Shutting Down Inter-dimensional Portals

It may be Linda has the year 2006 in memory, instead of 2005.

“Escape Routes Being Shut Off”
Book Eleven Chapter Six

Tonight, (July 16, 2005), our Saviour said to Me, “Come up here!” And, I went in the Spirit to meet Him in the Upper Realms. He gave me one key and told me to go and shut down a particular portal in the heavens, which was also a series of many portals, and they were all lined up in a row! He has had me do such things many times in the past. These are interdimensional doors and this is all part of shutting down Satan and locking him and his evil ones in the Earth so that they cannot travel the Upper Realms. This is one reason that they hate me so much. One reason that they follow me everywhere and have tried to stop me every way that they can! But, My Father in Heaven keeps me here and to Him is the praise and glory forever and ever, for I am so delighted and so greatly blessed to do this work for Him!

But, back to what I was saying about this series of portals. He gave me a key and told me to shut down this particular portal; and after I inserted this key, I heard a very loud noise in the Spirit when this was completed! Then, He gave me a key with several sharp points on it. (These keys seldom look like earthly keys.) This key had a nuclear-like symbol on it and I said to our Father, “They are not going to like that!” I put the key into its proper place in the open door and I saw a series of doors shutting as well!

Then, He gave me a third key, which looked something like a rocket. I pushed this key through the open door and it took off like a rocket, moving very fast through many doors, and the doors just disappeared as this rocket-like key passed through them. I kept watching this key pass through the many open doors, and the doors dissolving and disappearing as it passed through them. At some of these doors, obstacles and barriers had been placed to stop this process from happening, but this rocket-like key hit all barriers and dissolved them immediately, along with the doors, and all disappeared into the light of God. Then, our Saviour said to me, “ They were expecting this one and have laid many traps and snares to stop it, but it will not be stopped. It will reach its destination without fail in three days time, for they cannot stop it and then this door will disintegrate and be forever closed!”

“Thank you, my Precious Saviour and all of the praise and glory to our Father in Heaven! My Lord, what does this mean about the closing of these doors, but especially the last one?”

“Trouble for them and trouble for mankind, for Satan is being boxed more and more into a corner and he will be defeated!”

“My Lord, You could have had anyone insert these keys and/or You could have done it yourself. Why did you ask me to do so?”

“You have been chosen to do so before the foundations of the world! It is your privilege and your great blessing. This is why!”

“Thank You, my Blessed Saviour. Is this message tonight only for me, or for others?”

“It is only for you at this time. But mark the date, as this is a very important date and I may allow you to write of it later!”

“Thank You, My Lord!”

“Now, go in peace and be blessed, My Child!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of July, 2005,

Linda Newkirk