The Counterfeit Revival

Posted June 7, 2013 by Kevin Barrett (hearhisheart.wordpress blog)

In my prayer time with the Lord today, He said these words to me:  Son, tell my people that I hear their prayers.

Word of the Lord:

Oh My people, listen to Me this day.  Is there anything in the earth realm that I am not aware of?  My people, I hear your cries as they go up before Me.  I am not a God that is afar off, but I am near, even as the Word in your mouth and heart.

Oh, My people, do not fret at the circumstances you find yourself in.  Did I not say that judgment shall begin at My house?  Then why do many of you find yourself perplexed at the trials and testings that have come upon you?

My people, hear Me this day.  I am doing a new thing in the earth and the old wineskins cannot hold this new move of My Spirit.  I must do away with your old ways, My people.  You MUST get into My word and know My truth and My ways.  For not one jot or tittle of My word shall go unfulfilled in these last days.  The trial that you find yourself in is the testing of My word in you.  Yes, My children, I am testing each of you to see if you will stand in and on My word in ALL of your circumstances, even to the smallest of consequence.  For My people shall walk uprightly before me and worship Me in Spirit AND in truth.

Do not be surprised at this, My little ones.  For I tell you, the false shepherds and prophets have lied to you.  They have not prepared My people for My TRUE coming.  For I am not coming to take a lukewarm, backslidden church out of the earth in what many of you know as a rapture.  For My bride shall be adorned in My righteousness and shine forth with My glory.  And for this to happen, I must take My chosen ones through the fires of My choosing to burn off all that is not of Me.

So take heart, My little ones.  I have not left you to your own dire circumstances.  But instead I have ordained them to test your hearts and to purify you.  I love each of you, My little ones and do not desire that any of you shrink back.  For I take no pleasure in those that do.  But hear Me, and hear Me well when I tell you that the fires will only get hotter.  I do not say this to discourage you, My little ones.  But I say this to prepare you to go through My purifying fires.  And those that are not Mine, though they say they are, will not endure, but fall away instead.   Yes, My children, you are all about to witness the great falling away.  But not until first there shall come a revival.  A revival that will bring in the masses.  I tell you this now, My children so that you will not be deceived.  For when this revival comes, there shall also be many wolves in sheep’s clothing that will deceive and lead many astray.  Be not deceived My little ones, for not all of this revival shall be of Me.  For My revival begins in the heart of each believer.  But the enemy will counterfeit this revival with his own, and many shall flock to it.  Do not follow the counterfeit revival when you see it.  For it will come with great showing of signs and wonders.  But there will not be any conviction of My Spirit or taking up of one’s cross.

Hear Me well, My children.  You are entering and have entered into the days of great deception.  Not everyone that says ‘Lord, Lord’ is of Me.  Test the spirits, My children and look for the fruit.  For there shall be great signs and wonders in these last days and many shall be deceived.  But I do not desire for My own to be deceived.  Therefore, I say unto you, unless you ground yourself in the truth of My word and seek to know me in a constant and daily personal relationship, then you too may fall into deception.

Do not be disheartened at these words of Mine this day, My children.  For I do not come to you to discourage you, but to forewarn and to prepare you so that you are not deceived in these last days.  I love you, My children, and do not desire for evil to befall any of you.  But if you do not heed my words this day and seek after Me and love Me with all your heart, soul and strength, then you shall be open prey to the enemy.

Seek Me, My children, not just head knowledge of My word.  For a head knowledge is not TRUE knowledge of Me. (2 Tim. 3:7) True knowledge of me is a spirit to Spirit relationship with Me and My Word.

Oh, My dear little ones.  You do not know, nor could you know the depths of the gross darkness soon to come.  You MUST be grounded in My living Word and close to Me at all times.  Your adversary knows that his time is short and is preparing a launch attack against all those that declare My name.  Many will fall to his schemes.  But it is My desire that I have a remnant that will not bow. So I say; seek Me, My children and pray to be found worthy to escape the things to come.

I am preparing My bride, My little ones.  Do not listen to the voices that tell you that I shall come at any moment to take My bride away.  Lies of the enemy, My little ones.  Lies to get you complacent and cause you to have a false hope in that you shall not have to endure and fight like a good soldier in this coming darkness.

Oh, My little ones, I love each of you and have even the hairs on your head counted.  Do not think that I take it lightly when one of My children fall prey to the enemy.  But hear Me, My children.  I have given you each a will and I shall not override that will.  So be warned, you must be prepared for what is coming.  Do not rely on your pastors, but seek Me.  I AM the living truth and I must be abiding in you at all times.  Your pastor cannot save you.  And many pastors today are not preparing My children for what is coming.  And I tell you now that many pastors of My sheep are blind themselves.  So how do you think they can save you, My little ones?

Oh, I do not tell you each to turn from your pastor.  But I do tell you to test the spirits and seek for their fruit.  For if your pastor is not preparing you for what is coming and promising you an easy-out rapture instead, then flee.  Seek to save your soul as a bird out of the snare of the fowler.  You have been lulled to sleep by the enemy.  Wake up, My children.  The night is far spent and the Day is at hand.  Prepare yourselves, My little ones.  For great shall be this coming darkness.

I love you all, My dear ones and do not desire for any of you to perish.  But I tell you all now, seek Me above all things.  And seek for Me to purge and purify you with My cleansing fire.  And take heart, for soon, those of you that have been purified shall see Me.  And when you do, you shall be like Me in Spirit and in Truth.