Breaking Generational Curses

I have recently read the most wonderful book from Prophet Glynda Lomax on how to break generational curses. I have spent many years repenting and have cleaned up my life entirely but I was still being harassed by demons and could not for the life of figure out what was going on. While looking through Glynda’s book page on her website the Lord nudged me to buy one of her books. I was to soon find out why I was being attacked. While going through the book and saying the different prayers of deliverance I could feel the curses being broke off and the demons/unclean spirits leaving. I could also feel the Lord’s nudging at certain prayers that were important for me say. In addition to Linda Newkirk’s ‘Tools of Salvation’ I believe Glynda’s book is the single most important book that anyone can ever purchase to help them in their Salvation work. Please do yourself the biggest favor of your life and buy it now…. it is only $10.00 on Kindle. You will never ever regret it. Following is an overview and the direct link.


Are there areas of your life you just can’t seem to overcome in, no matter what you try? Are you plagued by depression, poverty, anger, lust, or failure? Do you recognize your predisposition to commit the same sins committed by your forefathers? Do you want a better life? Many people live their whole lives under generational and other types of curses without understanding they can be free. Learn what the scriptures say about curses and why they are still relevant today. Learn how to defeat every one through the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. If you have the knowledge, you can break the curses off your life and start experiencing breakthroughs like never before. In this book, you will learn the basics of four different types of curses, plus how to break these specific curses: • Abuse – a curse that causes people to abuse you or you to abuse others • Anger – a curse that causes angry outbursts and constant anger • Barrenness – a curse that causes miscarriages and prevents pregnancies • Captivity – a curse that causes addictions, incarcerations, traps • Depression – a curse that brings a plague of depression • Divorce and Division – a curse that causes severed relationships • Failure – causes you to fail over and over in your endeavors • Fear – a curse that brings a plague of fears and anxieties • Freemasonry – a myriad of curses caused by involvement in Freemasonry • Illegitimacy – a curse that causes lust, rebellion and sexual dysfunction • Infirmity – a curse that causes moral weaknesses and sickness after sickness • Innocent Blood – a curse that causes the death of innocent people in your line • Lust – a plague of lust • Perversion – causes ongoing problems with perverse thoughts and actions • Poverty – a curse that prevents prosperity, no matter how hard you work • PTSD – a curse that plagues you with nightmares and flashbacks • Vagabond – a curse that causes wandering, aimlessness and lawlessness Revised and Updated October 2016