New Prophecy From Jesus! God’s Kingdom Coming In!




The Kingdom of our God is coming into the Earth!

Oh Lord, my God, this is an evil world, truly a wicked and perverse generation! And, oh Lord, a nation of mockers has arisen before Your face, this nation of America, a nation, which loves a lie, a nation, which loves every kind of perversion, a nation, which takes pride in the killing of the innocent and the unborn! Planned Parenthood is now posting it and surely bragging that they killed more than 325,000 of the unborn and innocent babies in 2014! Oh, God, how we have fallen!

Oh, America, how you have fallen! Witchcrafts, pornography, adulteries, fornications, lying and stealing and covetousness abound! Oh, Blessed Saviour, how the people have fallen into these and into every pit of the flesh!

Oh, Blessed Saviour, hear my cries; for a great wickedness is upon this nation and upon all nations! Oh, Blessed Saviour, hear my cries! For a great wickedness is upon the nations and evil is thick and covering this nation and all nations!

Oh, Blessed Saviour, what will You do? For, a great distress is in my heart and a brokenness in my spirit. For, their captives are now many and their slaves are many and these cannot get free from the evil ones. They fill up now their prison camps (and few know) with the youths and they kill them at will and force them into sex slavery or into mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical tortures and bondages! Oh, Lord, what will You do? For, this evil is great and many do not know You and have not known You, but will be carried away further into darknesss! Oh, Blessed Saviour, what will You do?

My Blessed Child, My precious wife, the mother of humanity and the spiritual mother of our holy children of light, I know your sorrows. I know your heartaches and I know your travails. For, you are the woman, who travails and it is written that the woman travails and you travail so greatly, My Blessed One, for the kingdom of God is being birthed into the earth, firstly through our holy son, the manchild of Revelation Twelve, and subsequently through My sons, who will arise.

Hear Me, oh My People; for the Kingdom of God is coming into the earth. It is a Kingdom of Righteousness, a Kingdom of truth and honor, a Kingdom of purity!

Who will see My face? The ones, who are tried and tested and found to be spiritually clean, the ones, who have pure hearts. For, no guilt shall be found within them, no evil, no dark thing, no spot, or wrinkle, or blemish!

Hear Me, oh My people! For, I am loosing the darkness, and I have sharpened My sword and My sword glistens in the darkness and it overhangs this nation of the USA, and I am now poised to hew down the dark trees and to pluck up their roots and all that is not of Me is being cast into a greater darkness and being made ready for the fires. No more fence sitters! No more lukewarm! No more, who love to be in the middle of the road! No more!

For, Mine will repent with weeping and tears, with great sorrows and with sincerity and with a greater determination to avoid evil and to avoid sin; or I will throw you headlong into a greater suffering and Satan will have his way with you, but I will be slow to hear your cries! For, I cried to you and I cried to you through the mouths of My prophets and you would not repent. And, now I tell you that you will repent, or perish!

For, the antichrist will lure you and the false prophet will lure you and the devil will lure you and the deceiving spirits will lure you and every sort of evil thought will trick you until you either repent and come to Me with your whole hearts, or you will fall and you will take the mark (of the beast) and go into eternal damnation.

Hear Me, oh you people! For the mouse runs up the leg!

Oh, Lord, I see that, the mouse up the leg, up that leg of President Obama. Oh, Blessed Saviour, please forgive me for interrupting You, but what is that mouse?

My Blessed Child, I do forgive you. I forgive you now and I will forgive you, but I am not offended that you ask, but offended when you do not ask, when you do not knock, that the door might be opened to you, and that you might have understanding.

My Blessed Child, that mouse is Pope Francis and you can see that mouse sits there in the darkness of President Obama’s trousers and he sits there in that dark room, for Pope Francis is evil and his works are evil, and he looks like a lamb, all dressed in white, but within him is a very evil spirit, who secretly works wonders of witchcraft and sorcery. Now, people do not see, but as months and days go by many will see that he is no lamb, but an evil an ravenous false prophet and he sits quietly there in Obama’s shadow, in the shadow of his leg and he conjures up evil and makes evil plans to deceive the whole world and to make all religions satanic and to take Me out of the mouths of the people and to put a false god into their mouths and into their hearts.

Beware the Vatican! Beward this false prophet, who looks like a lamb! He seeks to bring the nations to his feet and to the feet of the antichrist.

Hear Me, oh My people! Repent! For, the Kingdom of God is within your midst! My holiness is streaming into the earth! Who can stand in My presence? Those, who have a broken and contrite heart, who cry out to Me with unfeigned lips, whose hearts are sincere and pure!

I am gathering up My pearls and I am sorting out My gems for the time that is at hand!

Hear Me, all, who live carelessly, and who barter your souls for money, for material status and for things of the flesh! I say to you, Repent, for if you repent not, you have your reward!

But, hear Me, My Faithful, Little Ones! Hold fast to your faith! Walk in love, honor and obedience towards Me and My Father! Come out of the world and from all of its evil traps! Keep Me first; for I am Your portion! I am your treasure!

Blessed is the one, who is found faithful and clean at that appointed time when I reach in to reap! No one knows that hour, so stay close to Me!

I love you with an everlasting love and I will never leave or forsake you! I am merciful and quick to forgive, but if you will not forgive, neither will I forgive you! Therefore, forgive all. Pray for all. Be kind to all, even to your enemies. Pray for your enemies; for I bless the wicked along with the just! Am I not able to bless your enemies, to heal them, to deliver them from evil, to draw them to Me and to save their souls, if I so desire to do so?

For, these are the end times and I will do some most remarkable things to save souls! And, none knows what I will do!

I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God, Saviour of Humanity!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of January, 2015,

Linda Newkirk




Walking among the dead bones”

Oh, Blessed Father and Glorious God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, what are these bones? For, I walk among the bones of the dead, some as the bones of giants, some as the bones of people, and some as the bones of children?

My Blessed One, these bones herald a new time in the earth, a time of the end, a time when wicked giants shall fall in their slumber, a time when the darkness within consumes all life, a time from which these shall not re-emerge to stand again.

Hear Me, My blessed one, precious mother to My people, broken and downtrodden, a worker of My kingdom and My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

For, they have fallen, Satan’s elect! They have fallen in their bid to gain total control of these gates and portals, these shortcuts to the stars, which are attached to you! And, they shall not rise again!

Dead men’s bones and the bones of giants clutter these spaces, their times spent herein but passing memories, these of a decadent and fallen people, who not only followed after Satan and the powers and forces of darkness, but among them, (are) many who have sold their souls to Satan. They are a hedge, which is fallen, a wind, which does not blow, a false light, which casts its shadow. They have choked on vomit.

Who would know but these, who are so fallen, and who would know but those, who saw them fall, and who would see it, but the one, who sits on high, who is supposed to see it all? But, even so, My Blessed One, you have seen much, but not all, as they persisted in their determination to own these portals and gates. But, in their delusions, and in their illusions, they lived out their lies, now (they are) fallen and but fleeting memories in the minds of those, who knew them.

For, in Satan’s kingdom, there is no love, and (there) has been no love among them, except for My love, which came to them through you, your heart continually broken for them and your tears falling down into their midst, your faint cries to them falling into their hearts, your love, My love and the love of My Father, calling out to them to repent, or perish!

But, even so, My Blessed One, great numbers of these could not listen, though some have and some have escaped! And, the lives (of those, who escaped) forever (are) changed by My love and light in these portals and gates, this very love that they (have) both craved and despised!

So, My Blessed One, this message is bittersweet; for as they went up, they must also come down; and this intense war now between Me and them is heating up and their stance with Satan at their head is the same, that they own these portals and gates, and will stop My Light Kingdom from coming forth!

So great have been your trials, My Blessed One, as you labor to bring forth My Kingdom and to bear My children of light, whom I have given to you, now totaling five; and few would believe that I have given you one (child of light) much less five!

But, these truths do not rest on their acceptance of them, but on their origin with Me and My Father, these everlasting truths of who you are, the Mother of My children, my wife and the spiritual mother of humanity.

There is no need to continue to expound on truths, which the masses reject, but which are nonetheless true.

Wisdom, my Blessed One, is given to the pure in heart, and they shall see and they shall know and they shall understand and in due season, they shall see My face. But to the rest it is blindness and deafness and shamed faces!

Be of good cheer, my Blessed One, and be not troubled about the mocking and scoffing; for I will not allow these truths to settle into the hearts of the defiant!

I am Jesus, Saviour and Redeemer, that God of Israel, the One, who will come to redeem the pure ones and the clean ones.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of March, 2015,

Linda Newkirk

And, dear ones, this is the way it goes with these works from day to day! Wars in the heavens! Victories through our Blessed God! And, miracles in my midst, which are so great that few would ever believe.

Continue on in faith and know that Jesus loves you more than you will ever know. Keep on loving, loving God above all, and loving others, even as you love yourself. Keep on forgiving! Keep on praying. Keep on praising our Mighty God and keep on thanking Him!

I love you, dear ones! Jesus bless your precious souls!

Linda Newkirk

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