Important Prophecy On Mind Control

Millions are under mind control and it will become much worse soon during the Tribulation as the Antichrist begins hypnotizing the masses. Many will want to get free and will not know how. Please save a printed copy for future use for your loved ones.



Chapter Sixty-One

“The Bruised and Broken-hearted Child,
Who lives within each of the Children of The Hidden Goat Satanic Lineage!”

My Blessed Child, come unto Me, that I may feed you from the well of My deeper truths! For, you and many others will need these truths in your desires, and in your works, to set free the children of Satanic lineage!

Father, yesterday, as you visited with me for so very long, a horse-drawn carriage pulled up outside of my house and to the rear of the carriage, was a flatbed wagon! An angel came out of the covered carriage and unloaded from the flatbed wagon and into my living room, a vast number of wrapped packages! A whole pallet full! On peering inside one of these packages, Father, I could see that these were many, many packages of spiritual meat. Is this information, which you now give, part of this spiritual meat, Father, and will this meat go into Book Twelve, or even into other books?

My Little One, this spiritual meat is a lot of the meat of the word for My people, who hunger and thirst after truth! You will begin to write of much and to feed the people from My deep wells and some of this meat will go into this message.

Now, My Little One, I shall continue to teach you today about the children of the hidden goat Satanic lineage! And, in this message, I shall tell you about the bruised and broken-hearted child, who lives in each of them! For, each of those, who are so abused and who belong to the “hidden goat” lineage, will be severely fractured in their emotional growth, that severe fracture having taken place early on in their infancy or childhood. And, for this reason, it will be nearly impossible to have a conversation with these of the hidden goat lineage without dealing with this fractured child! Any adult conversation, which would be directed towards one, who is so abused, from the hidden goat lineage, will invariably not go well when one expects to have an adult-to-adult conversation!

For, invariably, any look, which reminds them of their parents, or controllers, any hidden work, any symbolism, any bold truth, will be addressed and answered by the fractured child and not the adult! When the fractured child arises, an adult-to-adult conversation is impossible; for there will arise various manifestations of the fractured child, there being among them the “angry child,” the “sullen child,” “the explosive child,” “the child of denial,” “the rude child,” “the crying and emotional child,” “the hurt and abused child,” “the manipulative child,” “the needy, little child,” the bully child,” and other manifestations of the fractured child.

I stress this, My Little One; for all, who will ever work with these emotionally fractured children, which are within these adults of the hidden goat Satanic lineage. And, plain truths, which most could accept regarding themselves, and deal with on an adult-to-adult level, will not be dealt with in such a manner by these of the hidden goat lineage!

It will be impossible for them to sustain any lasting relationships whatsoever; for the rationally minded adults will invariably flee from the continued anger and drama of this fractured child, who rises up to control nearly all situations.

My Little One, it is important to be vigilant for this fractured child; for this fractured child is a broken child, one with broken dreams, broken expectations, and broken trust, who is full of anger, pain and suffering! And, the presence of this fractured child is huge in these adults of this lineage! Nearly all of these will not overcome this behavior, not in this space and time! However, My Little One, I am able to heal all of the fractured parts of this fractured child! And, I will herein break down these parts of the fractured child as follows: 1. emotional; 2.physical; 3. sexual; 4. and spiritual and 5. mental. And, I include sexual here as the sexual abuse will begin at a very early age in the midst of these abused children of the hidden goat lineage!

As one deals with this fractured child, in due season, one will be able to see which part of the fractured child is emerging! Indeed, my Little One, these fractures can be so great that the child can split distinctly into “separate children,” or separate and distinct multiple personalities! And, although some of these fractured or multiple personalities may not even manifest until adulthood, the beginning of all multiple personalities begins early on in childhood! And this breakdown begins because this little child cannot assimilate such suffering and cruelty and begins to split off into distinct parts, or compartmentalize, in order to escape or hide from such great pain and suffering! Multiple personalities are not always manifest in this hidden goat lineage, but the fractured child, or the “fractured children” are always manifest!

Therefore, My Little One, for these to overcome, in all situations this fractured child must be addressed and I must bring healing into each fractional part! For, this fractured child, as I have told you, can manifest as “fractured children,” each manifesting the above characteristics, as I have so outlined!

In all cases of these adults, there will always be layers upon layers of denial and on each layer, specific spirits of denial! These denial spirits will utterly fight to keep hidden all of the truths of the past pain and suffering! Therefore, when working with any of these adults, it is important to seek Me to bind up these spirits of denial so that all that they are covering up can be seen! However, this can be done only one layer at a time, but when each layer is uncovered and dealt with, the denial spirits will no longer have anything to cover up or hold onto and their hold will be broken at that level! But, remember that I have told you that these levels of denial are levels upon levels!

My Little One, I have placed My Little Son, the Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve, into this woman, whom I have sent to you, who is also My Child, and My Little Son is learning much about how to free the children of Satan. What he learns, My Little One, will bring about the salvation of many souls!

So, when the Spirit of God reveals a truth to you and you share it with any child of the hidden goat lineage, especially those, who have been so abused, expect that it will first be rejected! For, this hidden, fractured child may very well receive it as a “put-down,” and will lash out at you! And, the layers of denial will also block truths, that are most often not pleasing. Kind words, these fractured children will probably hear, though they will probably not believe kind words either; for at their very core is the teaching that they are no good!

From an early age, these little ones have been mocked, berated, ridiculed, scorned, abused and mistreated! Therefore, they will receive kind words on the surface, and will not usually reject in anger, kind words, but because of the inherent distrust and suspicion in them, they will not believe that the kind words are true! But, instead, they will seek to find ways to disbelieve them also!

My Little One, this is the sad dilemma for these abused children of this Satanic lineage! They desperately desire to be loved and to receive love, but they can neither give it nor receive it! The love that they give will often show cruelty in some form, rejection and cruelty, yet they will deny this; for the demons of denial will stop them from seeing this behavior! Therefore, they will struggle in all of their relationships, most often choosing those, who will treat them cruelly, all in order to further substantiate their own feelings about themselves!

In addition, My Little One, their controllers, as well as the number of demons in them, will cause them to attach to others, who are also full of many and varied demons, who are cruel, under mind control, or who play emotional, barter games, and who are also unable to love! So, there is manifest in these relationships a bruised child, who is combating a bruised child!

To those on the outside, these relationships will seem bizarre, but to these fractured children, such relationships will seem right, with a very distorted love, alternating with hate, which is apparent in all dealings! Indeed, a love/hate relationship! But, remember that this very way of behaving, though obviously dysfunctional, is what is considered normal and functional to these, who have been brought up in such amidst such abuse in such a Satanic lineage. Therefore, any attempts to cause such a fractured child to see the truths of such a relationship will be met with resistance and denial! For, this way of behaving is deep-rooted and normal to both, who are in such relationships!

So, any and all healing must begin at the level of this fractured child/ fractured children, personality. This can be lengthy and can also be very draining to those, who set out to help them! For, there will be a plethora of angry outbursts, dramatic, crying spells, undue accusations, rejection and added stress to those, who help these of the hidden goat lineage!

The good and wonderful news, My Blessed Child, is that I am teaching and training My Little Son in grand ways to expedite this healing process and to thereby bring about a much faster healing in this fractured child/children of the hidden goat lineage of Satan.

Therefore, My Little One, it is important to be guided by My Spirit always in dealing with these fractured children and even when the truth of a situation is apparent to you, it may not be wise to reveal it to these fractured children! For, as long as the fractured child/children, is still there, there will seldom be an adult conversation about any emotionally charged issues!

So, observe and then seek Me; for I am able also to do all things! I am able to bring in healing through My Spirit to emotionally charged and hidden areas! Therefore, be at peace, My Little One! For, I will do a work; and what I do is real and lasting!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Part II
“The Backdoors into the minds of the Fractured Children of the Hidden Goat Lineage!”

My Little One, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! At this sitting, I will bring you back to the hidden goat lineage of Satan! And, I will continue to teach you regarding the fractured child/children, who is/ are manifest in the abused children of the hidden goat lineage.

My Little One, at this time I shall address the back doors of mind control, which are inherent into the minds of many of these fractured children, some of them having more backdoors than others. From an early age, many of these little ones have been traumatized and mind controlled by their satanic/human handlers!

I stress here two types of handlers and I make a distinction here between handlers and demons! For, although demons do exert a great control, I am not speaking of them, but handlers! And, these are the two types of handlers: 1. human handlers; 2. and Satanic handlers, which include those, who are of Satan’s own, whom, many refer to as “greys”, “reptiles”, “insectoids”, and various other workers, who work directly under Satan and who serve him, of his own kind, and of his own mindset, and pure genetic makeup!

These hidden ones will always exert a hidden control over these abused children of the hidden goat lineage! And, this hidden control will come via backdoors into the mind of the fractured child! On these backdoors will manifest certain images, non-verbal cues, words, phrases and simple commands, which, when presented, will shut down a behavior or direction, which is deemed unacceptable by the handlers!

One thing, which the handlers deem as unacceptable is the truth that their influence will be known and recognized and also terminated! Therefore, any attempt to uncover these controllers and to uncover their backdoors into the mind of the fractured child will be met often with intense emotional upheaval, denial, angry outbursts, and other means of emotional overload within the one, who is under mind control! For, the controllers, on seeing what is taking place, will unleash a series of behavioral commands and controls, which will serve to bring about great despair, unrest, anger, apathy, or even sedation within the mind of such a victim!

For, there exist in these backdoors certain “trigger” words or phrases! And, when these “trigger” words or phrases are spoken and brought into conscious or even subconscious awareness, these words or phrases will thereby proceed to unlock well-learned and well-scripted behaviors, which will provoke an automatic response! This is deep-seated and deep-rooted mind control; and there will come often a seeming detachment in emotional continuity, as if a breaker has just tripped in an electrical box. This discontinuity of behavior will often manifest as a monotonous and expressionless characterization of often meaningless and nonsensical behaviors!

Others will term such behaviors as “spaced-out,” as “goofy”, as disconnected, or disjointed behavior, and such behaviors will be monotonous and absolutely counterproductive. Such a stream of behaviors can go on for hours, with a corresponding loss of time and unaccounted for delays, wherein a great amount of time lapses but with little accountability for this loss! Hours can thereby be spent in meaningless pursuits, with endless delays, procrastinations, with corresponding mindless verbal excuses and delays!

Remember that I am speaking here of backdoors into the mind of the fractured child, words, images, phrases, and sentences, which, when projected into the thinking, or into the subconscious thinking of the individual will trigger a string of automatic behaviors. Often, this victim is unaware of just what happened in this time lapse and quite often nothing did happen of any great consequence! But, at times other shocking and automatic behaviors do happen, the victim being totally oblivious to just what has happened! This is the case, My Little One, in all automatic killings, wherein the victim has gone on a killing rampage, only to turn, thereafter, and to kill himself!

My Little One, such a one could spend many, many years in expensive psychotherapy and still be under the control of the controllers! For, when one such trigger word or phrase is found, the controllers are back with more of the same! Only I can go into the backdoors and dissolve the power of such words, phrases or images and free one from such abuse! And, only I am able to clean remove the controllers, human and otherwise, who have been pulling the strings from behind the scenes in the lives of so many of these, even since and even before birth!

So, My Little One, I add here this dilemma of the hidden, or backdoors into the minds of these of the hidden goat lineage; and warn you and all, who would work with these, who were so abused as children and still as adults, that these doors are real! These trigger words and phrases are real and the resultant and detached behaviors are real! Therefore, be observant of any monotonous behaviors of “suddenly going through the motions.” For, by observation, you will see the results of those, who manipulate through the hidden backdoors!

Remember that these “triggers” may not always be words or phrases, but also sharp images, which will seem to totally disable the fractured child and to lock it into an automatic mode! When such behavior is observed, seek Me in prayer; for only I am able to clean out such hidden backdoors and to correct prolonged, meaningless, speech patterns, which are deeply imbedded recordings in the emotional/mental databases of these fractured children!

These prolonged and repetitive, verbal patterns serve no purpose other than to hold captive the fractured child and to monopolize the time of others with empty verbal assaults. These empty, verbal assaults can actually serve as a weapon against all, who would try to help them! For, after a while, those, who are barraged with these empty, verbal assaults, will seek to be free of them, realizing that such one-sided conversations are a waste of time!

This is what the handlers and controllers want, all in order to further isolate such victims, and to cut off all meaningful relationships. Therefore, when such automatic and meaningless behavior is observed, it is most important to seek me in prayer, asking that I not only destroy the impact of all trigger words, phrases, and or images, but also asking that I destroy and clean remove all hidden, as well as obvious, controllers! Remember to seek me and ask me in prayer to clean dissolve all hidden trigger “images,” for these, when projected into the mind, can trigger powerful and quick emotional responses!

In any one individual, there may be many such backdoors; and some of these doors, being deeply hidden! So, the prayer needs to be to ask Me to go in and to find all hidden backdoors and to utterly destroy them all, so that no back doors of any kind remain and no hidden controllers of any kind are left standing! Furthermore, the extended prayer needs to be for Me to put up holy hedges of protection within all areas of the mind of the fractured child, so that no more hidden doors can be put into place and no more handlers can be set up in positions of control over these souls!

Seek Me further in prayer, asking that I raise up and establish that I place powerful angels of great light in all of these areas within the minds of such individuals, where there have been such hidden doors. These angels will thereby serve to prohibit the establishment of such doors again and will thereby also prohibit the establishment of such controllers and such hidden trigger words of mind control!

My Little One, it is very important to address the hidden doors through this way in prayers to Me! For, all of the mind controllers use hidden doors and hidden cues, trigger words and visual images to utterly control their victims! And, not all of their victims are of the Satanic lineage! So, if there be any among you, who suspect that there could be any backdoors into your thought processes, or into the thought processes of anyone, whom you know, pray as I have so directed herein! For, I will honor this prayer on behalf of many, who have fallen under mind control the world over!

Be advised, however, My Little One, that there is one condition under which I will not honor this prayer on behalf of others, who are under obvious mind control, this condition being wherein a certain one agrees to undergo mind control, as is the case with many, many in the intelligence services and among those, who have top secret clearances, these being among others, who are in satanic secret services! In such situations, the one, who is under mind control, has agreed to it and this one must thereby come to Me in prayer under his or her own volition, asking Me for this freedom through the above prayer! I will not override the free will of any, who clearly choose mind control!

Furthermore, I wish to address here that these hidden backdoors, which are full of hidden and subtle mind control messages exist in untold millions, and have been carefully laid in the unsuspecting minds of untold millions of people! They have been carefully laid via constant barrages of mind control messages, which are inherent in massive television programming, radio programming, sleep programming in those, who fall asleep while watching television or who sleep with the television on, or through the massive implanting of the unsuspecting population, via brain and neural implants.

Therefore, every person could possibly benefit by appealing to Me through prayer for the cleaning away of these hidden back doors and hidden mind control directives, or trigger words, phrases, sentences or images, even as I have so directed. For, the amount of mind control, which is in the masses, whether through the above methods, or via video games, or other mindless, hypnotic behaviors, is massive all over the world!

So, through this prayer, which I have promised to honor, when prayed as I have directed, I will help free millions upon millions of souls and allow them to grow spiritually, when previous to this prayer, they found it impossible to connect to Me spiritually! Therefore, I give this spiritual prayer at this time as a spiritual weapon for the salvation of many, many souls! For, this is My love for the captives and My promise to you, My Blessed Child, that I would allow you to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls!

With this said, I will stop for now. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Part III
“A Prayer of Deliverance for those, who suffer from hidden mind control!”

Blessed and Holy Father, beautiful and glorious Most High God, I come back to you today, Father, to ask for clarification regarding certain things and in particular, Father, regarding Your message in chapter Sixty-one of Book Twelve! This message, Father, is the prayer, which you would have others to pray regarding hidden mind control.

Father, my question is this: Would you give me, through Your Spirit, a particular prayer for Your people, that if any, who wish deliverance from such terrible mind control, would stand in agreement with me in this prayer, their hearts of one accord with mine, for the deliverance from such terrible mind control, that you would honor such a prayer!

And, Father, these are my reasons for asking that you give me such a prayer through Your Spirit: 1. Father many people, especially the severely oppressed, do not know how to pray! 2. Father, secondly, they do not know how to pray from their hearts, but only through their minds! And, Father, you told me some years back that mind prayers fall to the ground, that mind prayers do not reach you, that we must pray from our hearts! But, Father, You know that many have hearts that are so dark and full of so many demons, that the prayers cannot come from their hearts! Therefore, Father, for these reasons, I am concerned that those, who need the most help through this prayer, even when they pray as You have so directed, will not be heard! For, their prayers may not reach you!

Very well said, My Little One; and your concerns herein are grounded in reality! Therefore, I will touch your heart through My Spirit to pray a prayer, which when prayed to Me by those, who are under mind control, even if they pray only through the agreements of their minds and with only a very small, or even absence of agreement within their hearts, I will hear this prayer!

Furthermore, I will release untold millions of angels of mercy, whose job is also to listen for these, who recite this prayer and who so long to be free! These angels will collect these prayers unto Me! Therefore, it is important for all, who want deliverance from mind control, to take this prayer and to continue to recite it and believe and trust in Me until they begin to feel the freedom of deliverance! The angels must collect these prayers and bring them to me; for in these cases, these, who are so much under mind control, will be devoid of My Spirit. For this reason, it is necessary for these, who want to be free of mind control to hold tightly to this prayer and to repeat it daily, even several times a day! And, the angels, whom I dispense, will be on the lookout for this prayer, which I will now release unto you via My Holy Spirit!

Herein follows this prayer as given to you for My people, as it comes to you via My Spirit:


Holy Prayer for Deliverance and Freedom for the Victims of Extraneous Mind Control!

Oh Blessed and Holy Father, God of All Creation, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Mighty and Holy Deliverer of Your people! Hear me, Oh Blessed Father, as I come now on behalf of myself (or “name of another person”) and I beg You to deliver me from the effects of extraneous mind control! Father, I understand that this mind control has entered into me from sources, who are outside of me and that this mind control has caused a great and dark shadow over my whole life! Father, it seems to me that any good intentions on my part are blocked! For some time, there has existed a series of road blocks and many obstacles, which when I would try to overcome them, I would only meet with more obstacles.

Father, life has been so hard for me, and now I appeal to you, that if there be any extraneous mind control on me, Father, that You would burn it out of me! Clean burn out of me, Father, with your holy fires, any and all verbal and non-verbal cues, whether conscious, or subliminal, any hidden “trigger” words, phrases, or sentences and all images, which have been programmed into me to elicit certain well-learned responses!

Father, please burn up totally and destroy absolutely any such mind control “triggers”, which are hidden in me, and which are well hidden behind any hidden mind control doors. Father, You are able to see all such “trigger” words, phrases, sentences, cues, and images in me and I so deeply desire that You burn them up totally and that You do not leave so much as a vestige of these things in me!

Father, I also ask You to burn up and consume in Your holy fires all such hidden mind control doors, and that no such doors remain in me! Father, please do not leave even one fragment of any such door remaining. Thereafter, Father, I ask You to place holy hedges around my whole mind and throughout my whole mind and to make these holy hedges permanent hedges of protection in me, Father, and that no such evil mind control will ever have such power over me, ever again!

Thereafter, Father, I ask You to set up powerful angels of protection in the midst of these holy hedges and to prohibit, absolutely prohibit, any such mind control in me, ever again. And, lastly, Father, I ask You to punish severely all, who have perpetrated such mind control on me! For, it has been done to me without my conscious awareness or permission and I so desperately wish to be free!

Father, forgive me of my sins! Purge and purify my thoughts and my memories with Your holy fires! Purge and purify my heart with Your holy fires! Have mercy on me, oh Mighty King; for I realize that through this prayer, I have only addressed mind control from extraneous sources; and I have not addressed mind control, which comes from the many demons, who may also occupy my body!

Father, I am a prisoner and have been a prisoner for a long time! I have been cut off from Your Spirit and this terrible mind control has left me weak and without direction, Father, even as a wayward traveler through this sphere.

Father, I long to be free! Father, I long to have your Spirit and to know You! Will I continue to sojourn through this sphere as a wayward and lonely traveler? Please, Father, have mercy on me; for I am a sheep, who is lost from the fold! Father, I am a continual prey for the wolves and cannot advance spiritually; for I am cut off from Your Spirit!

Father, have mercy on me and please give Me Your Spirit! Deliver me, oh Holy King, from my oppressors; for I am alone, Father, so full of anguish and heartache! Father, in the Holy Name of Jesus, our Mighty Saviour, hear my cries! Amen!

As dictated by the Spirit of God, a prayer for all, who suffer the terrible effects of any kind of mind control! Given on this24th day of November, 2009, Linda Newkirk

(COPY THIS PRAYER AND KEEP THIS PRAYER IN A VERY SAFE PLACE! There will come a time when the mind control/ re-education camps will be filled to capacity right here in this nation! But, even now mind control is rampant, not only in America, but worldwide! My Dear Ones, wherever you are, just know that as you say this prayer, I stand in agreement with you! Before our Mighty King and Saviour, my heart agrees with you for your total freedom and complete deliverance from the horrors of mind control!)



My Little One, I will hear this prayer! I will also honor this prayer even when it is prayed on behalf of others! Just substitute the name or names of the others in the places of “me” and “my!”

But, Father, this prayer is for those, who are under mind control from extraneous sources, even as you have previously told. Father would You list some of these extraneous sources.

My Little One, I will! As I have told you, My Little One, abused children of the hidden goat lineage are major targets. Some of these of the hidden goat lineage are sharply and heavily targeted, and some, more than others. Those, who are sharply and heavily targeted, will be like puppets, who are on very short and tight strings. For, these, who are on such tight and short stings, carry out and have carried out very specific mind controlled functions for their handlers, in particular such functions as serial killers, spies, breeders, sex slaves, etc.

These, who are on very short strings, or mind control leashes, will be closely watched and will be under the most severe forms of mind control and as such will often be used, from time to time, by the U.S. Military, and other militaries for covert operations! For, this reason, they always keep the backdoors open and fully functional through their various “trigger” words and cues, using their victims regularly, and most often without their conscious awareness or permission. In these cases, their handlers are most often both military (humans) and Satanic, meaning non-human servants of Satan. These, who are on such short leads, will not get free, not under any conditions, unless I set them free! For, these of whom I speak, are also “of the hidden goat Satanic lineage,” and Satan has a legal claim on them.

The mind control, which I am addressing herein comes from sources, which are coming from the outside, that is extraneous to the individual. And, it comes via psychiatrists and other types of handlers as well as non-human entities. Therefore, it is rightly termed as extraneous mind control.

Extraneous mind control is also rampant in this world and it comes both through implant technology, the implants being both brain implants and implants, which follow the neural pathways to the brain. Most of this implant technology cannot be removed by normal means; for it is too pervasive! And, this, I will address more in later messages.

But, here I wish to address backdoors and automatic behavior, which is due to mind control cues and trigger words. And, many such trigger words, phrases, and subliminal messages appear widely on television, radio, internet, and various sorts of publications. Some individuals are more susceptible to such mind control than others. Any, who abuse alcohol or drugs, are prime candidates; for in their alcoholic or drug induced stupors, such messages are more readily programmed deeply into the mind, or thought processes, and will thereby more easily cause automatic behaviors. Also, my Dear One, it is most assuredly true that drug-induced mind control is frequently used by all handlers, human and otherwise, in all kinds of extraneous mind control! And, indeed such kinds of mind control is often very quick and effective. Yes, this is a terrible blight upon the whole world and few are the wiser!

Others, who are under certain sources of hidden mind control are many within the military services! Many, who are in the military services have brain and neural implants and also have them in their bodies without their conscious awareness or consent. It is through the presence of such implant technology that hidden backdoors, mind control cues and triggers can be set up in vast numbers and programmed through the use of cell towers, televisions, movies, etc. Mind control triggers may therefore, appear in such places as the evening news on television, at commercial breaks on television, and at other times, released to the mind control victim (s) to elicit certain automatic behaviors. Such mind control cues or triggers may also be released to the victim through “strange” telephone call messages, or even through caller IDs.

In addition, many in the police forces are heavily laden with such implants and backdoor mind control messages, triggers words and cues. Most, who are in the various governmental bodies over this nation, and also over other nations, are micro-chipped, and under various forms of mind control, many of them being little more than robotic arms of Satan! The same is also true at the state levels of government within this nation, but in some cases not as severe.

My Little One, total and near total mind control is also exerted on many, who are in prison, or in mental hospitals, most often without their conscious knowledge or consent. This whole area of mind control, which is rampant all over the world, is greater than any could ever imagine.

And, I have not addressed yet the degree of mind control, which is exerted upon such huge numbers by the demons, who are inherent in them. This is a different kind of mind control, but is severe, My Little One, just as severe and just as real as the extraneous mind control. This mind control, which is exerted by the demons, who reside within these individuals, is called herein intrinsic mind control.

Many should be able to see, to know, to understand why the world is in such a mess and only through My overflowing love, mercy and grace and forgiveness will any be saved!

My Little One, I wish to add herein that I have given this prayer to you on behalf of My people! For, you are the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve, the spiritual mother of My Little Son, who lives in you and who has now lived in you for over forty-two months. My Blessed Child, you have paid a heavy price to “see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls.” And, this has been My promise to you, since early summer of 2004, that I would give you this desire of your heart. This prayer is but one facet of the manifestation of that desire! For, many, who are set free of mind control, will then turn and serve Me.

Blessed are you, My Little One; for you have paid a heavy price to receive this prayer, one, which I will surely honor on behalf f My people! Now, I come again to you and I ask you, My Little One, what would you desire of Me! For, a great and mighty calling is being given to you; and you will walk in this earth with great power and will do many marvelous works for me and for My children.

Father, I only ask You to give me a greater servant’s heart and that Father, You fill this servant’s heart with all of the beautiful attributes of You that You want in this servant’s heart! This is what I now ask of You, Father. I only wish to have a greater servant’s heart and that You enlarge Yourself in me in this way.

So, it shall be with you, My Little One, and what more would you, or could you ask for? For, you are spiritual mother to the House of Israel and spiritual mother to My Manifest Sons of God. Blessed are you, My Little One; for your request pleases Me. However, I shall give you so much more, so much more than you could ever imagine! Yes, indeed, there will come to you various and manifold keys to My very Kingdom and these are everlasting. I am pleased in you, My Little One, Blessed Child of Mine. For, you have heard My call to holiness and My cup of holiness in you is full to overflowing.

Father, I am so humbled and afraid! Have mercy on me, Father, for I do not know how I could possibly deal with such a calling. Father, I am but dust, as ashes is to ashes; and I so fear Your mighty power and Your mighty hand. Father, I only desire to be a servant and am happy at the end of the line. Father, I wish no honor for myself and am afraid before You.

This is known, My Little One and this is why you asked me to give you a greater servant’s heart. For, you only desire to serve Me first above all, and to be of service to your brothers and sisters. Therefore, I will exalt you among My people; for only a true servant am I able to exalt.

Still, Father, you say, “exalt,” and this frightens me. For, I do not wish to be exalted, only to be a lowly servant and being at the back of the line is fine with me.

Be not troubled, My Little One; for what I give you will be a calling of great love, mercy, and grace and you will walk humbly before Me in all that I give you; for you fear me.

Father, I wish to fear you always; for You are Almighty! Therefore, Father, I do ask of You one more thing and that is that You will put into me a deep fear of You and that such a deep fear of You will be with me always, for I desire to walk humbly before You always. Father, I ask for this gift from You, and that it will be an intricate part of me, which follows me throughout the eternities.

Well said, My Little One! Even as you so seek, I now give!

But, Father, neither do I wish to be overpowered by this fear, but that this fear of You is balanced with a profound, deep and exceedingly great love for You!

This is understood well on My part, My Little One. So it is with you and so it shall be!

And, with this, we shall stop for now. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God,

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Part IV
“The Genetic Link, which Manifests in the Children of Satan!

Come unto Me, My Little One; for I wish to impart to you more truths concerning the children of Satan! I am your Father Yahweh, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. My Little One, you have pondered on the Satanic, genetic link, which surely exists in the children of Satan and how it manifests! Yes, there is a definite genetic link to Satan, himself, the father of all lies!

And, this genetic link, My Little One, manifests through striated light patterns. These striated light patterns, which are also unstable, striated light patterns, exist within the actual DNA and it is through these striated light patterns, that Satan is able to recognize his own.

These striated light patterns carry codes, My Little One. This is what is termed as coded light and within these light patterns there exists one prevailing code, which is absolutely characteristic of Satan and all of his progeny. And, this characteristic is that of a pervasive lying spirit!

This lying spirit manifests within all, who bear this striated light code! And, from a very early age and over time, this lying behavior will infiltrate all of their activities, somewhat like a lying thread, which goes through all of their dealings.

Because of this lying thread, which is inherent to the very making of the children of Satan, they will waffle and waver when confronted with the truths, which are not to their liking! Just as the light wavers within them, they will waver! They will flounder around, will flop from one side to the other, in the midst of such truthful accounts, which stand against them! In other words, they will go from one side of the road to the other and back again as they attempt to wiggle out of their guilty ways!

Within their verbal repertoire, they will manifest a wide array of excuses, of naming and blaming, of denials, and of angry accusing verbal assaults. This flipping and flopping will wear down those, who attempt to communicate or reason with them! For, they will come first as one way, then as another way, seeking always to get their own way and to come out on top, by making those, who confront them with the truth, to be the liars! This is why Satan is called the Accuser of the Brethren; and these, being his children, will bear this same trait! It is almost impossible to make many of them see the truth, for they have in their arsenal a whole array of twisted and distorted rationalizations and excuses! When backed into a corner, so to speak, many of them will be forced to admit the truth and they will do so, but not because they come willingly to do so! They admit their wrongs because they are forced to admit them!

These kinds of erratic, unstable, lying behaviors are inherent in the makeup of those of the hidden goat lineage! Just as some are born with the inherent desire for truth, to tell the truth, and to be truthful in all of their affairs (a deep connection to Me), these are born with an inherent desire to lie! And, lie they will! Those, who confront them with the truth, will soon become their victims, even those, who have shown them consistent kindnesses!

It is this inability, this natural-born inability, to tell the truth, and to be truthful in their affairs, which will cause them to wreak havoc in all of their relationships. However, these of the hidden goat lineage will not see themselves at fault, but, when the truth is told against them, they will blame others for “mistreating” them!

When confronted with the truths of what they have done, they will often fight back with angry tirades! Then, many will quickly return with “sweet and innocent” manipulative behaviors, almost childlike in their cunning! If these manipulative behaviors do not allow them to override their opponents, there will come more accusations and more verbal lashing out! These ways will tire out and wear down their victims; for these of the hidden goat lineage wish to have control over those, whom they consider their accusers; and they will set out to have control over them in one way of the other! For, with these of the hidden goat lineage, it is about their being right and in control, although they may not be in control and are most often not right. But, it is through their chaotic behaviors, that they do often manifest control over many situations; for they will get this control through the havoc, which they wreak.

This is how they create strife among My people! They will stir up strife through their many manipulative and angry ways, through their bending of the truth and through their spreading of outright lies They will spread tales of gossip behind the backs of My faithful and will attempt to create discord or to smear the names of My faithful servants. In this way, they are indeed just like their father, the devil; for they are also accusers of the brethren.

Quick to forget the good, which others have done for them, these of the hidden goat lineage will find one or two things, which are displeasing to them about their benefactors. And, with these one or two dislikes, whether founded in truth or fantasy, they will verbally beat those, who do good for them!

Therefore, their lives will be chaotic and they will bring this chaos into the lives of others. My Little One, this is the inherent nature of the striated light pattern, the inherent nature within each of these, which comes from their father, from Satan, himself.

My Little One, these “lying” and chaotic characteristics are inherent. These characteristics are part of who they are and no manner of cajoling, of crying, of pleading, of confronting, of scolding, and explaining will change this inherent way! For, it is to these of the hidden goat lineage as a hand in a glove! It is a covering, which permeates every facet of their lives and they cannot, in and of themselves, change this way!

At this point, there are huge numbers of the children of Satan in the Earth! Millions upon millions upon millions, even some few billions. There is no hope for these souls, except through My love and mercy for them. But, the wonderful news to all is that I am their hope! And, through the work of My Little Son of Light, My Little Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve, I am going to eradicate this genetic link, this striated light pattern out of many of them! Then, they will be free of their inherent lying and cunning ways and I will begin a work to save many of these hopelessly lost souls!

But, Father, some of these of this hidden goat lineage know You! So, is it not true that some of them have Your Spirit?

My Little One, due to the other part of the genetic makeup, which is human, some of them do receive My Spirit! However, because of the inherent lying nature of these genetic qualities of Satan, which is in them, My Spirit will only visit them. It seldom stays for very long! However, because I do love them greatly, I allow them the presence of My Spirit, as they so long for it; and My Spirit is their companion, due to the longings for Me! But, My Spirit is resident in them only erratically.

Yet, Father, many of them are drawn to Your work.

Yes, My Little One, even as Satan is drawn to My work! They want to have power over others! This is a controlling factor also, which is inherent in this striated light! These will always rise up and desire to have power and control over My people and over My true servants. Therefore, it is very important for My true servants to be vigilant for those, who seek to be in control and to undermine My work! When these controlling ways are manifest and are coupled with a deceptive and lying way, may all be the wiser! For, these are earmarks of Satan’s own!

So, Yes, My Little One, they are drawn to My work, even as the Scribes and Pharisees of old were drawn to My work! But, even as I have told you, they are drawn to My work because of their desire to have control over My people! Watch and listen; for their conversations are peppered with “how great I am” words and phrases! Their focus is not on Me, but on what they have done and what they have achieved! They do not have a servant’s heart, but a controller’s heart! And, their desire to be right, an inherent pride, will create chaos in all of their relationships! Through all of their dealings, they will show their many faces! Even as the light is striated and unstable in them, so will be their speech in their dealings with others. And, many of them will show a great flare for the dramatic! In these situations, the fractured child, eager to be heard and to get his or her own way, will rise up and put on a show of drama and flair! Such a dramatic show will often manifest with loud accusations, angry outbursts and loud, accusing crying spells!

This great and inherent desire to have their way, or to be in control, is also one of their main inroads, which these will take in order to break down the morale among My people! For, they will override the truth! They will muddy the truth! They will distort the truth! They will, therefore, mingle the truth with their versions of predigested lies! Many of them come out on top, and fully in control, in this way; while my own little servants, who strive for truth, are often labeled as the liars!

So great is the havoc, which these are able to wreak, in the midst of My people! When one or more of these children of Satan enter into the midst of My people, it is as if a tornado has suddenly ripped right through the middle of the hearts of My people! And, these children of Satan just continue on spinning, spinning and spinning through homes, spinning through relationships, spinning through groups, with their discord, with their chaos; and few are the wiser.

Herein, I tell you about these children of Satan! Herein, I have warned you! They are the same today as they have been since the beginning! Since the beginning, Satan has had his own children; but not as he has them now! For, in this day and time, they rule the world! And, few there be that are righteous! But, true to his nature, Satan is out to destroy all of My righteous ones! Yet, he will not succeed in this; for I am about to raise up the Manifest Sons of God, and there will be some among them, who were previously Satan’s children! For, I will set them free in every way; and they shall testify against him in a great and mighty way! Indeed, they shall rise up with a great hate against him! And, I shall thereby empower them through My Little Son, and cause them to do great and mighty things for Me and for My people! And, with this said, we shall stop for now. I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk


Part V 
More Hidden Truths about the Children of Satan
The Children of Satan from the Beginning!
An Inheritance for the Children of Satan!

Blessed and Holy Father Yahweh, I come back to You today; for so many questions are swirling in my mind regarding the children of Satan! And, also, Father, very many scriptures come to my mind, which are not only puzzling to me, but surely these same scriptures have been puzzling to many for a very long time. But, Father, as You know my heart and all of the questions in my heart, I pray that You address all relevant questions at this time.

My Little One, yes, indeed, I am aware of all of your questions and all of them (are) relevant to the current teachings.

Firstly, My Little One, I wish to address the issues regarding the fractured child, who appears in many of the hidden goat lineage. My Little One, I wish here to make some distinctions regarding this fractured child! For, this fractured child is inherent in all of those of the hidden goat lineage, who have suffered abuse from an early age, whether physical, verbal abuse, extreme neglect, mind control, etc.

My Little One, such abuse is rampant among families, wherein one or both of the parents are of the hidden goat lineage, or goat manifest lineage. For, therein, one or both of the parents, as the case may be, have actually “sold” their whole families to Satan, to do with as he so pleases! And, they have done so through secret, Satanic, occult rituals, wherein they have pledged such evils through oaths, in order to gain power, money, and prestige at the hands of Satan. Within such families, it is agreed by one, or both parents, that all such family members, current and future descendents, should belong to Satan, to do with as he pleases!

My Little One, this is evil, which is added upon evil. For, all of the souls, who are born into a family of hidden goat lineage, or even into a family of goat manifest lineage, where at least one of the parents have a human soul, may not have the striated light patterns, the specific markings in their DNA. In other words, there may be born into Satanic families, those, who do not bear any Satanic markings in their DNA! When this is the case, these (who do not have these markings) will be treated brutally and cruelly! And, I speak here of the families, who are sold out to Satan by oaths or allegiances of one or more of the parents.

Such Satanic organizations, as you know, are the Freemasons, but not limited to the Freemasons; for these types of utterly evil, secret organizations of Satan are many and varied, all over the world!

I make this distinction regarding the appearance of this fractured child, which will manifest throughout their lifetimes; for this distinction is peculiar to the above situation, which I have just described.

However, not all of the children of the hidden goat lineage will manifest the fractured child! Only, those, who have been abused, as I have told you! There will exist many, who have this hidden goat lineage, who will be born into loving and caring families. The genetic manifestations of the hidden goat lineage can skip a generation, or be erratic in appearance down through the family lines.

In such cases, when those of the hidden goat lineage are born into loving or otherwise functional families, certain behaviors of the hidden goat will begin to manifest at an early age. In these cases, these patterns do not evolve because of parental abuse, but because they are inherent to the hidden goat lineage! Such behaviors, as the following, will begin to manifest in these, even from a very early age, from the time that they can talk or walk. These are the kinds of behaviors, which others will see: 1.undue aggression; 2.covetousness; 3.bullying behaviors; 4.temper tantrums; 5.lying; 6.stealing; 7.inability to learn through correction; 8.promiscuous sexual behavior from an early age; 9.controlling behavior; 10.and substance abuse, often from an early age, among other behaviors.

As these children mature, they will be at odds with many, who are in authority! Their desire to undermine authority may be subtle and cunning, or outright abrasive and harsh. As adults, many of them will work their way into positions of authority; for they despise authority and wish to be in control. Therefore, many of such types will be seen in high levels of governmental bodies, as well as high levels of military and police forces. Others will be seen in the sciences, particularly in the medical field; for in this profession, they have authority over life and death. Others of them will be seen also in shadowy, criminal enterprises, where they thrive in both shunning and combating all authority! The whole area of mind control is saturated with them! For, to these wicked ones, the ultimate control is to control the minds of others and to make them their absolute slaves!

There is also inherent in these of both the hidden goat lineage and the goat manifest lineage a specific kind of heartless behavior. Sometimes, this heartless behavior is pronounced and at other times, it is more subtle. However, this tendency towards heartless and cruel behavior will be just below the surface in all of them, whether seen at first or not! For, many will try to hide this inherent trait, and many of them will be drawn also in the helping professions, only to do cruel things in a covert way.

Father, it seems that we can recognize such behavior, even from the beginning! For, the Scriptures tell us that there came first Cain, (Genesis Ch4) he being the first son of Adam and Eve! However, we can read in the Bible that Cain did evil!

From the beginning, the offering of Cain was not acceptable to You, Father, as we read also in Genesis Chapter Four! However, Abel, the brother of Cain brought forth his offering and you were pleased in him, receiving his offering of his first sheep and the fat of the sheep! But, from the beginning the offering of Cain was not acceptable unto you, Father! And, Cain, being greatly enraged at you for refusing his offering from his crops, thereafter went into the field and killed his brother Abel!

Then, Father, we can read that Cain was angry with You, and lied to you about the whereabouts of Abel, knowing that he had killed him! And, for this, Father, you cursed Cain and caused him to be a vagabond. Your words to Cain were very strong! Father, please tell me more about Cain.

My Little One, in your spirit, you hear the rumblings of the truths about Cain! And, you surely understand by now that I was not very pleased with Adam and Eve! I was also not at all pleased with Satan (for lying to and deceiving Eve)! For, what are My words to Satan in Genesis?

Father, in Genesis 3:14, these are Your words to Satan: “And, the Lord God said unto the serpent, because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field, upon thy belly thou shalt go, and dust thou shalt eat all the days of thy life. And, I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed. It shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his head.” These are Your words, Oh Lord. (King James version of the Bible)

Yes, indeed, these are My words! For, I was indeed wroth with Satan and I pronounced upon him and his seed this curse!

But, Father, my question is this. You are Most High. You created all things! You created evil! You created Satan! Father, in Job, (Job 1:6) we are also told that Satan came and sat among the Sons of God! Father, he was sitting among the Sons of God, so he must surely be one of Your sons, though an evil one. Father, will you explain some of these things, regarding Satan and the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

My Little One, I am Most High and I set into motion all of creation! I create and I set up! I set into motion! What is created to be evil does evil and what is created with great light, to do right, does right with some exceptions here and there. The closer any is to the Source of All True Light, the more perfect and holy is that soul! The closer a soul is to darkness; the more difficult it will be for that soul to connect with Me and with the Great Light Source of All things.

My Little One, I created Satan and I knew what he would do. I put into him arrogance, rebellion, anger, pride and an array of behaviors, which are not pleasing to Me! I raised him up, nevertheless, to serve Me, knowing also that he would wish to supplant Me, to take My place!

I took two little innocent spirits, the two little cherubim, who stand before Me, and I put these into two bodies, which I fashioned. My Little One, they did not know evil, but were pure and innocent; and I put Satan in their faces in the Garden of Eden, knowing that Satan would tempt Eve! For, he is evil and he also disdains all true light; for he wishes to have power over it all! He will always, therefore, set out to destroy what is good and right! This is the way I created him to be! He cannot be another way. So, yes, I knew that he would disobey Me, that he would set out to destroy these two in My garden.

I also knew that I would, therefore, also have reason to punish him; for I must also justify My actions. I am Most High, a God of great righteousness and justice! So, yes, I knew how all would unfold with Satan. I also knew how all would unfold with humanity from the beginning! I knew that I would create a very difficult and harsh world, wherein I would cast many souls, who would return over and over again in their purification journeys. I knew that none could or would ever be saved from such evil and darkness if I did not pay a great price for their salvation. For, Satan would be always in the faces of My righteous and pure ones, seeking to utterly destroy them.

However, amidst such a terrible furnace of afflictions, in such a terrible place, I also knew that I would train, and that I would raise up a few, who would be co-rulers with me, co-rulers of all creation. For, in My whole Light Kingdom, which if far greater and more expanded than any of you could ever imagine, there are none, who have so suffered across so much time as the little ones, the little humans on this planet Earth.

For, I have forced you back, life after life, causing you to take on new bodies, your having swallowed your cups of forgetfulness, to face your wrongs, to face your unsettled sins, to try you and test you across much time, so that I could indeed harvest some, who will be co-heirs, who will work with Me as co-creators in all of My creation.

My Little One, this very lengthy process is about to bear fruit! The very first Manifest Sons of God are about to appear in the Earth! And, you, My Little One, are their spiritual mother. You were Eve in the Garden of Even and you fell to the temptations of Satan! You came along as Sarah, mother to the House of Israel and you have been in the Earth as other very important mothers in this whole growth process of My Manifest Sons. I have brought you back over and over again, sometimes at critical junctures in this whole process, and at other times as an almost insignificant presence, as far as these works. Yet, I bring you back now as the birth mother of My Little Son of fire, the Little Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve. My Little Son of fire, who lives in you, will soon be taken to My throne and he will thereafter begin to bring forth great power into the Earth. For, he will go into the Manifest Sons of God!

My Little One, I know that many will balk at My words to you, which tell of the reincarnation of souls! But, they balk out of ignorance and so the ignorant will be ignorant; but those, who hunger after truth, will not choose ignorance and will not balk and mock at what they do not understand, but will seek me with an open heart and teachable spirit.

My Little One, you are the spiritual mother of My people the world over, both of the peaceful, loving ones and also of the unruly ones. For, you fell to the wiles of Satan in the Garden of Eden and because of such; you would bear first his own son, his own bloodline, so to speak.

But, Father, the Scriptures say that Adam “knew” Eve and they bore a son, who was named Cain. (Gen. 4:1)

Yes, Adam knew Eve, but the first Son, Cain, was the Son of Satan.

Father, this is so terrible, too terrible for words.

So, out of you came two lineages, even from the beginning, a lineage of holiness into which Enoch would be born, Noah and others, but also a lineage of evil into which Cain would be born, also Esau and many others. Do you see how the duplicity evolved? This duplicity was inherent in my plan from the beginning. For, within the humans would be the seed of the woman, a holy seed, and also a seed of Satan.

Now, after so may years, I call you forth again, My Little One, and I put My holy seed in you, even My own little babe, My seed from my own holy body; and this also reads in My Scriptures as the seed of the woman. (Rev 12:17) This holy seed is still in you, but it is now, not just a seed. For, My Little Son is an all-consuming fire and he extends by several hundred feet outside of your body! He is indeed a child but even so a man! For, he is now quite large, even a little giant!

And, even as it is written in Revelation Chapter Twelve, I put Satan in the face of the woman, who is you, My Little One! (Rev.12:4) I put him in your face to tempt you, to mock, scorn and berate you, to repeatedly rape you, to torture you and to cause you great pain and suffering! These have been your great tests and trials, your price to pay for bearing My Little Son of pure and holy fire and great light.

And, Satan, on seeing My Little Son in you, greatly wishes to devour My Little Son of Light; for he wishes to supplant Me. However, My Little One, I have sustained you! I have been with you through the unspeakable, daily horrors, which you have lived through and which you still live through. My Little One, you have paid the price for the righteous ones to receive My Holy Little Son and now you pay an additional price for the seed of Satan to be free once and for all of him and for some of them, indeed some of them to be My very own sons, even as their Father Satan is one of my very own sons.

I will totally remove the “mark”, the striated light pattern, which I put into them and I will raise up some of them to be my very own sons. But, your price for these, My Little One, will not be as great. In over forty-two months of your suffering, you have paid your greatest price. But, as you were mother to both from the beginning, you shall be mother to both as regards their inheritance in My Light Kingdom. For, this shall come to pass through My very own Son of Light, who is in you!

Blessed are You, oh Holy King! Blessed are You forever and ever! Thank you, Oh Glorious Creator! So, Father, through all that you are now doing, all of the children of Esau will not burn as stubble, as we are told in Obadiah 1:18.

My Little One, many, many of them will burn as stubble! But, it is My promise to you that I will set free huge and untold numbers of the children of Satan, who are in the hidden goat lineage. For, at some point and soon, I will begin to totally eradicate the striated light patters from their DNA, thereby freeing them of the inherent lying stream, which makes it impossible for them to know Me. When this inherent lying stream is removed, huge numbers will find themselves wishing and desiring a deep walk with Me. I will then draw them into such walks and will ultimately save many, many of their souls.

My Little One, it is for you to return to Esau and to give back to Esau his heritage with Me! For, he was the firstborn; but his heritage, I took away from the beginning; and I would not allow Rebekah to see the heritage of the righteous go to the children of Satan. (Genesis chapter 27) However, now this heritage will go out, my heritage to the Sons of Cain and to the Sons of Esau, even as I have so told you herein. And, this heritage goes to them through My Little Son of Light, who is in you! For, he is also I; and I am he; and I come back as He to bring salvation, especially to the sons of Cain, even to the sons of Esau, to whom it was previously denied. For, through My Little Son and through My Kingdom Come and my will be done, my cup of love, mercy and grace is overflowing.

Remember also, My Little One, that Esau hates his mother; for he blames her for taking away his birthright. He has always hated his mother for this; therefore, when he sees his mother, he will hate his mother until I make him free.

Yes, it is true that his mother, Rebekah, did not take away his birthright, but I took it away, even from the beginning (at the time of Cain). And, as such it is absolutely counterproductive for Esau to hate his mother. For, his mother only did My will! However, My Little One, soon I will set free Esau and many, many of his children; and they will know that what I took away, I now also give back abundantly and with great mercy. And, with this, we shall stop for now! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk

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