Fukushima Prophecy

The following prophetic message was given to a young 10 year old boy who is close to the Lord…..

The Lord told him that ”this” is what it will be like when Fukishima blows up. He was then shown a TV news picture. The broadcaster said that 3/4 Japan was gone.

Steve, this is my 2nd reply. My(10 year old) son just got back from a trip so I asked him again what he was shown. The Lord told him that ”this” is what it will be like when Fukishima blows up. He was then shown a TV news picture. The broadcaster said that 3/4 Japan was gone. A cloud passed over Japan and when it had passed only 1/4 left which was basically the Eastern side.

I would be happy if he was wrong but the Lord spoke to us about other personal things which were spot on. My kids do not listen to the watchmen; I do. I don’t tell them all that I learn from you guys. I let them get on with their schooling and I train them for their ministry. Principally to enjoy fellowship with the Lord, and I mean real fellowship and communion which provokes me to jealousy. It is ”no big deal” for them to converse with the Lord. The week before my daughter was shown an earthquake splitting the US. Remember, I don’t tell them what I hear.

Brother Ian  Oct 29, 2013

 “Message for Japan From Yahweh, Most High God
April 01, 2011 “

My Blessed Child, sit and write, even as I so tell you, that My truths might go out, even to a nation, which is now sinking beneath the waves! I am your Father, Yahweh, Most High God, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, Creator of all.
Hear the words of Yahweh, you people of Japan!
Repent of your pride!

Hear Me, oh you proud, you vain, you self-sufficient people of Japan! How you have lifted up yourselves! And, in so doing, you have made idols of the works of your hands! You have prided yourselves in your self-sufficiency, and you have lifted up yourselves regarding your financial status in the world.

Hear the words of Yahweh, you people of Japan!

Repent of your idolatry!

Hear me now, those of you in Japan, who worship a false god, Buddha and who worship the ideals of Confucianism! Hear Me and hear Me well; for your lives are in vain! For, all, who will not come unto Me and who will not honor Me, will not only die a spiritual death, thereby cut off from Me and cut off from My light, but cut off from eternal life. And, at a given time, all such souls, who have died such a spiritual death without Me, will also be destroyed!
Hear Me, oh you vain people of Japan! The death bell is ringing for your island. Only I can save any of your souls and only I can save any of your nation! If you will not see the evils of your ways and if you will not repent of your witchcrafts and of your vanities, you will see it come to pass, that Japan will sink beneath the ocean with only a remembrance that you ever existed at all.

Hear the words of Yahweh, you people of Japan!

Your worship a false god! Repent!

You worship Buddha, who is in hell, as he will not honor Me. And, your pride and your vanities have cut you off from the truth of who I am.
Do you expect that your self-sufficiency will save your island? It will not! Concrete will not save you; for concrete will not stop a nuclear reaction once it has made its way into the earth, with plenty of fuel to feed it.

Hear the words of Yahweh, you people of Japan!

Repent! Turn to The Most High God and He will save you!

Turn to Me, oh you people of Japan and I will show you My great love, mercy and forgiveness. Destroy the temples of Buddha! Burn up the idols of your own making! Remove the witchcraft from within your nation! Honor Me and I will save you! For, I am Creator of All things! I am the True God of Creation and the Only God, who came in the flesh that I might save humanity. Besides Me, there is no True God. I am Most High and all are subservient to Me. Yes, may call themselves gods; but they are all subservient to My will and all this is false will be destroyed!

Awaken, oh you people of Japan! Your Buddha will not and cannot save you; for he is in hell! No one can or will help you, except Me, the Creator, whom you will not honor!

Hear the words of Yahweh, you people of Japan!

If you will not turn to the Most High God, Japan will be destroyed!

If you will not repent in great numbers and turn to Me, you will not only see this nuclear catastrophe escalate until it consumes much of your islands, but you will see an increase in earthquakes until you are carried beneath the ocean. No longer will I allow such gross witchcraft, such gross idolatry, to pollute the earth.

Nation by nation, I will destroy, I will destroy, I will destroy, until I am satisfied that such evil and such witchcraft is removed from My sight.
My Faithful will inherit the earth and though Satan’s kingdom will rise, it will also quickly fall. My Faithful and My Righteous Ones will inherit the earth and My kingdom of holiness and righteousness will come forward. I will rule this planet and no witchcraft will be found on it.

These are My true words to you, oh you nation of Japan! Repent, or perish!

I am Yahweh, Most High God, even Jesus, who came in the flesh.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of April, 2011,

Linda Newkirk

Oh, you people of Japan, hear the words of the Mighty God Yahweh! He is God Almighty. There is no God like Him. He is merciful and He forgives; but all, who will not turn and serve Him, will perish.

He has shown me in a vision that martial law will also come upon Japan. If you will not repent in great numbers, with great weeping for your sins, many among you will soon be carried away to camps and annihilated because of nuclear contamination.

Turn, oh you people of Japan! Repent and turn to the Most High God with all of your hearts! Weep for your land and repent in great numbers; for He is merciful!

Burn down the gross temples of Buddha worship; for they are witchcraft. Get rid of all of the idols of Buddha that you worship; and get rid all idols, that you have made with your hands, to worship and to fear! They are dumb idols. They do not speak and they have no power. They cannot help you.

Humble yourselves before the Creator of All and He will most assuredly have mercy on you. If you will not do this and soon, you will soon be carried off to camps and exterminated in great numbers; and the horrors of greater destruction’s will escalate in your midst.

“Oh, Blessed Father, have mercy on the lost in Japan! Visit them, oh Precious King! Show them who You are, that their souls might be saved from destruction. Thank you, oh Blessed Saviour.”