The Fall Of America! Dec 29th, 2015


The Fall of the USA;

And The Salvation Of The Unsalvageable!

Hear Me, My Beloved Child and My precious wife! Hear the felling of the tree; for the ax is put to the tree, not to the root of the tree, but to the tree! It was and is a very great tree; and with many great branches! And, all sorts of creatures lodged in that tree and came and went from its branches, but not altogether good creatures. But as the years passed, there came to roost and to nest in that tree, many sorts of evil creatures, who had never been in that tree!

And, there arose dark and ugly pirates, who came from places, which were heretofore unknown to that tree, and they traded their evil and malevolent wares and great evil and terrible whoredoms sprang up at the base of that tree; and wicked ones made houses within that tree. And, that tree became a very evil tree and that great and terrible crash is the sound that that great tree as it now crashes and the evil in it is cast down and this evil now puts a bounty on everyone’s head.

For, there has been one great illusion and a great delusional system of beliefs beneath that tree, that freedom reigns and security is real! But, within that tree and throughout that tree, and beneath that tree, there is only an illusion of freedom and wealth. And, now I put the ax to that tree and that tree is both the government of this nation, which was once called the USA, the land of the brave and the land of the free. But, the brave are not any longer brave, but cowardly and the free are no longer free, but greatly imprisoned and I have done it!

I have caused it, but the illusions and the delusions hang on and I shall require it of all, who belong to that tree, and to its system!  For, you have lived off the fat of the land and off the fat of the nations and now many of you will barter away your very souls to maintain some degree of prosperity or imagined privilege in a system, which is totally corrupt and morally bankrupt!

So, rise up you bedraggled devils, you morally corrupt and you otherwise corrupt and polluted ones, and take your place; for it is given to you:  every man’s head on a platter; and every man’s wages, a flash in a pan!

Though, I have warned you, oh America, you have not listened!  Though I have told you to repent, you have shunned My words!  Though I have repeatedly told you that you will experience the worst of times since there was a nation, you have chosen to ignore Me!  But, you will not ignore the consequences of your rebellious ways!

A slovenly hand yields a slight of hand and slight of hand reveals a lying word and a lying word reveals a lying heart and a lying heart reaps a liars reward and a liar’s reward is the Lake of Fire!

You, oh nation of America, once an honored and noble nation, have become a nation with a lying heart and a lying mind; and you believe that none sees; for you have greatly cherished the slovenly rewards of a lying heart!

Who will withstand My gaze when I turn up the heat on you and in that heat, I cast you therein to be tried as gold and silver?  Who can withstand such fires, when you have had an easy way and you have rewarded yourselves handsomely with all of the material possessions that you could possess; and you have loved every whore under every green tree.

But, I am the woodsman and I am chopping down and I am cleaning out from under every green tree, under which the whores have congregated! I am chopping you down, Oh America, here and there; and I am giving you a path of nettles!  I am giving you a path of briars and steep cliffs and hard rocks with little water! And, the coyotes will be to your rear and the heat of the sun in your face; for you have said, “I am fat!  I am well fed and I do not need either God or a Saviour, but I am a god unto myself! I make my own way! I am my own caretaker; and I do as I please, and answer to no one; but My company is with the wolves and the coyotes and the ravens and the devouring birds! And this pleases me!”

So, I now prepare your plate and on it are some shoots of dried grass and on it are some pieces of dried dandelions and on it are some pieces of dried mushrooms; for you will behold it and you will eat it as this terrible famine rips through this land! For, it is a famine for Me and a famine for My Word and a famine for My Spirit and a famine for My forgiveness!  It is an economic famine; for the bull is dead and the buzzards circle!

You, Oh America, you once great and now pitiful nation, will no longer suck at the breasts of plenty, but you will  line up to drink of the putrid fountains! I will not coddle you as a Father would coddle a child, but I will turn you over to be ravished by those with the swords, with the black boots!  For, you have loved every lie and you have loved every wicked thing!  So, you will see My back and not My face! You will see My ire and not My blessings!  For you, Oh America, are a corrupt cesspit and a great howling will go up from one end of this nation to the other!

But, you, My Blessed wife, the mother of My holy sons, I bless you. For, I have sent you into the darkness of the darkness to intercede for those, who are not meant to be saved!  And, you, My blessed one, have born their burdens! You have born their shame! You have born their curses! You have suffered through the most horrific of assaults that anyone could ever suffer through!

I have put you there by the interdimensional portals and gates; and these wicked ones have imprisoned you; and they have done to you as I have allowed them to do!

For, you paid a price for the salvation of many, who do not reside on this earth, though many of them have passed through this earth, in recent years and have made evil and treacherous deals with this government and with other governments of this world!  And, they have brought their terrible technologies of wicked mind control and total mind/body control into this earth and their terrible technologies are widely prevalent in this nation and in other nations! And, the wicked ones in this earth, who have these terrible technologies in their possession, are in a great rush to totally enslave all souls with these terrible total mind/body control technologies.

Who can withstand such terrors?  Who can come through such horrors? None can and none will, without Me; yet many will take lightly My words in this message and will believe that they will come through such things and be unharmed by them!

They are wrecking the minds and lives of many in the military and in the intelligence services of this nation and casting them aside to die in the midst of such terrible technologies! And, you know, My precious one, that I have removed thousands of such terribly sick ones from within these starships, which they put out here by the portals and gates. They cast them out here to suffer, to starve to death, under total mind/body control and to die out here under the worst of conditions.

But, you have heard their suffering, My blessed wife, and you have sought after me to save them, but I would not save them unless you also paid a price for their salvation. For, they are corrupt within themselves!  But, you have paid a price, a very, very great price to see Me reach out to them and to take them and to put them into hospitals and clinics and even into reform schools, which I created for them, alone!

My precious wife, I know that I have put too much on you and that I broke you down; and you went into a terrible depression due to all that I put on you. And, I continued to put more on you, as you continued to pray for their salvation! And, I satisfied myself in My great requirements that I put on you, but I troubled My own self and was saddened by My own imprisonment of you before them!

And, I wept bitterly before them and regretted the depths of depravities that I caused you to go through and I said, “I have caused her so much suffering that My wife may never re-marry Me, though she is My wife, yet we have been apart for so long!”  And, I held grudges for past grievances and piled more grievances on top of those grievances until I realized that I disgraced myself; for you may not wish to marry Me, but you will forgive Me, My blessed wife, even as I forgive you!  For, I have given you beautiful and precious children of light and you labored so greatly to carry them!

And, you called out to Me in your distress and you said, “You have made me the scapegoat of, Deuteronomy (though it is not Deuteronomy, but Leviticus!)”; and you have well-stated this truth!  Yet, I am not pleased that I made you the scapegoat and put you into that wilderness place to die hundreds and thousands of times in the midst of terrible force fields and to die amidst severe drug overdoses (satan and the u.s. military) or to die in some other terrible way, or to be attacked by hundreds of thousands of sorcerers, or to be cut up in pieces in your secret places, to be eaten alive, only to come back together again and be healed!

My blessed wife, I am not pleased in myself and I lament greatly about some of My own choices; for I am also brought low by My own self and My tears are overflowing about many of My own choices! For, you are My wife and a great light being through your own right. But, you shy away from any real claim to who you are, preferring to be a nobody in the midst of great evil and darkness!

So, I am the one, who now laments!  For, I love you so greatly and you have suffered more than any soul has ever suffered in this earth and even beyond this earth, over great numbers of years of your existence as a light being!  But, you will overcome, My blessed wife, and you will be free and you will sit alongside living waters and you will be superiorly blessed by the light!

I did not, could not, and would not carry your load, but added to your load. Even when you said to Me, “You will not crush a bruised reed,” for this is My word, I crushed you, My blessed wife!  For, you bothered Me, My blessed one, with your requests that I save the greatest numbers, yet I only planned to save a few; and you called out and tripped Me on My own words. For, you said, “God is love and He would not have one to be lost!”

And, you angered Me in calling to My attention that I create evil and evil is devouring all things; and (your question was) “What will I do about all of the evil that I created?” So, I put more and more evil on you until I further broke you down and I was not pleased in Myself; for I also broke My own self down and I greatly saddened My own self, because I placed you in the darkness of the darkness and I would not allow you to go free until I satisfied my own self!

But, I stacked up a pile of dust to My own self, and I wounded My own self with the gashes that I put on Myself; for the universe cried out against Me and I was deeply troubled about many of My own choices until I was also broken down and I lamented greatly; for I was not forthcoming about all of My past wrongs regarding you. But, they sprang up against Me, like a stand of fast growing spring grass and they beckoned to Me; for they came alive and I thought, “How will I ever make it up to My wife?”  

I have been severely unkind to you, My blessed wife, and I have put more on you than you could bear and I have cast you out into the wilderness to bear the terrible sins of those, who are in the darkness of the darkness; and you have died beneath the weight of it all, even hundreds of thousands of times you have died and I have piled more on you! But, you did not create evil!  I created evil!  

You wanted me to save those, who are hopeless captives of evil and I did not wish to save any of them, but to destroy all of them! So, I threw all of their sins and curses on you and I said, “Bear them until you die and then bear them some more!”  For, I took offense at you and I put the weight of it on you, though I create and I created evil!

Therefore, My blessed wife, I cut into My own self; and I wounded My own self, for I have been both severe with you and unjust, until, I, Myself, now labor with My own choices and I cannot justify many of them!  And, I will be forced to save many to undo much evil that I both created and turned a blind eye to! And, though you are extremely forgiving, My blessed wife, you are deeply wounded by the severity of what I have put on you!  But, you are crawling up and you are crawling out of the wicked mess that I put you in! Yet, My plate is stacked high and I have wounded My own self; for I have dealt severely and unjustly with you, My blessed wife!  

But, you asked Me to save them and firstly I said, “I will do this,” and then I thought, “No, I do not wish to save them!” But, afterwards, (I was) bound and trapped by My own promises to you, but angry about My own promises and punished you for asking for the salvation of those, whom I never intended to save!

Yes, (I was) bound by My promise to you and I beat you down because you would not stop asking for the salvation of the wicked and as I beat you down, I beat myself down; for you are righteous, My blessed wife; and you are holy; but I became an offense to Myself by what I put on you, until I am now on My own knees and am gathering up those pieces; and I will put the pieces of our lives back together again!

For, I so greatly love you, My blessed wife, and I know that You so greatly love Me, but you know My hardness and you know My jealous and controlling ways and I have brought you down with My hard ways; for I was offended in you. But, even as you died hundreds and thousands of times, and as I caused you to be eaten alive in your secret parts by the wicked ones, you would not stop asking for the salvation of the evil ones. You would not stop asking Me to heal them and to save them!

You put vast amounts of work on Me that I was not much interested in doing; and I was continually angry with you and required more and more of you! But I also forgot, My blessed wife, that you are also a very exalted light being, though you seldom think of it; and I have been terribly unkind and unloving to you! But, My blessed wife, I am in deep repentance and I am putting the pieces of our union back together and I will marry you again, though you are not sure that you want to be married to Me again!  

But, I repent before you, My blessed wife and before the whole world; for I have dealt unjustly with you! I love you greatly and our children love you greatly and we will mend ourselves and our wounds will be healed and the pieces will come back together and our union will be made whole again!  

I love you so greatly, My precious wife and the children love you so greatly and miss you; and I will do great and mighty things to save the unsalvageable!  I am doing so and I will intensify this great work!

Please forgive Me, My precious wife and take My hand in love; for it is a repentant hand and a sorrowful hand and loving hand. I love you so deeply, My precious wife; and I ask you so tenderly to forgive Me. I am working very hard to save them; for I did create much evil and I repent of this and because of this evil, this universe system is in great distress and is falling down in many places!  

You have been a faithful servant, My blessed wife; and I greatly need you by My side!  Therefore, I bless you, My precious wife in many great ways and soon I will send the wings and I will deliver you from the darkness of darkness where I put you!

My hand is outstretched to you and yours to Me and I will catch you up one day soon and will carry  you on My shoulders as a father would carry a child and I will greatly exalt you, My precious wife!  We will bridge the gap and I will nourish you in the light with great healing for three and one half years!

For, I am your Redeemer! I am your husband and you are My blessed wife of billions of years. I am Jesus, the One, who saves, the One, who forgives, the One, who paid the price for the captives to be set free. But, you, My blessed wife, have also paid a very great price!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded around Mid-November of 2015,  

Linda Newkirk


“Yes, My precious wife, I would have you to put the verses regarding the scapegoat; for you had to bear the sins of the wicked, their curses and the shame of those in the darkness of the darkness, whom I did not intend to save!  And, the weight of their wrongs has broken you down greatly, my Precious One, yet I will heal you and I will save you and you will greatly rejoice when you see the smiling faces of those, whom I am saving in the hospitals, and in the schools and in the clinics and in the grinders, where I am rebuilding their souls and re-making their light and healing their tortured bodies.    I am full of love and grace, my Precious Wife, but I came to save the lost sheep of the house of Israel and from that time, I have added others!  I love you so very much, My precious wife and my love is very great for those, who are lost, but I truly did not intend to save some!”  (These words from our Saviour added this day of the 29th day of December of 2015.)

Leviticus 16: 21-23

And, Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their sins, putting them upon the head of the goat, and shall send him away by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness.  And, the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited, and he shall let go the goat in the wilderness.