Sept 16th, Massive Mars Base Destroyed!

In this Sept 16th update from Linda Newkirk you will learn that our Saviour has started to fulfill His recent promise to shut the NWO Satanists and their ET alliance out of the inter-dimensional portal and throw them off of Mars. From what Linda understands after hearing numerous conversations ‘in the spirit’  a massive underground base o with an area of three to four square miles has been destroyed on Sept 15/16. Upwards of 250.000 souls both human and ET have been been killed. 






They call themselves the “Masters of the Universe.” They recently posted an image of President Obama on in which he was depicted as a superman of the galaxy, and there came another one of their cryptic messages on that same website, “Freedom for the Masters of the Universe!” Or, so they thought! Most would not know one thing about their boastings, that is, not anyone outside of their international space program. But, I do know, as they cannot get to their Mars base without passing through the two interdimensional portals, which are attached to my body, and/or through the other one, which is attached to this land. As you read on, I will tell you more about these so-called “Masters of the Universe,” but firstly I need to give you some background information. For, all that I have to tell you relates to the works of Revelation Chapter Twelve and to the work that our Saviour and His Father have called me to, that work being the work of the woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve. And, this is a work of great supernatural events, a work, which involves travel between worlds, inter-dimensional work that few know about, except those, who would travel these pathways.

The first inter-dimensional portal began to open up over my head in 2001. Then, I lived in North Little Rock Arkansas, just next door to Little Rock, airbase and in close vicinity to their Satanic bases of Camp Robinson, and Camp Pike Arkansas, Camp Robinson (robbing son) being perhaps Satan’s premiere base in the USA at this time, and Camp Pike being another one of his supreme bases, named after his chosen son, Albert Pike, the father of modern freemasonry. This whole area is replete with many thousands of workers of witchcraft and sorcerers, who operate from an underground base. And, it is from within the ranks of such sorceries that we have seen the rise of Satan’s children and devotees, Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Another portal would begin to open up in the year, 2002, one which our Saviour would have me attach in the center of the earth and to do work on it for about two years, attaching it also to many dimensions in the Upper Realms. When the first war in Heaven broke out in the year, 2006, that is, after Satan and the U.S.military broke into that second portal, many Dragos were later cast down, along with Satan and those in the U.S. military!

At that time, our Saviour and the archangels fought against Satan and against those within the U.S. military and He and His angels threw them down and with them many, many Dragos, possibly billions, were also cast down and into the earth. At that time, these words would then be fulfilled: Rev.12:13, “And when the dragon saw that he was cast out unto the earth, he persecuted the woman, which brought forth the manchild.” Now, Dear Ones, this word only tells that Satan persecuted me, that woman, but according to what our Saviour has told me, I have died many times and have been brought back to life and have disintegrated many times because of the terrible electrical fields, which they put into the portals and because of the fact that they have made dimensions within dimensions. That is quite another story, but bear in mind, that the Scripture tells only that Satan persecuted me. But, this great and terrible persecution has extended for more than eight years, since that time I was given the holy manchild. This persecution involves extreme torture, extreme pain and suffering, not to mention character assassination and attacks against me in every way imaginable. So, be warned; for these scriptures also tell that Satan will make war against the seed of the woman. (Revelation 12:17) Now, note that this is “war,” not persecution! That time is close!

And, then with that war in 2006, more scriptures were also fulfilled: “And, the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.” That flood, Dear Ones, was the vast numbers of Dragos, that Satan sent after me, who walked uprightly, who also had heads of birds and bodies of lizards. This war began in late February of 2006 and went on for about two and one half months. Shortly thereafter, on the tenth day of May of 2006, our Saviour gave me the holy manchild, when I was in the suburbs of Pretoria, South Africa. From the time that I was given this holy little child, Satan and those within the U.S. military have persecuted me, and since April 11 or 2007, they have kept me bound in the midst of very hard substances, which operate at frequencies beyond the visual spectrum, and these terrible devices have caused me immense suffering. And, sadly, this holy, little son was often caught up in that terrible mess! These terrible assaults have only been part of his great persecution against me, but even so, this word would be fulfilled, that he persecuted the woman.

Take note of these scriptures, which have been fulfilled regarding Revelation Chapter Twelve, for these works have continued for the past ten years, having begun in South Africa, amidst great persecution in the summer of 2004. If you do not understand what you have read, go back and read these writings again. And, make some copies while you are at it and distribute these copies; for this work is an extremely important work, but many would not realize this, due to the hate and blasphemy campaign, which has been directed at me.

Due to the fact that I live here in Arkansas, and due to the presence of these three inter-dimensional portals, many sorcerers have flooded into this area, making central Arkansas their world training ground for sorcerers, which they have referred to as a relocated “Contigo Bay.” I have heard some of them say that their Contigo Bay world headquarters for sorcery is really located beneath the shelf of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida, but in their desperation to have their space program, they moved most of them to this area. This world space program is run by Satan, by his mind controlled slaves and by sorcerers and high-level Satanists. By high-level Satanists, I also mean those, who are Satan’s children, who are bred to be of a very high-level reptile seed line. This “mystical” alien seed line, as they call it, runs the world, but they are not alien, only fallen angels, who have been here for a very long time, even since the beginning. And, though these offspring appear to be humans, they are human only in appearance. They are some of the most evil, some of the most vicious, lying, deceiving, violent people you will ever meet anywhere. They are those, who love evil and they love a lie. They are pathological liars! They love every dark and despicable thing and they all kill the innocent babies and children, sacrificing them to Satan for power, prestige and money; and as I understand it, Satan sucks up the light of these little ones as they are dying, so that he can have this power, forming from this light, a garment of light for himself, thereby appearing as an angel of light. For, he has no light, being only like a dark and evil wind!

I have been their target for years and have suffered terribly through their many assaults, but I trust in our Blessed Saviour and I trust in God Almighty and I have been kept alive and have continued to be protected amidst whatever sorceries they could throw against me. Through their assaults against me, they have lost many of their sorcerers, who now reside either in hell, or in Outer Darkness, possibly as many as 150 to 200,000 of them! Yes, you heard correctly; for they have what is called, “composites” of sorcerers, who travel in groups, many of them having been reduced to little elf-like beings, who are cannibalistic in nature, and they travel this way in packs. Yes, they have targeted me, due to this work of Revelation Twelve, which I have been in the midst of for more than ten years and also due to the inter-dimensional portals, which are attached to me. But, Satan has problems now and I will tell you about this latest victory for our Mighty God and this defeat of Satan, but bear with me a little while longer; for you need to understand this background information.

I have seen Satan’s world space program from the inside out, and know about this space program better than almost anyone, who is not one of them, because I have not only been the recipient of their many attacks over the years, but as they have travelled up and down through these portals, I have heard many thousands of their conversations. They are evil and they are among those, who love to do evil, the very tares, who will be burned up, but even so, this seems to make little difference to these sorcerers, who defend their evil, and pride themselves in doing the worst sorts of evil that anyone could ever imagine! And, like flies to honey, they have been drawn to me, due to these inter-dimensional portals. Therefore, I have come to know well these wicked ones, Satan and his children, and to know some things about the Annunaki and their slaves, whom some refer to as the Endurictins. And, the greys also, who are varied in their types, could not resist these portals and came to make war against me, although their real war was against our Mighty God and His Precious Son, our Blessed Redeemer. But, even as our Saviour told the greys “to repent and I will give you some clean clothes,” so His message has been the same to all of them. And, I have heard the prayers of certain ones of them and believe that some of them anyway, do want to repent, though they have continued on in the service of Satan.

After Satan and his U.S. military slaves broke into this portal in mid-January of 2013, our Saviour most assuredly took them up to that holy place! But, they could not have broken in, except for the fact that the portal was opening and because it was opening and they could see light from the Upper Realms as it filtered down through my mouth, and they knew that they had an opening, Satan forced an opening into the portal, and this opening went through the side of my face and into my throat and he, thereby, caused me pain of a very great magnitude. This portal to the Upper Realms was opening because the little manchild was about to be born back to the throne of God, back into the Upper Realms. And, Satan and these fallen angels, on wanting to return to establish their presence in the Upper Realms, were desperate in their attempts to tear an opening into this portal.

This holy, little child was on his way back home, and our Saviour did come to take him home on March 01 of 2013. I was in the portal with our Saviour and with this precious child just before he was taken and I so longed to disappear with the two of them and to never return. A great peace enveloped me that day, a peace that I will never forget. I knew that I belonged with them, but, alas my work was not finished and it is also not finished at this point, but I believe that a great milestone is being reached; and I am going to tell you about this milestone a little later on.

Shortly after they broke in, our Saviour allowed that wicked space commander to send an expedition up and to find that holy place. This would lead them to say later that that place belonged to them as they had discovered it. Not only did our Saviour allow them to find that holy place, but He allowed them to come up the Holy Place, to that Holy Mountain. That was in the early spring of 2013 when our Saviour said to them, “Come peaceably to Me and I will deal peaceably with you,” but they did not come peaceably, they came violently, killing and sacrificing innocent souls to Satan! They did such violence in our Saviour’s face until He threw them down and that little colony, which He allowed them to put there, was dissolved.

But, shortly afterwards, our Saviour began to build, as I understand it, recreation areas, and hotels and some of them wondered if they could stay in these areas. Though that colony was dissolved, they were not thrown down altogether! Our Saviour allowed them to stay in these areas, as I understood the case to be. I heard some tell how they were treated as royalty. I can only tell you what I heard many say. One day as some pilots were about to leave through the portal in a craft to go up to that holy place, I heard one woman say to another woman, “She does not even believe! But she has seen them! We have all seen them! We are surrounded by angels!” I heard another man say, “I was sitting there in that hotel and looked out and saw those horses. I looked around and it seemed that none of the others saw these horses, the most beautiful of horses. They came and they stood there, just outside of the hotel, so beautiful and majestic and then suddenly they were just gone!”

Yes, they went to a supernatural place. And, from what I was hearing, our Saviour was good to them, putting them up in magnificent hotels, which He built for them, and as I understood it, He spent much time with them, teaching them many things. Our Saviour was indeed kind to the children of Cain, Cain being the firstborn, Satan’s child! So, Satan’s children cannot say any longer that they were denied their inheritance; for our Saviour allowed them to put a colony on that holy mountain, until they began with their killing of the innocents and then He threw them down and He later closed them out from entering into that holy place. As I understand it, the approximate time of His closing them out was around December 2013, although as I understand it again, some were still able to go up there by invitation.

Then, there is the Mars project, another one altogether different. From that first day in January of 2013, when they broke into this interdimensional portal, which is attached to my body and at my expense and suffering, their intent was to get back to Mars. And, to Mars, they did go, firstly building themselves a room within the lower part of this portal, and in that room, they intended to sacrifice children, but our Saviour was not going to allow that; for that holy place had been the resting place for the holy manchild, whom I had with me for almost seven years. And, he was still in that place!

But, they gathered there, to sacrifice children; and they did so shortly after they broke into that holy place. I was shocked one day to sense a great rumbling in that portal, It greatly shook my body and it was then that many of these elite baby killers were killed. I wondered about that last pope, if indeed he were among the dead, for it was the very next day that he resigned his position with the Vatican. But, others were killed and there is reason to believe that one of the Google upper crust was indeed killed in that Satanic sacrifice. As they went up initially, some of them walking up, I heard one boy yell out to me, “Don’t pray to your God!” And, I thought, “Boy, you had better hope that I pray to My God!” Previously, I had heard one of them say, “That is that Google boy,” but he would not go with the woman, who went up with the small child. I heard her go up, comforting that small child, and she said, “This is why we are doing this.” Doing what, I might ask? Oh, possibly just the mapping of Mars by the Google people, that same woman coming up and going down often with that those two men from the National Security Agency. Was that the Google woman? Did she lose her husband in that Satanic sacrifice?

Then, Dear Souls, with so much activity in the portal, and with this holy and precious child still in that place, the following scriptures of Revelation Twelve would be fulfilled: “The dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.” (Revelation 12 :4) And, Satan stood there in that portal in the face of this holy child as the many craft were going up and down in their initial work to put their colony in that holy place. He had been gone for about three weeks and did not know about the small colony on that holy place, so he came back to see so much activity. Satan was not happy, as he had not given the directives for that small colony; and I heard him ask this precious and holy child: “Who is responsible for this?” And, I then heard the voice of the precious holy manchild as he said, “It is this nation, and that, that… other nation.” So precious, so pure and innocent. He did not know that name of that other nation, or group of nations, “United Kingdom.”

And, another verse would then be fulfilled, “And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.” (Revelation 12:5) And, he, that precious child, was taken up to the throne of God on March 01, 2013. Oh what suffering I was enduring on that day! Amidst that suffering, so much pain, I would become paralyzed in my legs , then in my back and in my neck. And, in the midst of that great pain, I would hear one say, “Where is the little boy? We have not seen him for about five hours.” And, just like that, so fast, he would be taken, but that precious, little son would return to me that evening and say, “Mama, daddy is going to do something for you!” And, this Blessed Redeemer did something for me to help relieve the terrible suffering that I was in; for these wicked ones, in attempting to stretch this portal, had lodged a British craft into the portal, which was too big for it and the pain was so great that my nervous system was overloaded and I suppose that this is why I became paralyzed, but He set me free and He also added another portal and gave me some extraordinary supernatural experiences, but that is another story. So, then another verse was fulfilled: “And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.” (Revelation 12:2)

Who are these masters of the Universe? Could this truth be well-hidden within the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation? Yes, I believe so! And, I believe that this “secret” is within Revelation 12:3. And, there appeared another wonder in heaven, and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. Dear Ones, there was a time in the past when it seemed that this Red Dragon was most assuredly Niburu, that planet, which was called the “Red Dragon” by the ancients, and this could still soon come to pass, that this Red Dragon returns and makes its showing in the sky. But aside from that, I believe that this Scripture refers to yet another Red Dragon and that Red Dragon being Satan! For, he is a dragon and a very wicked dragon, but he is not the only dragon, there being other dragons, Leviathan being one and the Dragon of Outer Darkness another one. But, Satan also has his own children, children of the dragon, who are like him, evil in every way, loving every lie and loving every wicked thing. But, now let us study this scripture, “And, there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.”

What is this mystery, Dear Ones? Are these those leaders of those nations, who want to be known as the “masters of the universe?” Those seven nations, those G-7 nations? I will tell you about a vision, which our Saviour gave to me about two days past. In that visions, I reached out and caught a particle of dust and that particle of dust was then magnified in my hand. That particle of dust had something on it, which was an octagon shape and within that octagon shape were seven concentric circles and in the middle of these concentric circles was a round area, which resembled cream colored parchment paper. As I looked at that octagonal shaped piece, which was situated atop that magnified particle of dust, I began to question what that octagonal piece meant, and what came to my mind were the G-8 nations, that group, which has a trade relationship, and Russia being the eighth one. But Russia has recently run afowl of those other seven nations, having been cast out due to their heading up of the BRICS banks, which go against the Federal Reserve Bank, and therefore against the world currency, the U.S. dollar. So, there remains seven, though Russia has most assuredly been a part of this space program. Seven nations in that world space program and the whole thing will be turned into dust! Dust! And, I believe that this time is at hand!

So, I then believed that these seven circles represent these seven trade nations, which are part of this world space agency, those masters of the universe as they seem to want to be called, at least by some of them. As I understand it, these seven nations of the world trade organization are: the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Have these crowned themselves, having given themselves great importance through their space ventures and through the world trade organization? But, what about the ten horns? Could these ten horns could be ten nations, those ten nations of Europe, those nations being Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom? This seems that it may very well be the case. And, what a spectacle these nations have made in the heavens, going up and down in all of their arrogance, needing to go up these passageways, which are attached to me, but hating me more than anyone could ever imagine! It is no love/hate relationship! They hate me with a very great hate and though they have needed to pass through these portals and these portals are the only avenues through which they can enter into these Upper Realms, they have tried to kill me over and over again.

But, our Blessed Saviour and His Precious Father have saved me and these holy children, day and night for these many years. How blessed I am! How grateful I am and I will praise them forever and ever! Glory to our Mighty God and to His Blessed Son, our Wonderful Redeemer, forever and ever; for none can save as they can save. Sing their praises; for they are beautiful, so wonderful, so full of love, mercy, and forgiveness. Never forget them; for you will need them! They love you, Dear and Precious Ones. Call upon them often and pray; for they will hear you. Glory, glory to our Mighty God and to His Blessed Son forever and ever!

Now, we will speak a little more about these heads and crowns. Where else do we see mention of them? In Revelation Chapter thirteen, we see these words, “And, I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.”

We have pondered those seven heads and seven crowns, relative to this international space program and this world trade organization, but now we see seven heads and ten horns, with ten crowns. We see again these seven trade nations, but another group of nations, even ten nations, who come into a great power, these ten most likely being the ten European nations; for they now have ten crowns. Now, in this world we see the struggles taking place, where we see NATO, the military arm of these seven nations and of these ten nations, and they are using NATO to go after Russia, for they have meddled with their world trade status. And, NATO, that military arm of these nations, is preparing to make war against Russia, that NATO organization having been established by the USA and still being led largely by this nation. Just keep these things in mind.

But, for now, we will focus again on Revelation, Chapter Twelve, particularly on Revelation 12:7-9. Last night, and all through the night, I was aware of a great dumping, which was taking place, a great dumping from the Upper Realms, indeed a great dumping from their Mars base. It might surprise you to know that this portal, which is attached to me, also opens up into hell and has an offshoot, which leads from it into Outer Darkness. Over these many months, I have seen a steady procession of souls, both human and non-human, as they have been dumped into either hell, or into Outer Darkness on their way from Mars, particularly. And, last night, on the night of September 15th and 16th, I was being bombarded as many souls were being pulled down from Mars and were on their way into one of these places of chastisement, although I understood that some of them were coming back to Camp Robinson.

During their transits, I heard some of them telling of how a great sucking began to take place in that Mars base and some told of how parts of that base began to turn into sand and that many souls were being pulled down from that base. The same mantra was being repeated time and time again as these souls were being pulled down and some were apparently hoping that I would hear what they had to say. Some did not seem to care if I heard, though some are often guarded, on thinking that I could hear their conversations. But, during that passage of so many souls, so many did not seem to care as they apparently thought that they would be going on either to hell, or to Outer Darkness anyway. I heard several of them tell that there could have been as many as 260, 000 people on that Mars base, and that among them there could have been as many as 300-400 tall greys, as many as 500 endurictins ( Annunaki slaves), as many as 50 of the richest people in the world and perhaps some 300 to 400 souls, who have repented and who love our Saviour. I heard some say that this base began to turn into sand and what was in it began to turn into sand and that this sand began to be sucked downwards and back through this portal, with many souls in it. I heard them crying out for most of the night and awoke during the early morning hours, realizing that I was not hearing people anymore, but I just knew that a lot of stuff was passing down. Yet, I went back to sleep and heard more as they came passing through. But, was this all of the souls? And, was this all of this base? That, I cannot say!

In the past, especially when I would know of their sacrificing of the innocents ones, I would cry out to our Saviour. And, I have known of several occasions when our Saviour sent judgements against that Mars base. And, through these judgments, I have understood, that parts of this Mars base were destroyed, and I have understood that vast amounts of their stuff was carried down into the flames and also of many souls, who went also into these chastisements. But, our Saviour would then allow them to go up again and carry up more stuff and more people to Mars. As one went by early this morning, and I heard that one tell that these wicked Satanists have sacrificed as many as 5000 on Mars, during these months since they broke into the portal, that is, since mid January of 2013. I do not know if these numbers are correct, but I do not doubt that they would do such things.

Dear Ones, these people are crazed. Most of them, under any mental health guidelines, are mentally deranged. Many of them are truly insane people, often with multiple personalities and they, furthermore, honor no laws. They are not required to honor any laws, but break them all, telling that they do not work for this government, but work for Satan. They are those, who call right wrong and black white and they; are working hard to sift your soul into hell! That’s right, your soul! If I say, souls, the severity of what I say will not register with you. They are out to destroy your soul! The war is on and it is very great!

Dear Ones, relative to this great traffic, which went on all night, I cannot tell you for a certainty that they were all cast down and I cannot tell you for a certainty that these evil ones will not be back up on that Mars base. But, I know that they suffered a very great loss; and I surely do hope that they are cast down and will not bet back up there. For, these words must soon be fulfilled in their entirety: “And, there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels. And prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And, the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Then, we read, “And, I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ: for the accuser of the brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.”

Dear Ones, I await for that day when Satan will be cast down from the Upper Realms and I will not be under his feet anymore! For, it is written in Revelation 12:14, “And, to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times and half time, from the face of the serpent.”

What you need to know, and this is extremely important, is that Satan and these nations have been stacking this base on Mars with many military weapons, with military crafts and with other sorts of supplies, so that they can make war against our Saviour.

About two days past, I heard one woman say, as she was going up in an aircraft, “We are going to go to that place ( the Holy Mountian of the Lord) and we are going to throw him down (our Saviour) and we are going to throw down those children, (the holy children, whom our Saviour has given, not only the holy manchild, but two other children. He has said that He may give me a total of five or six children. He told me about His plans to give me these children last summer when HE took me up, and I spent some time with him.) So, they know about these children! Then, according to the ravings of this woman, they will take over that holy mountain and will appeal to our Saviour’s Father to put them back into the Light Kingdom! Yes, these have been their plans all along, to go up, to make war against our Saviour, to take over that holy mountain, to keep me as a perpetual prisoner and to keep any of you from every going up to that holy place to receive your heritage with our Saviour. Oh, Yes! Their threats are real and my sufferering under the feet of Satan and under the feet of these terrible military people and under the feet of those in these nations has been real and extremely severe! They think that they own these portals and they have every intention of keeping any and all of you from ever getting up there to that holy place, which is the heritage of those, who love our Saviour and His Father and who repent! They will not win, but the war against any and all of us, to keep us from getting there, is and will be exceedingly great! Make no mistake about it, for it is written that “Satan is wroth with the woman and goes to make war against the remnant of her seed!

So, Dear Ones, our Saviour and His Father know of their plans! And, whether this war was finished last night, I cannot say for a certainty, but either way, these “Masters of the Universe: will soon be cast down. They will be defeated and thrown down from the upper realms forever. For, it is written, “Neither was their place found anymore in heaven.”

I love you, Dear Souls; and you know what you must do! Please do not ignore me! Repent of your wrongs and reach out and grab hold of Jesus! Hold onto Him with all of your strength. Jesus alone is Saviour. He is full of love and mercy! You are gonna need Him and His Father! These blood suckers have hijacked the whole world and you cannot fight against those, whom you cannot even see. You cannot defeat weapons, which cannot even be traced. The powers and principalities of great darkness are running the world; and they are brutal! But, they are no match for our Mighty God. Even as King Nebuchadnezzar knew and even as King Cyrus knew, none can save like our Blessed Lord and God! Get on the winning team now!

Repent and find a spirit-filled person to baptize you. Then, this spirit-filled person can pray for you and you will be blessed to receive the beautiful Spirit of God! Go for this wonderful gift and do not turn back! The lizards are on the prowl, but Jesus saves! If you want prayer, send me a short note.

I love you all, Dear and Precious Ones,

Linda Newkirk

linnewkirk@gmail, or

P.O. Box 17277

North Little Rock, Ar. 72117

I am about to anoint some more prayer cloths, so send me your name and address if you want one.