How God Speaks To Prophets

From The Mountain Prophecies

Book Seven Chapter Sixteen

“My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me; for I am your Father in Heaven and I love you mightily. My Little One, some things trouble your mind and you have come for a greater understanding. Have I not said that if one lacks understanding, let this one come to Me and I will give understanding and ’tis the same for truth. Seek ye truth of Me and it shall be given unto you.”

“Yes, my Father, You have said these things through Your holy word.”

“Then, know My Child, that as you ask I shall give. The essence of your question is why I speak different things to different prophets, as some of these things seem to contradict.”

“Yes, my Father, I seek to understand this.”

“My Child, what do you see before you?”

“My Father, it looks like a measuring stick of some sort; for it is rectangular and it is divided into sections. I see myself walking on this measuring stick, which is well-illumined; and as I look down at this measuring stick, I experience Your glorious light, which is full of love, peace and joy. I seem to be floating in such peace and beauty and suddenly feel so close to You. How I love You and how I miss You and our Precious Jesus every day of my life! Father, what was that? I heard a cracking sound like a whip cracking and I now see a team of horses pulling a wagon. I certainly do not understand this.”

“My Child, what do you not understand?”

“I do not understand how we got from my questions about the measuring stick to this point and what this added vision means.”

“My Child, when you behold yourself in the next vision before you, what do you see?”

“I see that I am a child and that I am seated at a large desk. I can hardly see the top of this desk; for my head if just above the top of it, yet I have a pen in my hand and I am busy writing at this desk.”

“What do you believe this to mean?”

“Father, I do not wish to speculate; for the visions, which you give me seldom mean what I believe them to mean. I can only know if Your Spirit reveals.”

“This is so, My Child and this is so for every prophet. My Little One, every prophet is a child. Every apostle, every minister, every teacher, every evangelist, every one, who works for Me is a child. You know you are only a young child before Me, but many lose focus of this. Many times, those, who are called to serve Me and My Son forget that they are only children and they will begin to usurp authority. They will begin to think highly of themselves. They get carried away with the office or calling I have given them and they begin to venture into the dangerous ground of self. Many want to stand in judgement of other prophets or apostles. Many cast unfair judgements, believing that they are beyond reproach. Many get puffed up believing that they are always right. Many set themselves up for a great fall.

“All, who are called of Me to serve Me and My Son, are children. Some of these children are older than others. It is not for the older children to ‘lord over’ the younger ones, but to speak truth to them and to help them if asked. My Child, the prophetic walk is unique to each of you. Though I give the same messages to many and these similar threads will be obvious, I often give very different messages. These very different messages may seem to contradict one another; for one may be lacking certain very important information, which is given to another.

“My Little One, do not concern yourself about what I say to other prophets. Just do as I say and write as I say, knowing that I do not speak the same things to all and I do not have the same plan for each prophet. Each of you is unique. Many of you live at different places around the world. Some of you will be used by Me much differently than others. Remember that each of you is unique. I warn all to look for deep meaning in much that I say. I am a merciful God and I do change My mind. To some of you, I show what is fixed and will not be changed. To many of you, I reveal what will be changed, if enough will repent. To some of you, I show impending calamities, that you may pray and ward these off. A certain prophet sees the impending calamities and shouts the alarm, thereby causing others to intercede in prayer, and the calamity is averted. Is this prophet a false prophet because what he has seen and warned of did not come to pass? He has done My will. However, many will say, ‘Oh, what he warned of did not come to pass. Therefore, he is a false prophet!’ I warn each of you about this kind of judgement! I warn each of you about labeling My true prophets as false prophets for some things, which you do not understand; for if you hurt one of My Faithful, you will feel the sting of My judgement. No one understands My works and no one understands My ways. Those, who believe that they know My ways or understand them are utter fools. My words and My ways are a mystery to all. Therefore, let the fools be advised. Just when you come to the realization that you have Me and My ways figured out, I will pull the rug out from under you. I will turn your life upside down and inside you. I will send a whirlwind into your very midst and show you that you are a fool. The proud and haughty will burn as stubble. The meek and the humble will enter into My Kingdom and they are all children. Not one will enter herein, who puts himself or herself in a position of power over My Little Ones. Egomaniacs are hell-bound. Those, who serve Me are meek and humble. Those, who are called to lead My people are servants to My people. They love My people. They help them. They do not suck the life out of them and use them up. My servants do not ‘lord over’ My Little Ones. Those, of the devil do this. My servants are not money mongers. They do not set themselves above the less fortunate. My servants are full of love and forgiveness; yet they are wise through My Spirit in their hearts. Each of you, who has a calling is to execute this calling, according to the dictates of My Spirit. Yet, look around! The masses have chased out My Spirit through rebellion! The churches are full of the proud and the haughty, full of the arrogant! I am not in this! I am not in the midst of greed and selfishness! I am not in the midst of confusion and clamor. I am a God of great love, peace and joy; but I am also a God of perfection, a God of judgement. I know hearts. You cannot lie to Me and ‘fake me out.’ You lie to self and when you lie, you become all the more a servant of Lucifer. I am a God of truth. I lie not, but neither do I give all truth, but part, and to each if given a work to take what I have given an to tell the people. Even when you are sure that a prophet is lying or has missed the mark, do not be so quick to judge. For, what may appear to your child mind as a lie may be in fact truth. Do not take what I reveal out of context and believe that you understand. For, often, I speak in symbols and even when you know that you know, you may be wrong.

“Stop judging My prophets! I judge My prophets! And, I also judge the whore prophets, who are none of Mine. For, they are full of covetousness, greed, selfishness, rebellion, backbiting and so on. These are not Mine. You know Mine by their fruits! My prophets are full of love and long-suffering; yet they are also full of truth, My Spirit of Truth. They abhor a lie and will not abide greed, selfishness, pride, arrogance, rebellion, so on.

“I tell you now, My prophets are on the precipice of great and mighty blessings. For, I am about to pour out My Spirit upon My Faithful in a great measure. Mighty miracles, the likes of which this Earth has not seen since the time of My Son, are about to unfold. Those, who do not respect My prophets, and who mistreat them are going to suffer a mighty judgement. The Elisha-types of judgements will go forth and hit many of the rebellious, who wish to harm My prophets, So, be warned! This day is at hand, wherein My judgement is falling on the enemies of My people. I am Jehovah, Most High God.

“My Father, might I go back and ask for more understanding?”

“Yes, My Little One.”

“Father, what is the relevance of the measuring-like-device, on which I saw myself walking?”

“Is this walk not straight and divided into sections?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“And, you are in the middle therein, yet ready to move on up?”

“Yes, My Father.”

“My Child, this is My Straight and Narrow Way and this also represents the walk of the prophetic. For, there are prophets, who are much younger than you and those, who are older. You are mid-way or middle-aged, as you might say.”

“But, Father, this does not have to do with actual age, per se, does it?”

“This is good question. My Child, no, this is not actual age, but according to your prophetic walk in this life.”

“So, I am near the middle, but moving up soon?”

“This is so and in due season, you will know what this means.”

“And, the great light, Your light, which enveloped me?”

“This is all part of your walk and this light and power is going to increase in you in a great way. You are receiving this even now, but you are only on the precipice of this great wave of My power.”

“Father, tell me about the whip and the horses with the carriage.”

“My Child, this whip signifies a time of judgement for this land. It is also a time of judgement for My House. Those, who have been called to serve Me, who have entered into ego, pride, rebellion, etc are about to feel the sting of My judgement. My whip is going to sound in their very midst. Mine are going to clean up their walks, or they will be left behind.”

“What about the horses and the carriage?

“The horses represent teamwork among My people. My people love one another. My servants love one another and My true servants work as a team. They are not out to destroy one another through backbiting and judging My others true servants. This teamwork is coming into focus. I am calling forth My Anointed, that they network and love and support one another.

Many of My Loved Ones, have lived isolated lives because others of you are full of self. You reach out with one hand to love and you slap with the other hand. I say, ‘Enough!’ Those, who will ride in My chariot of great spiritual anointings and power will ride under My power and love, one for the other! All backbiters, gossipers, two-faced, and idolaters, will be soon shut out for good! You will either humble yourselves before Me and repent, making amends for your wrongs, or you will perish! With this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of Dec, 2001,
Linda Newkirk