Jade Helm Martial Law Drills To Go Live?

Martial Law Alert! Jade Helm To Go Live!

There has been wide speculation that the US Government has been lying about the true purpose of the massive Jade Helm military operation now being implemented throughout a wide swath of the USA. The suspicions are that the Government knows an economic collapse is coming and that they are preparing for a declaration of Martial Law with a focus on many of the States they have determined will resist military rule. The following narrative will show that the suspicions of great numbers of Americans are well founded.

The possibilty of an economic collapse is not a matter of speculation, it is a certainty, and it is indeed imminent. There has been no economic recovery since the collapse of 2008. Global governments, through their central banks, have printed 53 trillion dollars of money since that time and have lent it out at interest rates approaching zero. This free money has been loaned out to commercial banks, hedge funds, and corporations who invested it in stocks to make a profit on the rising markets. Stock prices have gone through the roof, are now overvalued and do not pay any reasonable dividends. Nothing has been done to remendy the 2008 crash. The people are broke, governments are broke, and companies are broke and going out of business. The next crash is is going to be horrific. Visit www.kingworldnews.com where international hedge fund managers are speaking the truth to just how close we are to a dollar collapse and a financial armageddon. Please note that since 2008 US retail gas refinery sales have plummeted from 60 million gallons per day to 20 million gpd. It is the one chart that proves how badly things have deteriorated and that there has been absolutely no recovery whatsoever. link

Now back to the Jade Helm military manuevers. The logo for the Jade Helm miltary featured in documents issued by the US Army Special Operations Command is a very disturbing image to say the least. It speaks volumes about their upcoming plans for America which I will also address in further comments below. The motto below the logo, ‘Master The Human Domain’ is very troubling in and of itself. What has really been perplexing researchers however is the semi transparent wooden shoe in the very center of the logo. One immediately has to ask themselves what in the world is a wooden shoe doing in the middle of the logo for this major military operation in America.

Researcher Nathan Leal appears to have uncovered the mystery. Those herded into concentration camps during the German holocaust were all issued wooden shoes! Not convinced the US government would murder it’s own citizens? See the following article from Dave Hodges about the hundreds of concentration camps now located throughout the US.


It is now common knowlege that something has been seriously wrong about the Obama presidency. Why in the world would an American president, allegedly an constitutional specialist and expert, issue scores of executive orders that effectively cancel all constitutional rights and freedoms afforded to Americans. The very same Constitution that he swore an oath to protect and defend? Does this make any sense whatsoever? Is this not behaviour that could be construed to be somewhat strange, perhaps even insane? Is it also not extremely curious that this president took no measures whatsoever to address the insolvency problems with the banks and the Government itself while he proceeded to increase America’s debt by a staggering 7 trillion dollars?

The truth of the matter is this, Obama’s presidency was orchestrated by the same ‘shadow government’ that assassinated JFK on Nov 22nd 1963. (see comments below). A few months before his assassination on June 4th, JFK had declared war on the same ‘shadow government’ by issuing Executive Order 11110. With issuance of this executive order JFK was going to dissolve the privately owned Federal Reserve by having America print it’s own money which would be backed silver and gold. Most people today still do not understand that the Federal Reserve is not at all a US government entity, it never has been, it is a privately owned bank that lends money to the American Government. It is controlled primarilly by the Rothschild faction of the ‘shadow government’ which is also now mostly referred to as the New World Order.

It is extremely important that people know one thing about the New World Order ‘shadow government’, and this needs to be understood by all with a great amount of certainty. These very secretive families and banking interests, which also include the Rockefeller clan, the NWO faction who have long controlled the Bush and Clinton families/presidencies, these people are all devoted satanists, make absolutely no mistake about it.

View leaked photos of what a satanic Rothschild Illuminati Ball looks like http://revelation12.ca/?p=2087

Yes they do indeed offer human sacrifices to Satan, especially very young children. Listen to numerous eyewitness testimonies satanic ritual sacrifice, written transcripts here http://revelation12.ca/?p=1961 and video testimonies here http://revelation12.ca/?p=1373

It is also important for people to understand what is motivating the satanic New World Order at this time. It is not at all just the creation of a ‘one world’ communist style government and a cashless banking system, which is referred to in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 17, as the mark of the beast system.  It is the extraordinary events of Revelation Chapter 12 that is really driving the strategy od the Satanists at this time. You see the Kingdom of God is now coming into the earth through the very extraordinary events of Revelation 12. See the photos of the astonishing ‘biblical signs’ that have been appearing in the skies over many different nations at www.revelation12.ca You will not be shown these images by the media. The following is just one example of many photos and videos at the link.

The monumental events of Revelation 12 that have been taking place behind the scenes and out of public view are staggering and very mind boggling to say the least. In a nutshell a great war has been ongoing between God and the Satanic New World Order that has involved among other things, the secret ‘off world’ space program that the USA wanted to extradite UK hacker Gary McKinnon for revealing, after he broke into NASA’s computers. You can read at the revelation12 website, and also at www.prophecies.org where all these events are recorded in chronological order, that the secret space program, that has involved the participation of several different nations, has now been destroyed by the Lord. The Lord has also destroyed many underground and undersea bases that have belonged to both the Extraterrestrials and the Military. The US Military and the militaries of other nations have been working with and receiving advanced antigravity technology from numerous races of ET’s since the 1940’s.

Here is leaked evidence of their alliances http://revelation12.ca/?p=2089 also here http://revelation12.ca/?p=1078

The Satanic New World Order is terrified of God’s Kingdom that is now coming into the earth. Jesus is about to bring forth His supernatural army of Joel Chapter 2 into the earth. During the course of the Great Tribulation which is expected to begin at any time now and last for approximately seven years, the Satanists are going to all be defeated and sent into the chastisements of hell and outer darkness.

The New World Order is in a very big hurry to destroy America and to kill all the true Christians. America has the largest concentration of Christians in the world. This is really what the Jade Helm operation is all about. I do not believe that the July 15th date for the Jade Helm rollout can be believed. It may probably be a disinfo ruse to allow them time to set up Martial Law before the people realize what has happened. They can cause a dollar crash at anytime they wish by raising interest rates, manipulating the price of Gold upwards, or manipulating a sell off in the stock market itself. It is easy for them to do on any day they wish to. Visit the above links and become informed about what is coming. Do not say you have not been warned.

The following is excerpted from a recent post by Dave Hodges….

The absurdity of the Midland Walmart story in which the store had to be closed because of plumbing issues is amazing. In Midland, the Walmart is closed and we see a plethora of military activity at the store. Since when did the military service Walmart plumbing? Yet, there are some Americans who still believe this cover story.

In the past several days, I have talked to six people from both Midland and Odessa, Texas. Some of these people form the economic backbone of the area, and they have figured out what is coming. I know there have been multiple private conversations about what to do about the growing Obama administration cancer growing right in their backyard among local business leaders.

In Midland, the number one Walmart, with regard to per capita spending in America, is suddenly closed, without warning, fires its employees and the former store is now a hotbed of reconstruction and military activity at the site and is crawling with military and the DHS personnel and vehicles. Where is the outrage?

From local business leaders, I have been able to ascertain that the cover story regarding Walmart’s faulty plumbing being the reason for the closure is a complete fabrication. The Midland, TX. Walmart had its plumbing updated six months prior to the closure of the store and no new plumbing permits have been obtained.

Unfortunately, every person I have spoken to is afraid to put their name on what they know to be true. They want to tell their story, but they are afraid of any consequences associated with standing up, exposing tyranny and doing the right thing. In this time of extreme crisis, we do not have the time to play games. If one is not willing to speak out and be accountable for their statements, then do not masquerade as a freedom fighter. Since Saturday morning, I have spoken with five men and one woman and each one expressed fear and concern that they and their family would be victimized if they spoke out and they told what they knew. I am looking for people with courage in Midland who are outraged by this takeover and are willing to investigate and go on the record.

To the people of Midland, Texas, your city has been taken over by the Obama administration. Some of you are feeling the consequences of the takeover, the rest of you will soon feel the consequences of the takeover. Despite the fact that you will soon live in modern day Auschwitz, you remain relatively silent. Many of your people are being used to retrofit this Walmart, the economy has negatively been impacted by the closure of the Walmart, the military vehicles are at the closed Walmart for all to see and yet, the business and political leaders of your community “don’t know nuthin”.

Right now, today, there should be people in the streets protesting the military takeover of Walmart in Midland. Instead, we have a couple of people with video cameras attempting to covertly get the word out about the military invasion that has come to their town.

Look at the following videom it is shaky and unprofessionally produced, however, it shows the world what is going on in Midland where evil is triumphant because good men and women are saying nothing.