continue, for there will be a very great harvest at the end, I will also release My army, even as you have read in Joel, Chapter Two.

And, they will not break ranks. But, they will be sent forth, even as the sword of My mouth, My holy and pure sons of light and fire; and they will consume the evil and wicked ones in this earth, even with a very great fire; and all of their wicked plans will be consumed.

And, these 144,000 will begin to do a very great work to clean up and to  destroy evil and to lay the foundation for My house.  And, all, who have died for love of Me, will live and reign with Me and with My holy son for 1,000 years.

Now, My Blessed and Faithful Ones, know that My servant, Linda Newkirk, has imparted some very important truths to you about all that has begun on April 10, 2012 and is now well underway.  How blessed are you, who have been faithful to her; for My heart is set upon you to bless you in great and wonderful ways.

But, hear Me, oh you mockers and accusers, scoffers, slanderers, and liars, I have laid a very great stumbling stone before you!  And, that stumbling stone is My Son, the Branch.  For, in seeing, you see not. And, in hearing, you hear not. But, if you had seen, and if you had heard, and if you had understood, you would not have blasphemed My works through her.

And, with these words, my Blessed Child, I will end this message:  My love and mercy is very great towards all peoples.  But, My Rod of Judgement, the holy manchild, is now in the earth.  And, My great power is increasing in him. For, My great judgement of these peoples is given to him.  And, truly he has suffered greatly. He has paid a terrible price. And, he has overcome, that he might now, even now, begin to rule the earth with a rod of iron. And, this time of his true rule begins now, even beginning on this day of the 10th day of April of this year of 2012; and also with the release of these holy seed.

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of April 2012

Linda Newkirk

(**** My apologies to Susan Omara. In her vision of the water wheel, who is the holy manchild, I did not believe that she saw him as a water wheel, as he is liquid light fire. I have always known him as this fire, and if I have ever heard this this fire is the living waters, I have surely forgotten this very important fact. My error and my apologies.)

The Great Shaking has begun!

Dear Ones, it was early in the morning of the 11th day of April of the year, 2012, that I awoke. The time was shortly after 1:00 AM; and I called my friend in Canada, that we might pray.  And, as we prayed early in that day, I saw the holy manchild, and I saw His great wheels, his wheels within wheels. And, he truly did cover the whole earth, but not the outside of the earth. For, he covered the earth from the inside out. And, as I watched him, I saw that he was shaking the whole earth; and I told my friend that I was witnessing the manchild  as he was shaking the whole earth.  Yet, I did not know what was happening.

But, early the next morning, perhaps around 8:00, or 9:00 AM, my friend from Canada called me to tell me that there had been two giant earthquakes on the other side of the world, in the area near Indonesia, and both of these earthquakes were more than 8.0. He also told me that there were only about two hours between these two earthquakes. But, these great quakes were not all of the very great earthquakes that we would hear about, but there would be news of many quakes in the coming days. And, many of the quakes were very deep within the earth, even hundreds of miles deep.  I could not personally remember having seen such deep earthquakes.  At this time, we have also been aware of increased volcanic activity worldwide.

So, we watched and we waited to hear a word from our Lord, and to know what He is doing in the earth; for we can only see and know if He allows us to see and know.

Excerpted from Chapter 88

“The Birthing of the Kingdom of our God in the earth!”

Greetings to you, Dear and Precious Ones, in the Name of Jesus, our Beloved Saviour, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Precious is His Holy Name.

In the last chapter and in previous messages, our Saviour told us that HE would begin an important work on the 10th day of April of 2012.  The tenth day of April was in the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This Feast Time is significant; for this holy seed, which came down from Heaven during those days, is pure and most certainly without any earthly leaven. That holy seed, which came down from Heaven, also marks the beginning of the Latter Rain.

And, on the night of the 10th day of April, here in the Central time zone, the great shaking began!  It was around 8:00 AM on the other side of the world when the great earthquake hit beneath the Indian Ocean; and two hours later, there came a second earthquake.  Both of these earthquakes measured greater than 8.0 and the initial earthquake was unlike other earthquakes as the movement, which took place within the earth, was of a different nature.

Buy, that time of approximately 8:00 AM on the other side of the world may have been around 8:00, or a little later on this side of the world, although I do not know that exact time conversion.  But, from all that I can determine, we in the USA, at least in the Central Time Zone, where I live, were still in the 10th day of April when these great earthquakes happened on the other side of the world in the Indian Ocean.  These great earthquakes marked the beginning of a world-changing event, the beginning of the release of the Latter Rain.

Today is the 12th day of May of 2012. Within the past two weeks a Dear Brother did considerable research about these great numbers of earthquakes, which began on the above date, that date being the 10th day of April of 2012.  The timing of the eruption of these great numbers of earthquakes coincides with the release of these holy seeds of light and fire, or with the release of this Latter Rain.

My friend studied the information on this link to obtain the earthquake information:  He told me that prior to the 10th day of April, and even including the 10th day, the average number of earthquakes in the earth, which were of 4.0 magnitude, or greater, was 17.  So, per day, up to and including the 10th day of April, the average number of earthquakes in the whole world, which were of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, was only 17 per day.  Take note of that average number:17.

But, on the 11th day of April, the average number of earthquakes in the earth, which were of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, rose to 106.  That is 106 earthquakes of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, within only one day.

And, the following numbers represent the number of earthquakes of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, for the few consecutive days, which followed the 10th/11th day.

     April 11, 2012…..106 earthquakes, 4.0, or greater

     April 12, 2012……52 earthquakes, 4.0, or greater

     April 13, 2012…..52 earthquakes, 4.0, or greater

     April 14, 2012…..54 earthquakes, 4.0, or greater

     April 15, 2012…..25 earthquakes, 4.0, or greater

The number of earthquakes in the earth, which were of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, in those days, the 10th through the 14th day of April, was 264  earthquakes, altogether.  The average number of earthquakes, which were of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, during these four days, was 65.

Compare this number to the average number of earthquakes, which were of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, during the first ten days of the month of April, 2012. That average number was 17; and since the 14th day of April until the time that my friend gave me this information, the average number of earthquakes in the earth, which were of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, was 26 per day.

So, the average number of these earthquakes, which have been of a  4.0 magnitude, or greater, has increased from an average of 17 per day before this birthing event, to an average of 26 per day, after this event.

But, during those four days, the 11th through the 14th day of April, the days of the great birthing of most of these holy seed, the average number of earthquakes of a 4.0 magnitude, or greater, was 66 earthquakes per day.

My Dear Ones, in previous writings, I have written that early on the morning of the 11th day of April, shortly after 1:00 in the morning, I awoke. I called a friend and we began to pray.  During that early morning time of prayer, the Lord showed me that the holy manchild, who is also the wheels within the wheels, was within the earth; and He showed me that the holy manchild was shaking the whole earth.

This shaking of the whole earth was a most shocking thing for me to witness; and I really did not know what to think, but knew that something very great was happening.  For, the Lord had already told us that something very important would begin on the 10th day of April of 2012.

It would be some hours later that my friend would call me to tell me of the great earthquakes, which were taking place in the earth.  These great earthquakes surely occurred because the holy, little son of light and fire, the holy little manchild began to spin and to rotate in a very great way. He is 360 degree DNA.  He is light and fire and he moves. He rotates. He spins. This is his nature and the nature of these holy seeds.

I believe that it was late in the afternoon of the 10th day of April that I was in the city and there came a feeling of such instability in my body that I felt that I must lie down. For, there was great a rotating in and around me; and I hurried home that I might rest.  And, over the next two days, I would feel this great instability in my spirit again, but when this hit me again, I understood that the holy, little manchild was moving exceedingly in the earth and that I must rest a great deal.  For, he is not at all human and his ways are not at all like our ways. He is very great in the Kingdom of our God; and He will rule the world with a rod of iron.

 Precious is the Name of our Mighty God; for He is doing a new thing in the whole earth. His Kingdom come and His will be done in the earth as it is in heaven.

I have now given you some background information about the great event, which began on the 10th day of April, even as our Saviour told us that it would begin.

But, now I tell you that I awoke around 3:00AM this morning and I felt such sorrow and heaviness in my heart.  I began to pray in the heavenly prayer language that our Saviour has given to me, but all what I felt so strongly in my heart was, “Oh, Lord, have mercy on the lost!  Oh, Lord, have mercy on the lost.” And, in my heart I greatly travailed.  Today, our Saviour gave me this message; and I am eager to get this message out to you. Read on.

Message from our Father in Heaven

May 12, 2012

The Holy Seed Have been Birthed

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.  Blessed are you, My Precious Child, even blessed above all women. For, I have called you to be a part of an event, a great heavenly event, which will transform My people all over the world.  And, I am pleased in you, My Blessed Child, but I am not at all pleased in the behaviors of many others. Some few do know the truths of these works, but most do not know.

But, look, My Blessed Child. I have put them all in a long sleeve, like the sleeve of a dress and at the end of the sleeve, I have put a net.  And, all, whose minds are small and full of the world and full of flesh, have passed through the net, which is at the end of the sleeve. For, because they love this world and because they love self; and because of their vanities, and because of their baseless accusations, they have made themselves small in My sight.

They are not small because of humility and repentance, but they are small, for they have not My Spirit. And, if they do have My Spirit, they only have it in a fleeting way. So, these have been sifted out and away from Me and away from these works of Revelation Twelve. For, in their own ways, they lifted themselves above Me and My works.  And, many of them have become judges of  Me and My works.

Now, look and behold! For, I have caught some in the net, which is at the end of the sleeve. And, these are not lovers of selves!  These are not boasters. These are not proud.  These are not accusers of their brothers and sisters.  These do not lift up themselves before Me.  For, truly they have humbled themselves before Me.  They are quick to repent. They love Me and they truly love others.  They are spiritually clean before Me from day to day; for they will not allow the sun to set on their sins. But, they are constantly before Me and they seek forgiveness.

Now, behold those, who are caught in the net at the end of this sleeve!  For, in every one of them, there resides the holy seed, who is My precious manchild, who is within each of these chosen ones.

See this, My Blessed Child; for you are the spiritual mother of these blessed, little ones. You bore my son almost six years so that these chosen ones might bear this holy seed. This great event, this great release of these holy seed began on the 10th day of April of 2012, though some few were released before this day, but few indeed in the whole world.  And, these few were released before, even as you also sought this of Me.

So, beginning on the 10th day of April and accelerating for some few days after the 10th day of April of 2012, there was a great release of these holy seeds, and this great release lessened to a trickle, as the numbers to be released at this time dwindled in number, that is, from a great release to a trickle.

And, that date, the beginning of the Latter Rain, the rain of fire, of golden oil, of living waters, began on the 10th day of April of 2012. That ten was the second ten.

For, in the month of October of 2010, on the 10th day, the birthing process of the holy manchild began.  Even as you traveled over the great Utah mountains, that process had begun and the manchild would indeed be born, released from your body on the 13th day of October of 2010. (note: he was born in Laramie, Wyoming!)

But, you did not know that as he lived within you, the holy seed grew within him. For, it was his light, which is My light in him, which combined with My light in you; and through the interaction of this light within the two of you, this holy seed was formed and then grew.

For, I have told you that you are the spiritual mother of these, who receive these holy seed.  You are that woman of Revelation Twelve. There is none other.  I have chosen you long before the foundations of this earth; for though your body is human, your spirit, your light makeup, is not human; for you are of the angelic realm.

And, in this earth, there are some few others, who are also of this realm; for their light is pure. Yet, they are all under very great attack and every effort has been made, not just through the efforts of Satan and the fallen ones, but also through some of the Elohim, to disable them, and or to destroy them. For, some of the Elohim have also  worked diligently to stop the works of these chosen ones. So, these chosen ones have all suffered greatly.

But, you, I have chosen, to be the spiritual mother of My people. There is none other. The Woman of Revelation Twelve is not My church. The Woman of Revelation Twelve is a singular woman, and oh how the wicked ones want to bury this truth. They have flooded the world with lies about Revelation Twelve.  But, I tell you again. You are that woman. This holy seed also came through you. Yes, it came through Me and through My holy son of light and fire, who is within you, but it is also a part of My light, which is within you. This is why these are called the “seed of the woman” in the last verse of Revelation Twelve. This is not a misprint! I did not make a mistake!

Through your years of great suffering, of great heartaches, tortures, persecutions, slanders, and blasphemies against you and Me, these holy seed grew.  No, you have not well understood this.  But, these holy seed also came through you. They are not independent of you. This is why I have been so strict with you.  This is why I caused you to eat no meat, but fish only.  This is why I separated you out of the world. This is why I put you in a wilderness place.  This is why very few could be near you. This is why only two souls could ever successfully stay on the land that I gave you.  And, even though your heart is big and you gave places for a few to stay on that land, Satan entered into all of them and provoked them to do evils against you. For, they were unclean before Me.  They would not repent of their ways and Satan entered into them to tempt them and to cause them to do evil.  But, evil was firstly done in their hearts.

Yet, My Blessed Child, do not despair about their lies, wild accusations, and great, evil ways.  For, I have given you victory. You, and you, alone, have paid the price. No other human in the whole world has paid the price. But, you, and you, alone, have paid this price.

Now, My Blessed Child, this first group of holy seed is born and this holy seed must grow within these chosen ones, even as this seed grew in you. But, to each one is given only one seed. To you many seed were given. Yes, these are also your holy seed, even as they are Mine; for firstly, I married you. And, I have been married to you since I gave you My son on May 10, 2006.

So, My Blessed Child, even after My holy son was born and you saw the caterpillar on the tree limb. And, in his right eye, you saw 01; and in his left eye, you saw 10. You saw then a mirror image… a ten and its mirror image.

Yet, of these two tens, one ten was not yet fully complete; for the circle of the ten was not fully complete. But one ten was complete and that ten, which was complete was the birthing of My holy son, as he had already been birthed, at that time, from your body. And, that birthing began on 10-10-10, or on the tenth month, on the tenth day of the year 2010. And, this birthing process was completed three days later, on October 13, 2102.

Then, the holy seed were also born outside of the body of my holy son; and this took place within a few weeks’ time after his birthing was completed on the 13th day of October of the year, 2010. And, a few weeks after his birthing, these holy seed were carried into heaven, alongside him.  But, I have not shown you all that took place within those few weeks after the holy son was born outside of your body, and the holy seed were also born, and all went up and into heaven.

But, what I am showing you here is the first ten (the birthing of the holy manchild on 10-10-2010), and then the second ten, which took place on April 10th of the year, 2012. This second ten, or the second date, is a mirror image of the first ten, because this second date, this second ten on April 10th of 2012, also represents a birthing, yet a birthing back into the earth of these holy seed. (They went up and now they come down.)

So, the date, 10-10-10 tells a prophetic story. For, on the 10th day of May of 2006, I birthed My holy son into you. On that day, I married you and I gave you My holy son. Over the following years, at various intervals, and through your times of great suffering and great travails, I birthed these holy seed into you and also through My holy manchild in you.  That is why some of these babies of light and fire, these holy seed, these men children babies, are bigger than others.  For, they are older and have also lived within you for a longer time. (note: a brother had a dream of seeing these babies going up, like on a conveyor belt; and he saw that some of them were larger and older babies than others.)

So, the journey of this birthing process is represented as three tens, or 10-10-10. Yet, this first great release of these holy seeds is only the first release. Through you, My Blessed Child, there shall come two more very great releases, but the two great remaining releases will not happen now, but in due season.

Now, My Blessed Child, you wonder about many things.  For, I have told you that I will make you free! I have told you this and this is so, but I have stopped this process just short of making you free!  But, My promise to you is true!  It is real and it is forthcoming to you. And, when I make you free, I will also send an increased amount of power into these holy seeds.

I could have already made you free!  But, even as I had thought to make you free, I delayed somewhat.  But, only for a very little while have I delayed. Just know this!  I have given only a very short delay. But, do not be troubled about this; for this short delay also means a short delay in World War III. This delay is a short one and so, I warn all of you to prepare yourselves for hard times.  For, with this war will come a worldwide economic crash. All of these events are in your faces.

Hear Me now, oh you people!  So great will be your travail, oh you, who have this holy seed!  But, even so, how blessed are you, who have my holy seed; for through this seed, I am married to you.

Hear Me, oh you people, who are lazy, who do not care about Me and who do not care about your spiritual futures.  If you will not quickly repent of your rebellious ways,  you will be ground into pieces, even as powder in the earth.  The grinding wheels of the New World Order will grind you into dust.

The cities will fall!  The nations will fall!   The economies will fall!  The polluted churches will fall!  And, people will fall, even billions of you! You will fall!  You will fall through war!  You will fall through pestilences.  You will fall through diseases.  You will fall through famines and starvation. You will fall through earthquakes, storms and terrible devastations in the earth.

No proud person will enter into My kingdom. No arrogance will be found among My chosen ones. Hear Me, oh you, who set yourselves above others and who mock what is holy and of Me.  You have had your time to repent.

Over and over again, I have released the truths regarding Revelation Twelve, regarding the holy manchild, and regarding My servant, Linda Newkirk, who is the Woman of Revelation Twelve. And, you have had your years.

You have had your years to seek Me for understanding.  You have had your years to seek me about the truths of these works.  But, alas, most of you hardened your hearts.  And, you would not seek Me. You made your decisions. You decided!  You refused to recognize or accept the truths about these works.

Now, look and behold!  For, I have passed over you mockers.  I have passed over you proud ones.  I have passed over you haughty ones. I have passed over you blasphemers.  I have passed over all of you, who made yourselves judges over these holy works and you would not in any way repent.

The first group of these holy babes has been released.  Some of these babes of light and fire are older than others and even as they were born, they have been given more power.

Who are you to mock what is truly holy and of Me?  Have I not told you that if any of you lack understanding to come to Me, and I will give you understanding?

Yet, few of you sought Me for true understanding about Revelation Twelve.  You leaned upon your own understanding, or you leaned upon the internet search engines for understanding.  Or, you leaned upon your Bible footnotes for understanding. Or, you leaned upon the theologians for understanding. Or, you leaned upon one another for understanding. But, you did not lean upon Me.

And, because you did not lean upon Me, you colluded one with the other in your false beliefs and collectively you joined forces and collectively you called My servant, Linda Newkirk, “insane.”  Collectively, you called her a “murderer.” Collectively, you called her a “liar!” Collectively, you called her, “false.” Collectively, you called her many names. Collectively, you lied about her! Collectively, you slandered her.  Collectively, you blasphemed Me and My holy works.  Collectively, you sought to destroy her and to destroy My kingdom, even before it could be born. Collectively, you made yourselves My enemies and enemies of My kingdom and enemies of all that is good and right. Collectively, you have done great evil. And, collectively huge numbers of you believe that you will now be raptured out and not have to suffer. But, I tell you that collectively you will suffer.

I am a merciful God and I forgive and I would have forgiven many of you long ago, but you would not repent; and you bound yourselves together through your pride and ego!  And, I have shut your eyes. I have shut your ears to the truths of these works.

I would, therefore, not allow you to see and to hear and to know the truths of these works.  I hid these works. I hid these works in the wilderness and would allow only a few to see the truths of these works.

And, more of you could have seen and you could now be a part of these works, but I separated out all of you, who are double-minded.  For, none of you double-minded ones will be a part of My works.

You will see!  You mockers will see!  You will see the holy works that I do through My holy seed. But, you will not now receive My holy seed!  Some of you will yet receive him, but not now. For, you must yet pay a price to have this holy oil.

So, be of good cheer, you faithful and pure ones; for you are now beginning a very wonderful journey. And, with this, I will stop for now.

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of May, 2012, 

Linda Newkirk

Dear Ones, these are some precious words from another one of you, who has seen the holy, little boy:

“Last year, I had a vision of a baby wrapped in a white blanket and then it seemed a child of about two was on my lap.  A friend also saw the child around me as if it were playing. I also remember a dream from about 1997, or 1998 in which I was impregnated with a seed.”

Others of you have written similar words to me.  Praises to our Mighty Saviour! His Kingdom is now in the earth!

President Obama and the fast dance!

Dear Ones, for the past two nights, I had two separate visions about President Obama. In the first vision, I saw President Obama walk past me; and as he walked past me, I saw that a woman, who was sitting on the floor, had covered her nose with a clothes pin.

I looked at President Obama and he was wearing two big, black shoes.  In the past, our Saviour has shown me the two shoes of President Obama; and one shoe was a Rothschild shoe and the other shoe was a Rockefeller shoe.

But, on close examination of his two shoes in this vision, I could see that President Obama now wears two Rothschild shoes.  In other words, the Rockefellers no longer have any influence over his walk, but he is totally sold out to The Rothschilds.

In that vision, I looked beneath both of his shoes and there were two, solid, round rings of gold, one ring of gold beneath each heal and one ring of solid gold beneath the front parts of each foot.

Then, suddenly, President Obama began to do a very fancy dance, much like a Michal Jackson dance and it was a fast dance.  As I watched him doing this dance, I also knew that this dance signals very bad news for this nation.

However, last night, as I was praying, I saw President Obama again; and in that vision, I saw that his right leg had a very great infection in it.  Then, at that moment, I thought of the woman, who had placed a clothes pin on her nose as President Obama was passing her. Apparently, she has smelled something stinky!

So, with the revelation of the infection in his right leg, I wondered about that “stinky smell”, which was offensive to the woman in the other vision.

And, shortly thereafter, our Saviour gave me another vision; and in this vision I saw that this great infection broke open. That infection broke open and it began to roll down his pants leg and onto the floor. But, still I wondered about that terrible infection in his leg.

Then, I saw the President in a large round room. And, there all around him were dead bodies. These dead bodies were in varying states of decay. There were many dead people; and I knew that he had murdered all of them! Yes, that is one stinky mess; for only our Saviour knows how many he has murdered.

But, that was not the most shocking thing about that vision.  As I looked past the dead bodies, which were strewn around that round room, I saw that there were many hallways, which went in all directions from that round room. And, those hallways were filled with long, long lines of empty coffins.  I could not even begin to count the number of coffins; for they were so numerous; and these long hallways of empty coffins just seemed to go on without end. At least, I could not see any end to them.

Were there hundreds of thousands of coffins, or were there millions of coffins? I do not know the numbers! But, our Saviour is showing these empty coffins. These coffins are prepared and they are about to be filled.

Surely, the time is at hand when President Obama and his handlers and subordinates will fill them.  Dear Ones, wake up to this fact.  A very great killing is coming to America! Repent now, while you still have time; for soon, many souls will exit the earth.

Jesus saves; and only He can save you. Besides Him, there is no Saviour. Jesus loves you and He forgives.  Blessed is His Holy Name!  Call upon Him with your whole heart; and He will hear your cries. He will help you!

Within the last few years, our Saviour has given me many visions and I have repeatedly been shocked to see how quickly many of them came to pass.  I have not written about some of them, but a brother, who often prays with me over the phone, is aware of many of these visions and how quickly some of them have come to pass. Therefore, I warn you that there is a great plot to fill these coffins and soon they will be filled. A great killing is about to hit America; and this killing will be orchestrated by the Rothschild man, his many cohorts and his man in the White House.

I must also add another very important piece of information about the above vision of the dead bodies in the round room.  In the center of these dead bodies, in that round room, there was a small mountain of gold coins.

Do these gold coins represent the Rothschild payoff to President Obama for his part in these killings?  Remember the solid, gold rings beneath his black, dancing shoes?  Remember, as well, that he now has a solid allegiance to the Rothschild man and no longer has any allegiance to the Rockefellers. Remember the words of warning in the Book of Daniel about the antichrist: “he will divide the land for gain.”

We have come to that time, Dear Ones, the time of “the stork and the storm.” A Dear Brother had a dream some years ago; and these few words were in his dream: “a stork and a storm.”  The stork has come. The babies have been born! And, now comes the storm!  Prepare for hard times.  Repent and get spiritually clean before our Lord and God; for many souls are about to exit this planet.  You will either go into the flames or into the light of God.  Jesus loves and Jesus forgives! Call out to Him with your whole heart; and He will hear you! Blessed is His Holy Name!

I thank each of you, who has come forth to help in the building of this House or Prayer.  There remains much work to do on the inside, but we are truly making progress. And, there remains much work to do on this land to make it a place for those of you, who will come here.

I will do what I am able to do, in collecting camping supplies. Only the Lord knows what He will do, but we do not have much time before we see the world economic collapse.  I thank you faithful one for helping me with this great work.

I love you all very much!

Jesus is our Only Way. Blessed is His Holy Name.


The Kingdom of our God is in the earth!

These wicked ones will be watching for these sons!

Some days ago, our Saviour gave me the message, which you have just read; and last night He gave more messages.  From all that our Saviour has shown to us, we know that a very great kingdom work is well underway, yet, we also know that we are only in the beginning of this very great work. So, we wait with great expectation to see how it will all unfold. Blessed is the Name of our Mighty God forever and ever. For, He is faithful. He is true and He keeps His promises.

The Spiritual Attacks, which are coming!

Are we very close to the fulfillment of the following verse? “And, the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Rev. 12:17)  In the following verse, we read what the “testimony of Jesus” means: “The testimony if Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  (Revelation 19:10)

The Great Tragedies Among us!

I also read of another terrible tragedy this morning, today being the 22nd day of April, of 2012! See the multiples of eleven in this date. These numbers represent an important devil day for the wicked ones.

This tragedy involves the disappearance of a young child from Tucson Arizona.  Her parents last saw her about 11:00 last night and today she is gone. There are apparently no signs of any break-in.  Think this strange? I do not!

“Oh, Father in Heaven, in Jesus Name, I come to you today, and I ask You, Lord, to intervene in this terrible tragedy. Blessed Saviour, cause them to give this child back; and bring great judgements upon these wicked hoards. Save this precious child, Lord! In Jesus’ Name. Amen!”

Jesus Saves!

It has been approximately two years since a woman called me and she was frantic. Her child had disappeared from her home. This woman saw her child and then suddenly she was gone!

A dear brother and I began to pray; for we all felt that she had been abducted, not by humans, but by Satan’s hoards.  And, so we prayed and after a brief while some people found this child. She was standing alongside the road, about a mile from this woman’s house. This child was wearing her diapers and no shoes; and her feet were unharmed by the many rocks. This child came back telling of her trip upwards, and pointing towards the sky. She told of those with the big eyes, up there in the sky and even told of seeing cows.

This precious child had been abducted by the “greys.”  But, the Lord, our God made them put her back! This was a very great, divine intervention and a very great and immediate answer to prayer! Blessed is the Name of Jesus, the Name above all Names! JESUS SAVES!

Do you now believe that these wicked, non-human, satanic hordes are abducting little children?  They are doing it every day! The Lord has carried me into the underground bases and I have seen so many people in cages!  What a terrible shame on this earth!

How many believe this terrible truth? Not many! But now, many more of you will be forced to believe. For, Satan and his many wicked hoards, human and non-human alike will begin to make war with those, who have this holy seed.

“They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.”

Satan’s children!

Daniel 2:43

Are you ready for this terrible war? I can tell you for a fact, that you are not ready; and there is also no way that you can prepare for such great evils.

Very few in this world have ever suffered such assaults as what I have suffered. None could live through such tortures and through such terrible technologies, if our Saviour were not with them. Blessed is His Holy Name! Our Blessed Saviour has saved us over and over again; and even as He has saved us, He will also save all, who put their faith and trust in Him. And, if it is time for some to go home, then blessed is His Holy Name. All, who love our Saviour will be taken home in His blessed arms! All the praises, all the honor, all the glory and all the power to our Blessed Saviour; for He has saved us!  Precious is His Holy Name!

The Powers and Principalities of Great Darkness

Satan’s children are ruling the world!  They may look human, but they possess the dark and corrupt spirits of Satan. They are heartless, vicious, amoral, killers, perverts and thieves; and they are intent on destroying all of us!

Oh, what a terrible tragedy!

Many souls will be destroyed!

Repent, dear souls!! Your souls are precious! Do not allow yourselves to be a slave to the lusts of the flesh anymore! This is how Satan has trapped and devoured so many souls, even from the beginning!

It is any wonder that Porn is rampant? Is it any wonder that every perverted and lustful act of the flesh is glorified in this earth? Satan knows what he must do to entice humans and to lead their souls into destruction! He is not stupid! He has been at his games of seduction for a very long time!

Wake up!  See what is happening. Resist Satan! Deny him!   Refuse to obey his commands to fornicate and to commit lewd acts of the flesh!  Do not allow him to devour your soul! Your soul is precious!

“And, he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And, that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Rev. 13:16-17

Many are now ready for the mark of the beast! They are not looking!  They will easily trade their souls for food or money!

The second death awaits those, who take the “mark of the beast.” Many souls all over the world will take that terrible computer chip in the hand or the head, just so that they can buy or sell.  Most people are very lost spiritually and they do not see that they are being set up for the terrible and final fall!

This final fall will come about through the issuing of the mark of the beast, that terrible chip, which is implanted into one’s hand, or one’s head, in order to buy and sell. But, these, who take this “mark” will also fall down and worship the antichrist and his many images. They will suffer the “second death.”

Open your eyes and ears! Do not take that computer chip in order to buy and sell! Do not take this chip, even if you are starving to death!  This chip means the second death for your soul!  Through that chip, many souls will be forever removed from the earth.  Please hear my cries to you about this final slavery, which awaits the humans! Do not, under any circimstances, take the computer chip in your head, or in your hand, in order to buy and sell. Call upon the Name of Jesus! He will hear your cries. He is merciful. He will help you! Even if you must die, He will still help you. Call upon Jesus! Believe in Him. Jesus saves!







“And, all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” Rev. 13:8   “him” refers to the antichrist.

“And, whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”  Rev. 20:15

“And, death and hell were cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death.” Rev. 20:14

“But, the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake, which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.”

“And, the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb.

And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosever receiveth the mark of his name.

All, who take the mark of the beast, the computer chip into the head, or the hand, will go into the Lake of Fire. And, this is the Second Death!

You must get serious about the salvation of your soul. Do not continue to play with Satan; for He only wishes to see your soul destroyed.  Please hear my cries to you! Repent, while you still have time to repent! Jesus loves you! He died for love of each of us! He came to save our souls!

I love you; and I want you to come through through these terrible times in victory. Jesus will help you! He is our Saviour; and He, alone is Saviour!

But, you must learn to recognize Satan’s traps; and you must come away from these traps.   Please hear my cries to you. I plead with you for love of you! How precious is your soul! Don’t throw it away on  the lusts of the flesh!

Repent now; and turn to our Blessed Saviour with your whole heart. Jesus loves you; and Jesus forgives. Jesus will set you free. He is able. He came to set the captives free. Remember His great love for you and for each of us. He died for love of us. He is our Wonderful Gift. He is our Only Way into salvation.

Your soul is precious!  Turn from your sins and repent with tears and weeping. Call upon the Name of Jesus; and He will hear you. I love you and I am praying for every soul, who reads these words. I stand in agreement with your heartfelt prayers of repentance. I now join in your heartfelt prayers of repentance and your cries for deliverance from your bondages. We stand together before our Mighty Saviour. Will you pray with me?

“Oh, Lord, I join my cries with the cries of this precious soul, who reads these words, and who cries out for forgiveness and deliverance. Oh, Jesus set this captive free.

Deliver this precious soul from every sin of the flesh and from every foul demon, who stalks this precious one.  Hear my cries, oh Lord, as I call out to you to save this precious soul, who now cries out to You! Forgive this precious one of all sins, Lord!

Oh, thank You, Lord, for hearing the cries of our hearts. Oh, Lord, do not allow Satan to have this soul! Blessed Jesus, save this precious soul, who now comes to You for forgiveness, freedom, deliverance and even healings of any and every kind. Oh, Lord, I ask you to pour out Your miracles now on this precious soul, who pleads with you!  Our hearts are of one accord before you, Lord! Please honor this prayer!

Thank You, Jesus. Amen!”