Introduction From Jesus

 Introduction To Prophecies.Org

“My Precious Child, I bring you back to My Holy Mountain and into My Inner Sanctum. Write as given.”

“My Lord Jesus, I shall.”

“Child, you have worked hard on these works since May of 1997. I have steadily brought you to new heights in Me as you have persevered. Many shall try to make you a laughing stock. They shall ridicule you or try to derail My work in you, even some of the ones I have called to prophecy. But know, My Little One, as they do so I shall cut them in stature and cause them to become stagnant in their own walk. I shall make them to become as tinkling cymbals, a noise to the ears of like mind.

I have chosen you from before the foundations as I have chosen many for My work in these latter days. There is much to be revealed, which has not been known or understood. Through you I have spoken many truths, which shall seem foreign to the ears and minds of many. Let them accept, if they will. I bring mine to greater heights in Me if they care to come.

The churches are bogged down in religiosity and teachings of the carnal mind. They have pushed out My Spirit with mediocrity and lies. I do not allow My Spirit to go amidst those teaching lies and half-truths, which are one and the same.

Beware, My Precious Ones, of the Toronto’s and the Pensacola’s of the world. For, the works of Satan are abound. Many a miracle you shall see which is the work of the Father of Illusion, Satan himself.

I come not amidst hysteria. I come not amidst wide-eyed euphoria seen in such places. I come in the sweetness of the Spirit of Truth, yea in a presence of humility, even joy of a pure kind. Spare me the rock music, the drums and the ways of the modern generation. Hear my silent quiet voice as it comes through My Spirit. You push me away with your clamor.

Forget not that I am one with Jehovah. Yea, The Father of all is a jealous God. He is a punishing God. And He sends me back with a sword. Yea, I shall smite the wicked, the evil, with a heavy blow. I shall lay low the perverse, the followers of the King of Illusion, Satan himself. I have no time for the half-hearted, for those who speak love for me and profess a lie in their hearts. Yea, the straight and narrow is where I find My faithful sheep. The rest are lost among the wolves.

Come out of the evil churches, My People, lest you too, receive their bitter cup. I raise the cup and even now my bitterness is being poured upon the masses, who love deceit, who love a lie.

I am about My Father’s business, and His business is about purity of soul. Yea, speak not a lie to Me about your purity when you chase illusion, when you love a lie, and when you love the glamour of the world.

I come back for a church which is pristine, which is white as snow and pure. Get away, backstabbers and gossipmongers! You have no place!

Fool not yourselves, those among you who cast stones at this one, My Chosen. For, you are no better than a stray dog, seeking crumbs from a table. You have strayed from My Spirit.

And I am angered. I will turn your lives upside down, inside out! For when you reject one who loves Me so and honors Me, seeking Me daily, you reject Me and My word. You shall look for a place at the last day; but you shall not find it. For you have loved a lie more than me.

Now, Child, leave This Mountain and write as seems fit for The Introduction to these books. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God.”


As you read these visions and prophecies be aware that they contain many, many symbols, which can be interpreted only by The Author, Jesus, who is one with Lord God Jehovah. If you try to interpret with your carnal mind, you will usually be wrong. Even when you look at words and get a mental certainty that they mean this or that, take all to the Spirit of God. Only God can give meaning to these visions and no one else. And in this you must persevere. For, your mind may speak to you and as it clamors you may not hear God’s Spirit.

This is an example of what I mean by looking for deeper meaning. A couple of weeks ago, my brother called and asked me to pray for a friend of his, who was diagnosed with leukemia and was given a prognosis of only a week or two to live.

The day he called I took this need to Jesus in prayer. This is what Jesus told me: “You ask of your brother’s friend, Child, as he is distraught for the loss of a friend through leukemia. Child, he shall not lose this friend so long as he lives. You have seen the Fire of God fall upon him. He will walk again a well man. Mark this, Child. For it is so, even as I speak. Yea, he shall run again and be well.” My interpretation was that this man would be made physically well, cured of the leukemia.

However, in very few days this man died. Believe me, I was shocked! So, I had to go back and look at what Jesus said. When I looked at what He said, I understood that in dying this man would become a well man. I also noted that Jesus said, “he is distraught for the loss of a friend.” My brother had not lost his friend to death yet, but Jesus was speaking as if it had occurred already.

I made the mistake of not asking for more information, which is what many of us do. We must go beyond the words and deeper into His Word to understand His intent. When we look at His Words as black and white only, we deny ourselves the beauty of a multicolored tapestry of meaning, which is richly interwoven throughout God’s messages.

My deepest prayer for you is that you strengthen your walk before God, that you humble yourself before God, seeking His will in all your affairs. Many will not ask for God’s will in their lives under any circumstances. For they are willful even unto death. God gives us a free will that we humbly relinquish it to Him; for He has a perfect will for each of us. His will may be 180 degrees from our own, and this is frightening to many.

The most difficult thing for anyone to see is that we live in an illusion. Everything around you is here today and gone tomorrow. As you look around yourself, take a look at what you cherish most. Is it your house, your job, your car, your ego? If you cherish any person or thing more than you cherish God, you are lost in illusion. For, Lord God Jehovah is The Father of all. If He had not created you, you would have no life. Get it?

It is time to let go of the things, which hold you down spiritually; and humble yourself before God Almighty. We are entering the seven-year reign of Lucifer on this planet. This reign precedes the return of Christ. If you do not know God already, the push of illusion and darkness upon you may become so great that you become totally lost in darkness and wind up in the Pits.

A great delusion (false belief system) has befallen the minds of the people. Part of this great delusion is that God’s people will be raptured out and not have to go through the great tribulation. Do not buy into this lie. If you do, you may become one more hell-bent tragedy! Many of those who believe this lie will give up on God when they see themselves amidst great war, chaos, death and disarray. You only need read The Book of Revelation to see that many of the saints are killed and the prophets are killed.
(See Revelation 7:10&11, 7:14, 13:7, 16:6, and 20:4.)

Hell is real! No one who really believes in hell would want to go there. God has carried me there in visions and shown me; but even if He had not done this, I would believe it. As The Holy Book of Truth, The Bible, speaks it. There is no darkness like that of hell. And every foul thing imaginable lives there. Great, great numbers of souls shall go there. As Jesus has told me, “Hell is enlarging every day.”

Remember: You are responsible for your behavior. Don’t buy the common lie that Jesus is going to work some kind of magic on you and make your guilt disappear just because you profess Him with your mouth. Jesus does not erase the guilt of the unrepentant. The repentant heart is broken and sorrowful. It is broken of willfulness and is teachable. Jesus will forgive a repentant heart.

Will you forgive another? Not as long as you have a hard feeling toward this person. When you have forgiven another you have love and compassion in your heart in the place of hurt and anger. Do you see? Many say they forgive but they cannot forget. This is just another way of saying that they have not forgiven. If you truly forgive, you have only love and compassion toward the one, who has hurt you. True, you may remember, but your memories will be colored with love. Therefore you will not have the same memories; for the love of God will heal them.

When you come to accept that Jesus is Lord and Savior, you are a babe, and need to be nurtured and fed a constant diet of His spiritual truths. You need to receive regularly from The Spirit of God and you need to be faithful to God’s commands to the best of your ability. When you have problems, bring them before God, seeking forgiveness. Make amends to those you have hurt where possible and try to stop doing the same offensive thing over and over. Do not give up on God and He will not give up on you. But if you are willful, He will let you be willful until He’s had enough. Then, He will smite you.

The straight and narrow is a very difficult path. You may find yourself alone on this path, one against many, who are lost and accusing. But you must stand strong before God and do your best to be obedient, realizing that none are perfect. Never let a day go by that you do not come to God in prayer and thanksgiving. Regular fasting will help you have more of the Spirit of God in your life. Fasting also brings spiritual discipline, healing; and it breaks all yokes (Isaiah 58:6-9). Read the Bible regularly and your walk will be strengthened through spiritual wisdom. Make your home holy and stay away from the clamor of the masses. This darkness is most subtle. Its purpose is to steal, to kill and destroy as Lucifer is at its helm.

In all things, walk in humility in the Light of God. Respect Him, fear Him, and love Him with all your heart, for He is your reason for being. There is none other.

Jesus is My Life,
Linda Newkirk