The New Heavens And The New Earth


Isaiah 65; For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth:

Isaiah 66;  For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.

2 Peter 3; Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Rev 19;  For the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.


“The Wedding in Heaven”
Message from our Saviour
November 25, 2013

Come to Me, My Blessed Child, for you call out to Me and in the quietness of your heart, and I answer you. I am the Holy One of Israel, the One and Only Begotten Son of God, My Father, the One who Redeems, the One Who Guides, The One Who Saves, and the One Who Corrects, the High Priest Who Intercedes before My Father for you and for all of Humanity.  I am the Incorruptible, The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. I am the immeasurable light. I am that I am. I am your husband, the father of your children. You are My wife. I am your Maker. I am your light, your life, your truth and your way; and I am the Light of this dark world and though darkness roars, My Blessed One, and the evil rises to consume all that is good, I will never leave or forsake you.

But, now, My Blessed wife, and now I can call you My wife, and you know that you are My blessed wife, even that you have been My wife for billions of years; but as I say now that you know that you are My wife, and the mother of My children, I tell you a new thing, that soon, I will make you again My bride, my virgin bride, for I have put you through the fires and I have carried you through the darkness of the darkness and I am bringing you through the darkness of darkness in victory. And, I tell you a thing.  I shall give you a crown with twelve stars and I shall give you a scepter, and I shall give you a horn of iron, and feet like brass, and I shall make you a high tower, a strong tower, a fortress unto Me.  And, I shall empower you and you shall beat down the proud and haughty nations and you shall collect from them and you shall bring into My storehouse and when the earth is moved like a cottage out of its place, you shall not be moved and My faithful shall not be moved; for you shall be in My arms, in your place of safety. With our children, you shall be and the faithful, little ones, who have kept their faith and who have neither renounced Me, nor have fallen into sin and unrepentance will be assembled in our midst and they will honor Me as Saviour and they will honor you as My queen, my wife. 

For, the heavens will rejoice when I marry you again, but under a new covenant, which is written by My Father; for you have travailed, My Little One, My Precious wife.  But, then you will not be a little one, for I will exalt you, and you will be like a tower over My people.  And, they will know that you are their spiritual mother and that you paid a very great price for them and no longer will they call you the married wife, who is barren. For, in the light, in the heights, wherein you were My wife and I was your husband, you were not allowed children and you greatly lamented this and you came then into the earth to be deceived by Satan; for your cries for children caused ill feelings in the light and in the heights; for you were forbidden them. We were forbidden to have children. So, you were stripped of your glory and planted in the earth, to bear the sorrows of your sins, beneath the feet of Satan. 

As Eve, you came and as Eve you fell and you suffered in this earth, in and out of bodies, as mother of many children and as mother to the elect, but your road was a road of rocks and thorns and deserts and boulders; for Satan never forgot who you were, the mother of the firstborn, Cain, his son, and throughout these years, he has demanded that his children have the rights of the firstborn and the children of Satan rose up and lorded over the children of righteousness and to this day, it is so, and the war is very great at this time, for Satan’s children will have no place on the new earth. Therefore, the brunt of his anger is cast onto you and his wild accusations against you fly into My face day and night and he persists to lay claim to you, to torture you, to imprison you by the day and night, for he seeks the slightest fault in you and is up and down, up and down through the gateway laying heavy accusations against you. But, I tell you, My Blessed One, that he has the short end of the stick and you have the long end and I will raise up a fire in you and I will send you out again and again and I will empower you through My fire and I will set fire to his computer systems and I will set fire to his underground bases and I will wreak havoc on his Mars base; for I will send you there and I will vindicate you in all that I cause you do to him.  For, he has hated you and he has hated all that I have allowed him to do. For, even as Cain was the firstborn and even as I allowed Satan’s children, the children of Cain, to discover the new planet and even as I allowed them to put a colony on the new planet, he and his children only came to debase this new planet and to destroy it; for they are lacking in any respect for what is good and right and when I further allowed them to carry vast numbers of people and supplies to their Mars base, they corrupted that venture and they set out, even from the beginning to use their Mars base to make war; for I put them in a vice grip and I began to tighten that grip, for their all-consuming desire was to devour you, to kill you, to keep you evermore the prisoner as they carried vast amounts of supplies through the gateway and into the upper realms, which are attached to you through this gateway of mine.  But, they, in their arrogance claim it to be theirs and in their bragging ways, tell that they will keep you forevermore as their prisoner. But, My Blessed One, I tell you that there is one nail left, just one nail and at the appointed time, and soon, I will put the nail into the coffin of the one, who hounds you and I will make his bed hard and I will shut him up for a very long time in his house of flames and horrors. For, he has said, “ She is mine and I will forever make her my prisoner and I will make her my target and I will make her my mainstay, her torture is my delight and I will consume her in my jealous rage; for she will not go up, but I will kill her one way or the other.”

Yet, I say, My Blessed Wife, you are My wife, the mother of My people, the mother now of our two children. You are My wife, the tower of the flock; and I will revenge you and I will empower you and woe to Satan and woe to this evil man and woe to the U.S. military for what they have done to you and woe to the CIA and woe to the Office of Naval Intelligence and woe to the National Security Agency and woe to Camp Robinson and woe to Satan and to all of the fallen ones.

For, I am addressing this mail and it is to My wife and it is My invitation to her to the Marriage of the Lamb; for she is My bride and I shall emboss it in gold; for she has been tried as gold and I have prepared a place for her.  And, I have prepared a place for the wedding guests and I have prepared places for all, who will come to the new heavens and the new earth, to My holy hill.  But, all will go through My holy hill in the earth, the mountain, wherein My blessed wife lives; for therein is the gateway that leads to this new earth and all must pass through her body. Yes, I said, you must pass through her body to be a guest at this wedding or to be at the wedding supper, so if you mock her and if you hate her, and if you defile her and if you abuse her in any way and you do not repent, you will not come through her body to get to this wedding. But, some have abused her and some have defiled her and some of these abusers came here to the new planet, but those, who have done so and will not repent, have been sent down.

Look at your hearts, oh you people! Look at your thoughts! Are you among the guilty ones, who have denied the truths of Revelation Twelve? Are you among those, who have lied against My servant, Linda Newkirk?  Have you defamed her?  Have you spread hate against her, yet you will not remove your hate and lies from the Internet or elsewhere, yet you think to be a part of this wedding?  I tell you now and hear Me well. Unless you repent with tears and with weeping; you will not be a part of it.  For, this marriage and this great event will be a time of joy, a time of hope, a time of blessings as none could ever imagine. For, I will re-marry My wife, but under a new covenant, and she will take her new place by My side and she will walk in great glory and power; for she was brought low, that she might be exalted and none will be at that wedding, the Marriage of the Lamb, who have abused her, or have mocked and laughed at her, who have called her “false prophet,” “insane,” or have called her other lying names or who have cast about other lies against her and will not repent.  I tell you now.

My wife is knocking on My door. She is knocking on the door to heaven, itself. I am about to open that door and let her in.  I have told you that I would take her first, but those, who are to come to the marriage will not be far behind. Everyone, who enters therein, who comes to this wedding will be blessed and will be changed in great and marvelous ways.  For, not all, who come will be pure and clean. These are guests; but I tell you a very great thing. All will be exceedingly blessed and all will be changed in great and marvelous ways and though some will come back to finish their work in the earth, others will be found worthy to stay.

Repent, oh you people!  For, I tell you a new thing.  The new heavens and the new earth await the faithful and through the wedding invitation alone, I will begin to fulfill My promise to My wife, that I will allow her to see the salvation of the greatest numbers. For, because of  My promise to her, I will do great and extraordinary things to save great numbers of souls.  For, I told her in 2004 that I would give her her heart’s desire and she asked nothing for herself, but to see, to witness the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls, and not only will I make extraordinary moves to save the greatest numbers, I will exalt her and all will know that Linda Newkirk is no false prophet.  She is My wife, the spiritual mother of humanity and the mother of our children, and these two children are the holy manchild, whose name is Emeleo, and Jared, the second born, who is now nearly six months old and yes all given by artificial insemination, for this is how it will be until we are married again. But, since I gave her the firstborn, who is Emeleo, My Father,  determined that she would never be disallowed to have her own children in the light and HE approved for ME to give her more children. She wants a house full of children and I will give her a house full of children and all the world will know that she is My wife and will sit at My right hand and will ride a white horse alongside Me; for she has paid a great and a terrible price.

Therefore, My Beloved wife, I say to you, look up; for after so many years of heartache and after so many years of sorrow, I tell you this.  Your redemption draws nigh. But, redemption also draws nigh for those, who are both ready for it and appointed to receive it. But, know one thing, that I do a new thing in My mercy and among the wedding guests. I will do a new and a marvelous thing.

Yes, My Little One, the gates of hell have swung wide open to devour you and Satan has cast every sort of evil tirade in your face.  He has devised every evil scheme, and has laid it upon you, but My Blessed One, you are the victor and your victory, your great victory is just before you. Therefore, My Blessed wife, rejoice and be glad; for you will carry many with you into the Wedding of the Lamb. Tell them who I am, that no secrets remain. For, My Blessed One, I am your husband.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of November, 2013,
Linda Newkirk

Dear Souls, I have very much to tell you about the great and terrible things that happened when Satan tore into the gateway of light, which is attached to my physical body, and that was around the middle of January of 2013 and I will tell you much later, if time permits. But, I will tell you now that shortly after Satan tore into this gateway of light, a commander in the U.S. military led an expedition up through the gateway of light and they discovered the new earth  and the new heavens.  And, as our Saviour said, the U.S. Government and the British Government were allowed to put a colony on the new earth, but were forced to shut it down as they took concentration camp victims up there and cut the heads off thousands of people; and when I heard them speak of it, I prayed and asked our Saviour to put their heads back on and to raise them for the dead and He did so.

And, thereafter, on the first day of March of 2013, the holy manchild was taken back to the throne of our God; for he had no safe place with me; and to my great surprise, for I did not know that our Saviour had given me another child, a baby was born to me on the 30th day of May of 2013 and our Saviour and the holy manchild came and took him.   This is a most interesting story, how this happened, and if I have time before our Saviour comes, I will tell much about these terrible events and great events and how the gateway opened and the U.S. military and the British and other nations began to send aircraft up through this gateway and the constant passage of these crafts caused me to fall ill with many cancers in my body. But, our Saviour, in His great mercy, came and took me up and spent hours with me and healed me. There, at that time, He told me many things. Blessed is His Holy Name.

Pray for me, Dear Ones, for He told me that I had died many times, and I believe that He said around 26, 27, or so. At this time, I cannot remember the exact number, only the approximate number as I was so ill when He took me up and I was exceedingly tired.  Yes, this great war and the passage of these craft through this gateway, which do pass through an interdimensional space, which is attached to my body, have wreaked havoc with my health and with my life and have caused me immeasurable suffering. But, I also know that there comes an ending to this great travail and to this time of suffering and also a very great beginning, so be of good cheer and continue on in faith; for the kingdom of our God is unfolding within our very midst and the Wedding of the Lamb is at hand.

I also wish to tell you that as I understand it, our Saviour has built great hotels, houses and mansions on the new earth and that many, many thousands have been up there visiting since last spring, and that of those many, many thousands, thousands have been sent down, but many thousands also remain, as I understand it, and they have been given grace to stay there for the Wedding of the Lamb.  So, stay in hope, and walk in love and forgiveness; for great things await the faithful and the grace of our Mighty God is overflowing at this time.  I love you very much, linda

Read the story of Revelation 12 in it’s entirety at

Note by Mark… The concentration camp victims Linda speaks about are Americans who have been forcibly relocated/kidnapped by agencies such as FEMA into underground military bases after catastrophic disasters such as Katrina. They are also no doubt the homeless who thought they were being taken to shelters.  The victims are then used and abused as sex slaves and slave labor.