Linda Addresses False Prophet Slander

Whoso privily slandereth his neighbour, him will I cut off:
him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer. Psalms 101:5


My Dear Ones, for some years there have been wild and slanderous accusations leveled against me by certain parties; and as time goes on, these accusations just get more and more absurd! Usually, I just ignore these bizarre accusations and go on with my life; but I also realize that these wild accusations of a few hate mongers have also affected many of you in a very adverse manner! I know that many read what these purveyors of hate and libel have to say about me, Linda Newkirk, and do not know what to think as I seldom respond to their hate!

However, in spite of all that they have done to destroy me and these works, I have no malice or hate in my heart towards them, but surely pity, for if they do not repent, the fires of hell will surely be their inheritance! For, these liars and purveyors of half-truths, distorted truths and misinformation will surely pay a heavy price for their deliberate attempts to destroy the works of our Father and for scattering His sheep! “…and all liars will have their place in the lake, which burneth with fire and brimstone …” Rev21:8

Therefore, my Dear Ones, I am taking the time to address, at least, some of these vicious lies and liars in hopes that, if you are one, who has believed these liars and lies, that you will take note of the truth! For, many of you have not only believed such lies, but you have also spread them as truth, making yourselves also accountable before our Lord and God!

I hold no malice towards any of you in my heart; but only hope that you will see and know that truth, and also repent if you have been a vehicle for the dispensing of such lies! If you have been a vehicle for the spreading of such lies, whether in innocence or malice, our Most Merciful God will surely forgive you, if you repent! For, He is, above all things, full of love, mercy and grace, ready to forgive and faithful in every way!

But, be apprised as well, my Dear Ones, there exist those, who are hired by the intelligence services of the U.S. Government, whose sole directive is to stir up strife, to spread lies, misinformation, distortions and half-truths! The main goal of these Satanists, who employ them, is to cause dissension in the Body of Christ and to scatter the Sheep! Therefore, my Dear Ones, be wise; for Satan has been cast down and he is in a great uproar to steal your heavenly inheritance! Indeed, a great war is going on for your soul; and this war is replete with every kind of chicanery! Therefore,even more than ever, it is now imperative that we all walk humbly and as little children before our Lord and God, even with fear and trembling!

My Dear Ones, my heartfelt prayer for each of us is that our hearts are filled with truth, love, forgiveness, faith, long-suffering and humility, that we may be found worthy to have the Spirit of God as our constant companion and friend, and that we may be found blameless before our Lord and God at the last day!

Now, I will proceed to address some of these most grievous of lies! So, read on …


The Bold-faced, Slanderous lies, Half-truths and
Misinformation of Pamela Schuffert against Linda Newkirk

For some years, Pamela Schuffert has recklessly claimed that I put a death curse on her! The truth of what happened is that our Father in Heaven warned her to stop smearing my name, to repent of her character assassinations and outright slander against me, or within about a month, she would die! During this time frame, she accused me of doing witchcraft, and of doing this witchcraft on the Winter Solstice; and she continued on and on with her railing! However, by her own admissions, towards the end of the given month, she became very sick! I really do not know what happened, if and whether there was any repentance in the heart of this woman, but I do know that our Father had mercy on her! He spared her the very judgement, which He had spoken against her! For, above all, He is a merciful God!

My heart’s desire is that our Lord will be merciful to Pamela Schuffert, still; and that she will not see the fires of hell! I truly do hope that she sees the evils of her ways and repents; for our Father’s words are very clear about the fate of all liars:

“all liars will have their place in the lake, which burneth with fire and brimstone!”

It has been perhaps seven years or so since I, Linda Newkirk, last spoke on the phone with Pamela Schuffert, and as I remember, not on more than three or four different occasions did I speak with her. I must admit that I felt great compassion for her as I felt that she was being victimized by government operatives and even sent her money to help with her expenses. But, it would only be later that I would come to know her viciousness and to become a victim of her baseless accusations and outright lies!

As I understand it from what I have read, and also from Pamela Schuffert’s own admissions, Pamela Schuffert’s father was a high-level Satanist in a position of considerable power in the U.S. military! And, it was within such a satanic environment that Pamela Schuffert brought up!


How the Satanists Abuse their Children!

My Dear Ones, it is important that you understand what usually happens to these children, who are brought up in the homes of Satanists! They are most often severely abused, both sexually and physically; and this abuse begins at a very early age; and in some situations even while the fetus is still in the womb! And, often this abuse, which is inflicted upon them, is with the specific intent of causing a fracturing of their personalities, which may often result in Multiple Personality Disorder!

That the Satanists do this to their own children, is not fiction, but fact! Do your own searches! There is much information on the Internet, which has been written by those, who have either come out of Satanism, or attempted to come out! However, my firm belief is that few, few, few ever get out of the Satanism, which they were brought up in! For, through their various techniques of mind control, their wicked, satanic controllers always have a back door into their minds, and are thereby able to cause them to do their “secret” bidding!

What is the purpose of their using their own children to create Multiple Personality Disorders? My Dear Ones, those, who have multiple personalities, usually have one primary personality, but other personalities also, which are usually hidden, some manifesting only some of the time. And, those, who are skilled in mind control, are able to then draw forth the hidden personalities and cause them to do certain things, which the main personality may know nothing of! This is the ultimate kind of mind control!

Some have come forth, who were brought up in Satanic, CIA families; and they have revealed the truth of their lives! They have told their horrific stories, and so great, indeed, have been their travails and sufferings! I have known and spoken personally with two of these! They have so wanted to be free, but from my last conversations with them, they were still being stalked by their Satanic/CIA controllers!

Therefore, my Dear Ones, in spite of all of the lies of Pamela Schuffert against me, Linda Newkirk, I can only have pity and compassion for her and truly hope that our Lord and God will make her free of all of her satanic programming!


Grievous Warnings to you, the Body of Christ!

My Dear Ones, I have been under these kinds of satanic assaults for so long that these assaults have become irrelevant to me! I ignore them and go on with my life; but for the sake of so many of you, who follow after Pamela Schuffert and others, who are just like her, it is for you that I write this expose! For, much is about to happen in this world and it is extremely important that you come away from people, who have no other purpose that to divide the body of Christ and to scatter the Sheep of our Saviour.

You, the babes in Christ, and you, the poorly informed and the misinformed, have become their victims and you do not know any better! For you, I am writing this; for in and of myself I do not care what they say; as I know the Dark Source, who inspires all that they do against the Body of Christ! But, you, my Dear Ones, are the scapegoats in their hate and slander!

Remember: Most, who are brought up in such Satanic families, do not get free of their controllers, but become their property all of their lives! Again, I tell you this in great compassion for them; for this is one very great tragedy; and when you read what Pamela Schuffert has written about me, keep in mind her Satanic upbringing! And, be wise, my Dear Ones; for many come as sheep, but inwardly are ravenous wolves! They come in the Name of Jesus, but Jesus is far from them! They come boldly “to look out for your welfare,” but they are intent upon scattering and destroying the Body of Christ! By their fruits, you shall surely know them!


Never trust, whatsoever, any government, intelligence operative!

My Dear Ones, the Satanists are skilled at mind control and every one, who is of any standing whatsoever in this satanic order, is absolutely under some sort of mind control. Remember, as well, that all, who are in the intelligence services of the USA, and I am sure, also other nations, must agree to certain forms of mind control! Some of this mind control is much more severe than other kinds of mind control; and as I understand it, the level of mind control to which they are exposed depends upon the nature of their top secret clearances. For, this reason, I warn you now, as I have so suffered from these phony, caring CIA types, NEVER TRUST ANY KIND OF INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVE! Stay for from them! They will look you in the face with kind eyes and at the same time stab a knife in your back! They will pretend to be your friend and betray you in every sense of the word! My Dear Ones, they will always betray you for the benefit of their superiors; for they are under mind control and have sworn allegiance to the Satanists, who are over them, whether they are aware of this, or not!


The Satanists are out to Control your Mind and to take over your very heart! Indeed, to take over your very soul!

But, be advised as well, that the amount of mind control, which is done on the civilian population, is mind boggling! Most are aware at this point that the “shooters” who go into the schools and into other places, and mindlessly kill so many, are most often under severe mind control! Television and movies are full of mind control, perversions and lies! The printed media is full of mind control, perversions, and absolute lies! Through the cell towers and through other hidden and occult means, mind control messages are rampant! Through the U.S. military’s spraying of the skies, they are poisoning the people and putting them to sleep. Through the drinking water, they are numbing the minds of the people through the dangerous poisons of fluorine and chlorine! At every turn the people are under heavy assault, whether it is through porn, which destroys one’ morality and leads the unrepentant soul into hell, or through prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal street drugs. The traps are there for each of us at every turn of the road!

A great war is going on; and it has been going on for a very long time; and this war is for the destruction of your very soul! Wake up, my Dear Ones; for these wicked ones have infiltrated every avenue of truth! They have infiltrated the churches! They have infiltrated the social groups and clubs. They have infiltrated your very homes and your very lives in any and every way possible! The only way that you can even begin to understand, or to grasp this great war, which is being leveled at you, is to COME OUT OF THE WORLD AND ALL OF ITS TRAPS! IF YOU PARTAKE OF THIS EVIL AND CONTINUE TO CONSUME IT, YOU WILL DIE IN IT!

Hear me when I tell you, My Dear Ones, the sheer amount of mind control, which is done under the direction of the U.S. military is far greater than anyone would ever imagine; and they go after their enemies with a vengeance to totally destroy them! In their pursuits, they are relentless and vicious! This, my Dear Ones, is the nature of the Beast!

I can tell you a lot from the horrors, which I have experienced at their hands! I can tell you that for a fact, the U.S. military has the capability to pick up anyone that they so choose, via their anti-gravity machines, to drug anyone, and to subject anyone to mind control! I have written about their relentless pursuits against me; and I have also warned you that they are able to control the minds of most people! But, if your heart is right with God, if you walk uprightly before Him, He will protect you from their hideous assaults! They will not be able to control your mind, no matter what they do; for our Mighty God will bring you through their terrible assaults in victory every time! Blessed and Mighty God that we have! Glory to His Holy Name forever and ever! I love Him with a big love!

My Dear Ones, July 01 of this year marks 74 months since the U.S. military initially parked their anti-gravity ships in the air over my house and over my land; and they have been there since that time! They have followed me in all of my travels; and they have tried every scheme they could possibly conjure up to take me over, to kill me, to destroy my reputation through gross slander and outright lies, and to destroy these works at any and all levels! And, in all of their assaults they have been doggedly determined and unrelenting! Yet, through the love, the grace, the mercy and the absolute power of God Almighty, they have failed!


Why the Satanists are able to Control the Minds of So Many!

Remember, my Dear Ones: If your heart is not right with God and if you do not live right and according to the dictates of our Saviour, you will fall under their control, either partially, or totally, should they decide to come for you! What they do in their mind control, in conjunction with Satan and the wicked fallen ones, is to search your heart and to search your mind for fears, and for wrong behaviors, or hidden things (secrets) within you! Once they map out these things, they will get to work in controlling you and further enslaving you through your own fears and weaknesses!

Do not believe that it takes them a long time to put one under mind control! With their abilities to pick one up, carry one through the walls of their home and into their ships, (through their electromagnetic tube travel) it is easy for them to take anyone! With the use of strong drugs, they are able to quickly put one into a deep sleep, access all of one’s secrets and fears and begin their work of breaking the will of the victim and beginning their control of the unsuspecting! And, I mean “unsuspecting!” Most will never, ever know that they have been picked up, carried off, and subjected to any kind of mind control, both because of the memory-erasing effects of the drugs and also because of post hypnotic suggestions!



What you must do to remain and stay free!

My Dear Ones, have no ‘secrets” before God! Come clean before Him! Confess your sins to Him with weeping, tears and great sorrow and He will hear your cries! Jesus forgives, but you, my Dear Ones, must come out of the world and away from its traps; for the lures of the world are poison to the soul and the spirit! This is surely one very important reason that our Lord warned us to come out of the world and to forsake the evils of this world! For, you will certainly fall captive to what is in and of the world, that you still love! And, sexual lures are one of their primary controls and traps! It is far better to abstain totally and stay far away from sex; for this is one of their main traps and temptations, through which they enslave many the world over!


The Power of Thoughts!

Virtually, most everyone in the House and Senate of the USA, are held in place via some sort of sordid lust or sexual secret! Those in positions of power over these congressional men and women, are thereby able to control them because of having “the dirt” on them; for this very “dirt” is also their prison!

And, remember, my Dear Ones, that those in the U.S. military have the electronic capability to download your thoughts and to interpret your thoughts! So, what you think to be hidden, my Dear Ones, is not hidden, but in plain view of those, who want to exploit you! Yes, this is true! The U.S. military has the electronic capability to download the electronic signals of your brain, your thoughts, and to decode your thoughts! This is why you hear so much nowadays about “thought crimes!” Thoughts are things!

Our Saviour warned us about our thoughts when He said, “…Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28) He warned about the power of thoughts; and our very thoughts make us free, or make us guilty! Therefore, my Dear Ones, ask our Saviour daily to purge and purify your thoughts with His Holy Fires, to purge and purify your heart, to purge and purify the light of your spirit and the purge and purify your soul with His Holy Fires! Ask Him to send His fire baptisms to burn every sin out of your soul; and be before Him constantly seeking these things, not just now and then, but from day to day, even from hour to hour, if need be! Seek to be a chalice of pure, radiant and holy light in His hands; and do not give up in your pursuits of this most wonderful of goals!

My Dear Ones, stay in deep prayer before our Lord and God, seeking with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength! Live for Him daily! Love Him above all and make and keep your way straight! This is the Only Way to Salvation! There is none other!

By giving you this background information, I have taken something of a circuitous route when addressing these assaults of Pamela Schuffert! But, you have needed this background information on Satanism and you have needed to know what you must do to survive in these terrible times! You have needed to know how the Satanists operate and how they treat their own children, (even from a very early age,)! For, without this information, you could and would not understand how this woman, Pamela Schuffert, may very well have been one of their mouthpieces all of her adult life! “Wherefore, by their fruits, ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20) Therefore, …

Read on for more concerning Pamela Schuffert’s lies against Linda Newkirk

As to the wild accusations of Pamela Schuffert that I carried on with new age talk with her on the phone, her accusations are utter nonsense! I despise new age stuff and have nothing to do with it! Although when I was lost did read it, and I have written the truth about reading new age books when I was lost! But, my Dear Ones, I did not know Jesus! I did not know the Bible as I was spiritually lost! However, that was more than twenty years ago; and during these past twenty years, our Lord and God has taught me much!

Through her railings, Pamela Schuffert paints me as “new age” as a worker of witchcraft and on and on she goes with her rants! But, I advise you again to take a serious look at Pamela Schuffert and her satanic background; for the fruit surely does not fall far from the tree!

As to Pamela Schuffert’s wild accusations against me, Linda Newkirk, that my reference to our Saviour as “Master” is of new age origin, I say again “utter nonsense!” For, Pamela Schuffert is counting on the fact that so many of you do not read the Scriptures!

However, hear what the Scriptures say about Master Jesus Christ! (Matthew 23:8) “…For one is your master, even Christ…”

By His own words, our Saviour calls Himself MASTER! And, furthermore, our Saviour is surely ascended, for the Scriptures tell us in Mark 16:19 “So then after the Lord had spoken, He was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.”

He was received up, my Dear Ones! He is ascended, but I do not call Him ascended master as Pamela Schuffert so wildly charges! However, if one wishes to call Him “Ascended Master Jesus,” one is correct in so doing! For, He is both Master and Ascended! However, I do not personally call Him Ascended Master Jesus, I call Him, Saviour, for He is Saviour, and there in none other!

Herein, I show you plainly the bold-faced lies and distortions of Pamela Schuffert as she attempts to make me out to be a New Age kook! My Dear Ones, these are the kinds of things that the CIA/Satanists do in their attempts to separate and destroy the Body of Christ! Behold and beware!

Why am I even bothering to refute such misinformation and outright lies? For you, my Dear Ones, for the babes in Christ and for those, of you, who do not know how the Satanists operate! For, they mix truth, even bits of truth in with all of their lies, thinking that you will bite the bits of truth and take their whole bait! And, this is but one analysis of how the Satanists operate, so be wise to their tactics and ever vigilant; for they are ever vigilant to destroy the Body of Christ and to scatter the sheep!

Regarding Pamela Schuffert’s accusations that I have talked of karma and reincarnation, I can tell you that the word “karma” seldom enters my mind and I honestly cannot say when I have last thought of the word, or used the word, although it is a legitimate word for one’s spiritual debts! But, what does come to my mind frequently are these words: (Galatians 6:7) “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap!”

Many think that in dying they will escape the results of their evils, but I tell you that none escape, but will reap, even as they have sown! This is the law! Yet, forgiveness transcends the law! Forgiveness is the love of God manifest in such an awesome and wonderful way, that He makes us free from the holds of these past debts!

Now, regarding Pamela Schuffert’s other wild claims, which link reincarnation to New Age doctrines, I say, nonsense! Have I spoken of reincarnation? Absolutely! Have I written about reincarnation? Absolutely! But, be not deceived! Reincarnation is not New Age doctrine as Pamela Schuffert so wildly claims!

My Dear Ones, I sought our Saviour for about six months in prayer, almost daily, as to whether reincarnation is true! Our Saviour not only told me that reincarnation is true, but also has given me confirmations in both visions and dreams about the veracity of reincarnation! It is absolutely true and if these, who claim otherwise sought the Lord as I sought Him about this very truth, they would also know that reincarnation is true! So, in this case, this woman has written a truth, and that truth being, that I spoke of reincarnation! But, she has mixed this truth with lies, accusations and distortions! Through her wild claims that reincarnation is a lie and that it is also New Age, she is throwing stones and condemning truth! This is how the Satanists do!


We are tied to many souls through unforgiveness!
So, observe what they do!
Weep for the evil, which they cast upon you!
Then, go to our Saviour in prayer and forgive them!
Regardless of what they do, and even if they do not ask you, forgive them anyway!
When you truly forgive, you will be free of any future soul ties to them!

Many will be born back into the earth, even into the families of all of their enemies; and for this reason, it is important that we forgive others, even when they do not ask us to forgive them! For, if we will not forgive, neither will our Saviour forgive us!!! And, by having unforgiveness in our hearts, we may cut ourselves off from the Spirit of God and suffer greatly, also keeping a bond between us and the other person (s), which we will face at another time!

As for reincarnation, our Saviour showed me not once, but on many occasions that reincarnation is true! The concept of reincarnation is not “new age,” as I have previously told you, but is, and has been, the true way for the advancement of souls since the beginning of humanity! If one has the ears to hear, let him hear, but if he has no ears to hear, he will then go on his way and reject this most important of principles!

I repeat again that the concept of reincarnation is not new age, but is how creation was set up from the beginning! If you are interested in reading more through the words of our Saviour regarding reincarnation, go and find one of the lost gospels, called “Pistis Sophia!” You can purchase this book on the Internet and it is not very expensive! I do not know whether all is translated correctly in this gospel, or whether all is preserved correctly; but I do recognize the words of our Saviour and see the awesome operations of the Spirit of God in this book! Our Saviour expounds upon many great wonders and mysteries of the Light Kingdom! You, the reader, will also see how He greatly expounds upon the concept of reincarnation and what goes on between lives! He also tells much about the great punishments for sins, the demons, who are over the chastisements, and the specific chastisements for many sins! He tells of those, who are born blind and with many physical defects and how these physical defects relate to sins in previous lives, like stealing, among other kinds of sins! So, go with an open mind and with an open heart and find this book and read it! Your eyes, your ears, your soul and your heart will be opened to many deep truths if you truly are seeking with an open and honest heart!

Some of you may say, “Well, reincarnation is just not Biblical!” Therefore, I will give you a few Bible verses! Accept them if you will, but if you cannot accept them, I can truly say, “At least, you have been told!” Matthew 17:10-13

And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come? And, Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things. But I say unto you, that Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. Then the disciples understood that he spake to them of John the Baptist!

Why did the disciples understand that Elijah came as John the Baptist? Is this not reincarnation? And, did they not accept readily what our Saviour told them? If they did not understand about the principles of reincarnation, they would not have so readily understood and accepted that Elijah came back as John the Baptist, the same soul in another body!

Rev 20:4
…And I saw them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast, neither his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. BUT THE REST OF THE DEAD LIVED NOT AGAIN UNTIL THE THOUSAND YEARS WERE FINISHED. THIS IS THE FIRST RESURRECTION.

My Dear Ones, how do the dead live again! They are dead! They surely cannot live again unless they are born again into the earth! When the dead live again, what more is this than reincarnation? If they are dead, they must surely get some new bodies if they are to live again!

Isaiah 65:17,20
For, behold I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. …”

My Dear Ones, take note! There is coming a new earth and we will live on the new earth! However, we will not remember this one! The above passage clearly tells us that we will not remember living on this old earth! This is a most obvious and clear scripture regarding our incarnating on another earth!

In “Pistis Sophia,” our Saviour tells of the cup of forgetfulness, which we all must drink before we come into the earth again to take on a new body! We are forced to drink a cup of forgetfulness, and because of drinking this cup of forgetfulness, we do not remember our past lives in this earth unless The Spirit of God shows them to us!

However, accusers like Pamela Schuffert and her buddy, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia rail at me and accuse me, Linda Newkirk; for telling you the truth about reincarnation! They take this teaching and seek to beat me with it, making me out to be false, or some new age kook!

Many have not sought the truth about reincarnation and they disbelieve, so these two find many, who are either unaware of this truth, or many, who are vehemently opposed to it, and thereby many accept as truth all of their lies and misinformation! Just as the Satanists are known to do, these two women manipulate words and concepts to make the truth look like a lie and a lie look like the truth! So, beware!

“The tree is known by his fruit.” Matthew 12:33


Remember these Warnings from our Saviour!

My Dear Ones, remember our Saviour’s warning: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15) Both Pamela Schuffert and her friend, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia claim to be prophetesses of God, but take heed to our Saviour’s very warnings against false prophets! Behold the fruits of their works!

Take heed, my Dear Ones and remember, too, our Saviour words of warning to each of us! “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And, many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.”

Remember all of these warnings from our Saviour; and furthermore, keep in mind His following words: (Matthew 7:16-20) “Ye shall know them by their fruits…every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit … by their fruits, ye shall know them.”

Read on as I address more of Pamela Schuffert’s lies against me, Linda Newkirk!

Pamela Scuffert’s wild accusations that I, Linda Newkirk, was thrown out of a church in South Africa, is once again, one, big bold-faced lie! Our Father said to me, “Pack your bags today; for you will be leaving tomorrow!” No one asked me to leave, and no one threw me out! And, even though I did not know where I was to go when I left that farm, our Saviour sent someone to get me the next day, even as He told me; and I stayed with these Dear People in South Africa for some months!

Furthermore, regarding Pamela Schuffert’s lies, (which are the parroted lies of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia against me, Linda Newkirk,) which claim that I, Linda Newkirk have ever claimed responsibility for 911, is one of the most outrageous lies that I have ever heard in all of my life! When I address the lies of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia later in this update, I will surely address this big, huge, slanderous lie! The rest of Pamela Schufferts lies, I will not even address; but admonish you to be exceedingly careful in believing anything that Pamela Schuffert prints or publishes. For, by her own words, she is shown herein to be a liar extraordinaire! (Matthew 7:20) “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

I wish to add a few additional comments regarding Pamela Schuffert! She claims to be a reporter and has made herself a watchwoman over this nation! She also told me that she is a prophetess of God! However, I warn you again: when you read what Pamela Schuffert writes, consider her satanic upbringing and be extremely cautious, even when she seems to print the truth! For, as I have just shown you, this woman has taken some truth and mixed it with many lies, distortions and half-truths! My Dear Ones, this is what the Satanists do! They take truths and either mix them with lies, or make truths into lies; and through such slanderous campaigns, they set out to destroy their enemies! My Dear Ones, be wise; for Satan is wise to fool and deceive you; and he has infiltrated the whole world with his lies and with his liars!


The On-going Slanderous Lies of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia (also spelled, Nikomiah) against Linda Newkirk

My Dear Ones, it was back in the winter of 2001 that a very sweet woman called me and asked me to help Sheri Elijah! This woman is a Dear Soul, who comes from a very straight, spiritual family of singers. The Father of this woman, who is now dead, had visited heaven many times, and wrote a beautiful book about his visits to heaven! So, it was because of the requests of this Dear Woman of God that I agreed to help Sheri Elijah get free of her satanic husband. My Dear Ones, this involved much spiritual warfare on my part for both Sheri Elijah, her friend, Sharon, and her son and also many late night calls, asking me to intercede and to pray for them as they made their escape route from Indiana and into Canada, where Sheri’s friend, had bought a house on the coast of Newfoundland, I believe, although I am not altogether about this location!

At any rate, they found that it was extremely cold in Newfoundland, if that was indeed the correct location; and that they could not stay in the house as it was riddled with strange and demonic happenings, to the point that they became afraid to stay there!

What is most interesting about all of this is that Sheri Elijah, aka, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, had said that God had given her directives to tell her friend, Sharon, to take her life savings and to buy this house for them! However, according to what they told me, they could not stay there because of the extreme cold and because of the fact that this house was reportedly an old freemason lodge, and was utterly full of demonic presences!

My Dear Ones, my question is and has been, “Did our Lord and God really tell Sheri, aka, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, to direct her friend to take her life savings and to buy this house, a demon-infiltrated freemason lodge, a home and habitation of demons and devils?”


The Personal Experiences of Linda Newkirk Regarding Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia

At any rate, as they had no place to go and found themselves in quite a terrible situation, I told them to come to Arkansas and I would help to find them a place to stay! I found them an apartment in Conway Arkansas and they sent me money to pay for these expenses! But, straightaway after they arrived, I could see that something seemed to be very wrong with Sheri’s friend! She seemed to be suffering from some sort of severe mental problems and from time to time would say some very strange things! I could also see that Sheri’s son seemed quite troubled and traumatized; and he was a teenager at that time! But, my Dear Ones, who wouldn’t be troubled under such circumstances? I do not tell you this in a judging way, but tell you so as to give you some background information as to my dealings with Sheri Elijah, her friend, and he son!

However, strangely enough, Sheri Elijah did not seem troubled to me, in spite of coming away from such great evil! She was constantly talking about her website and about getting more links to it, which was and still a quandary to me!

From the beginning, I saw things in Sheri Elijah, which disturbed me and one was her seeming obsession with money, with living big! She talked of living in a big house and of driving a big car, and I believe that she told me that she drove a Lincoln Continental!

I carried them around and helped them find furniture for their dwellings as Sheri’s friend, Sharon, wanted her own apartment! I also took them to get groceries on many occasions and helped them settle into their abodes!

However, it was only after some few, short weeks, or so, although I do not remember exactly how long they had been in Arkansas, that I received a copy of an e-mail, which Sheri Elijah had sent to a so-called prophetess friend of hers; and in this e-mail she was backbiting me and spreading lies about me regarding our Saviour’s teachings of reincarnation and other things! It was at that time that I confronted her about her lies and backbiting; for I was greatly shocked to find such a letter after I had sought to befriend them and to help them through their great trials! And, I told Sheri Elijah that I had been good to them and that she had returned evil for the good, which I had done for them! I also told her that she would go back into captivity with her satanic husband as she had returned evil for good; and I could in no way trust her any longer! And, it was a fact that within a very short time, she did go back to her satanic husband.

Sheri Elijah told me that she began to live with her satanic husband when she was 13 years old and that she was married to him for over thirty years! She told of the presence of a Satanic altar, which was reportedly under the stairs in their house and told me of how their pets would disappear, some of their cats suddenly hanging on a line, and dead in the basement, even when there was no one home! She also told me how her husband would pick up drifters to work for him as he had a construction company!

My Dear Ones, perhaps the most shocking of all my experiences with Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia was to hear an audio tape of Sheri Elijah speaking in a man’s voice! Yes, a man’s voice; and she and her friend, Sharon, seemed to be genuinely excited about this tape! According to Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, she had no control over this “demonic” possession and did not know when such a man’s voice would speak through her. She admitted that such “possession” had happened during certain speaking engagements!

Apparently, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia did not have a clue that she was being possessed by a demon, who was speaking through her in a man’s voice, but seemed really glad about this manifestation, as this demon was warning about hell! I must tell you that it was very disturbing to hear this tape and even more disturbing to see that these women were actually pleased in this tape! I am certain that many others also heard this audio tape as she proudly displayed it on her website for many years!

“By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

My Dear Ones, I give you these details so that you will know that Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia did not just happen to “meet” me as she insists, but I dealt with her on the phone for several months before they got to Arkansas, always praying for them and for their freedom; and that I knew them personally here in Arkansas for some weeks, although I do not remember exactly how many weeks I knew them! In addition, I give you these details as MS ELIZABETH SHERI ELIJAH NIKOMIA IS NOT FORTHCOMING ABOUT HER SATANIC ROOTS; AND WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING OF HER SATANIC ROOTS AND HOW THESE MANIFEST IN HER LIFE, OTHER THAN WHAT SHE HAS REVEALED AND ALSO BY THE VERY FRUITS OF HER WORKS!

And, as you will clearly see through revelations, which are given here, the fruits of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia bear many lies! Remember our Saviour’s words, “a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit. Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit”

Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia takes great pride in telling the world that I accept responsibility for the 911 catastrophe; and this in one huge, slanderous lie! What I wrote, and it is in the writings of, is that about three days before the 911 event, our Father in Heaven told me to take the spiritual rod, which He has given to me, and to go in the spirit and to strike the capitol of the USA! He then told me that He was about to bring a great judgement upon this nation! I REPEAT THAT OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SAID THAT HE WAS ABOUT TO BRING A GREAT JUDGEMENT UPON AMERICA; AND ONLY ABOUT THREE DAYS LATER, OR SO, THE 911 EVENT TOOK PLACE!


Allow me to make it perfectly clear again, that in no way did I, Linda Newkirk, ever make any kind of statement in which I took responsibility for 911 and in no way can my words be construed to mean any such thing! But, this woman, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, has continually spread this bold-faced, slanderous, lie in her attempts to destroy the name of Linda Newkirk and to destroy our Father’s prophetic works! Through her wild smears, she has greatly slandered my name, has sought to do great harm to these prophetic works, and has thereby done much to divide the Body of Christ!


In addition, this woman, Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, makes one big deal of my taking a broom and pounding the floor to make a point; for she so tries to conjure up images of witchcraft in my home! But, none can be found in my house, even though these two have both tried; for I serve Yahweh, the Lord God Almighty, and I love Him with my whole heart, with my whole mind, with my whole soul and whole strength! For, He is the Delight of my life and I love Him greatly, and exalt His Holy Name! Glorious God that we have!

Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia and Pamela Schuffert became bosom buddies in spreading their hate against me; and almost five years ago joined forces with Dirk Van Vuuren in South Africa, who also had his own reasons for trying to discredit and destroy me and these works! But, before I address this man and his many wrongs against me, I have some serious questions for Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia! For, some of her victims have come to me for help and our Blessed Lord and God has set them free! Glorious God that we have! And, through these victims, I have received some very disturbing information, regarding the works of Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia!

Ms. Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia (Nikomia), these are my questions to you!

  1. You were apparently brought up in the midst of Satanism since you were thirteen years old! By your own confessions, you ran away with your soon-to-be satanic husband at that tender age and proceeded to live with him for over thirty years! I want to know for the record and for all, who read your slurs: how many of these satanic ceremonies did you participate in? How many of these so-called “drifters”, who were employed by your husband, were sacrificed to Satan? What kind of Satanic/witchcraft practices have you been in and what kind of witchcraft do you still participate in? Ms. Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, some of your victims have come to me for prayer and for spiritual help and as such I have even more questions for you!
  2. Ms Elizabeth Sheri Elizabeth Nikomia, did you, or did you not entice seven of your webmasters to leave their wives and to turn over to you their life savings, their 401 Ks and even money from the sale of their houses, to you??
  3. Ms Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, did you, or did you not show up in Alaska about six years ago with one of your webmasters? And, is it not true that this webmaster disappeared, his last known whereabouts reportedly being with you and your son in Alaska? And, word is that to this day, his wife and family mourn him!
  4. Ms Sheri Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia, did you, or did you not meet with a diabetic woman in a motel room in the western part of the USA; and in your presence this woman went into a diabetic coma, thereafter needing hospitalization! And, is it not true that this woman had in her possession a large amount of money; and that when she came back to her motel room after her hospital visit, her money was gone? Is it not true, Ms. ELIZABETH SHERI ELIJAH NIKOMIA, that you showed up later with this woman’s money, but according to the claims of this woman, most all of it her money was gone! And, this woman, being unable to prove the amount of money, which she previously had in her possession, was powerless to do anything about the so-called missing money! Did this event not take place!
  5. Is it true, MS ELIZABETH SHERI ELIJAH NIKOMIA, that you sit in a witchcraft circle and chant, and that you also leave your body from time to time to go out and influence the dreams of others?
  6. Is it not true, Ms. Sheri Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia, that you regularly convince others to leave their spouses and their families because you tell them that their families are evil and of the devil?


My Dear Ones, for so many years, I have endured the harassment, the malicious lies and slanderous rumors of these two women! But, when Dirk Van Vuuren in South Africa turned against me, Linda Newkirk, and aligned himself with the South African Government and the CIA, he also contacted those, whom he knew to be my enemies, namely these two women, Pamela Schuffert and Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia! And, thereafter, they aligned themselves with one another in their attempts to destroy me! All of these years, I have been quiet about what I perceive as Dirk Van Vuuren’s real reasons for hating me and what I perceive as his real reasons for trying to destroy me, but at this time, I will go into some of these reasons, as I understand them to be! For, I wish to get the truth out and to settle the issues once and for all as regards Dirk Van Vuuren’s lies against me, Linda Newkirk.

My Dear Ones, when I went to South Africa in the summer of 2004, it was at the request of Dirk Van Vuuren and others in South Africa, who had been blessed by these prophetic works, with many receiving prophetic dreams from the anointings on the cloths, which I sent there, and also others being healed! Even little children were receiving prophetic dreams from our Father’s anointings on the cloths, which I sent down by the hundreds! So, my Dear Ones, they were all being exceedingly blessed and they invited me to come down.

After my arrival in South Africa, I would stay in Dirk Van Vuuren’s house! Also, on his farm, he had a small church and we regularly met in that church! From week to week, the numbers swelled in that little church, until there was literally no room for the people to sit in his church! Many had to sit outside; for there was a real and genuine outpouring of the Spirit of God and regular manifestations of the Spirit and power of God among the people!

However, it was within a day or two of my being in Dirk Van Vuuren’s house that I had a very powerful vision of a man, who was killed in the very room in which I was sleeping! I could see that he was a thin man, tall and thin, and also knew that he was a heavy drinker of alcohol and a smoker! I saw that he was sitting in a chair in that very room when someone came up with an object of some sort and beat this man in the head! Then, I saw that others came and they dragged this tall and skinny man out of this bedroom!

Also, my Dear Ones, in that room and in Dirk Van Vuuren’s house, there was much demonic activity, with closet doors in that bedroom coming open all by themselves and noises in my room and out in the hall outside of my room. For about one week, I did much in the spirit to drive the demonic presences out of this room and out of this house! One night, as I was deep in prayer, I suddenly found myself up above my physical body and fire, literal white fire, came down all around me and into the hallway outside of my room! At that time, I saw what seemed to be a black wind, which went roaring through the walls, making a great noisome calamity, and a great noise upon the roof as it exited the house! This wicked, demonic presence was in a great hurry to get away from this fire of God! Praises to the Holy Name of Yahweh, Most High God and to His Beautiful and Mighty Son, Jesus!

The next morning when I left the house to go into the chapel for prayer at about 6:30 AM I saw that there was a room on the top of the house and that the door of this room was flung open. I asked Dirk Van Vuuren if anyone had been up there the night before and he said, “No, no one has been up there for about three weeks.”

At any rate, my Dear Ones, a day or so after seeing the murder of this man in the room, where I slept, I told Dirk Van Vuuren, that a man had been killed in that room, a skinny man, and that he had been dragged through the doorway and into the hall. And, Dirk Van Vuuren was quick to tell me that “yes” someone had been killed in his house, but that he was a fat man and that he was accidentally killed in his office, which was down the hall! He also told me that he and another man were freed of anything to do with this murder and that it was deemed an accident!

However, my Dear Ones, just prior to my leaving the farm, I asked an elderly man on the farm, a devoted servant of our Lord, about this murder! I said, “Do you know about a murder, which was committed in the house of Dirk Van Vuuren?” And, he told me that he was aware of such a murder, which happened before he came to the farm! Then, I asked this Dear Man of God if he knew whether this man was a fat man, or a skinny man, and he told me that he knew for a certainty that this man was a skinny man!

My Dear Ones, I left Dirk Van Vuuren’s farm because our Lord and God told me to! Dirk Van Vuuren and his wife had begun to turn against me and had begun to side with the very ones in the South African Government and the CIA, who were out to destroy the beginnings of Revelation 12 and our Father’s work in South Africa! I had been given a dream regarding one of these intelligence infiltrates and also confronted this man and his counterpart in an open meeting in Dirk Van Vuuren’s church! It was after this encounter, that Dirk Van Vuuren decided to become my bitter enemy!

It was certainly no secret that Dirk Van Vuuren had intelligence connections in the South African Government; for he would regularly come into the church with reports regarding President Mbeke of South Africa, and even President Bush! And, on one occasion, Dirk had intelligence information regarding a late night telephone call between Mbeke and President Bush and told of Mbeke’s request to President Bush as to what should be done regarding Linda Newkirk! It was and is no secret how much the Bushes hate me and how much that have done to try to destroy me and this was also known by Dirk Van Vuuren!

So, my Dear Ones, Dirk Van Vuuren knew all along that certain ones hated me and had tried to destroy me! He knew that the President of the USA was greatly against me and also his evil Father, Bush Sr., and he also knew that the South African Government was against me! All of those on his farm could also see the ships of the U.S. military in the night sky, their humming antigravity machines looming over Dirk’s farm; and they knew that they were present because of me! At night, many of us would go out and look at them; and they were low enough that their blinking red and green lights were clearly visible for all to see!

Some, who lived on the farm, were even awakening with needle marks on them; and I, myself, had been waking up with such marks on me for two to three years! So, we knew that they were busy abducting some from the farm and later we would know that they were busy trying to mind control many, to make some do their bidding! So, I do not discount at all that mind control would have, or could have been used against Dirk Van Vuuren, or on any, who would become my enemies and thusly enemies against these prophetic works!

It would be later, after I left the farm, that a young prophet, (who followed me, along with his wife and son,) would be taken up into one of the crafts of the U.S. military; and he would remember the whole event! He described all in great detail and told of those from the farm, who were also in the ship. He told of how they were hooked up to brain monitoring machines and other kinds of monitors and how they were drugged some of them appearing to be asleep, or even dead, as he so thought when he was there! My Dear Ones, The Spirit of God surely caused him to remember the whole thing! Blessed God that we have! For, truly, nothing is hidden that won’t be revealed!

So, my Dear Friends, the plots of the evil ones, the Satanists and government operatives and of others, who have much to hide, is indeed very thick! Their great assaults against these prophetic works only serve to give credence to their Satanic origins! Their unrelenting attempts to eradicate the works of Revelation 12 from off the face of this planet have not prevailed and will not prevail; for these works are of Yahweh, Most High God! And, what is of Him will stand, regardless of what others do to the contrary!

Now, back to Dirk Van Vuuren’s verbal assaults against me, Linda Newkirk!

So, through his knowledge of my enemies, Pamela Schuffert and Elizabeth Sheri Elijah Nikomia, Dirk Van Vuuren wasted no time in contacting them in his attempts to destroy me! Why was he in such a rush to do his great evils against me? My Dear Ones, could it have been true that Dirk Van Vuuren was eager to destroy my credibility, should I ever go public with our Father’s revelations regarding the death of the skinny man! From the vision, which was given to me by the Spirit of God, this skinny man was only sitting in a chair, and not in any way hostile, not at the time that he was assaulted!

So, was a man really murdered in that bedroom and dragged out of there? I believe so! Could the fat man really be the skinny man? If the skinny man is indeed the fat man, there would surely be obvious reasons to work hard to destroy my credibility!

Why did Dirk Van Vuuren tell me that a fat man was murdered in his office, but that no one was murdered in the bedroom, in which I slept? And, why did he tell me that the murder was an accident? And, by his own words, no one was charged with a crime! Has there been a cover-up of a great crime! Does a murderer run free still? These things I want to know, Dirk Van Vuuren!

I have also since wondered why Dirk Van Vuuren’s wife told me that they “should have had the house cleaned” before I came there! Cleaned of what? Bad spirits? Bad memories?

My Dear Ones, in view of what the Spirit of God showed me about the death of this skinny man, I can only surmise that Dirk Van Vuuren must have surely had a very big motive in trying to destroy me and to ruin my reputation! And, this is for a fact what he set out to do! Dirk Van Vuuren came after me with a vengeance and told me that he would make sure that no one in South Africa would ever believe one word I would write, that he would literally destroy me in South Africa. He spread the word far and wide that I was insane! He and his group took a mirror copy of and hi-jacked these copyrighted works! They smeared “false prophet” at the top of my website and wrote defaming and slanderous things about me on the front page of my own website in South Africa; and they kept it up for more than two months!

In addition, I had bought a small camper from Gawe Strampe, who lived on Dirk’s farm. I gave cash money to Dirk, who then gave it to Gawe. I never got a receipt for the sale, but when I was about to leave, Gawe willingly handed me the title and other relevant paper work for the camper, for he knew that I had bought it. And, when I left, my friend also carried along my small camper behind her car. This camper was really of no use to me; for I had purchased it for a friend, who would be coming to South Africa!

A few weeks after leaving Dirk’s farm, I chose to give the camper to the young prophet and his wife, who had followed me, along with their precious son! But, we needed to know the place of purchase so that the title could be transferred. However, Dirk Van Vuuren and Gawe Strampe would rise up against me and accuse me of stealing this camper! They further threatened to press charges against me, based on their false allegations!

My Dear Ones, I absolutely would not enter into a fight with them about the camper, so I told them to come and get the camper, knowing full well that they were the ones, who were stealing!

It would be about six weeks later, when I had left South Africa and was living in Sweden, that we would get a call in Sweden from my Sister and Friend in South Africa! She would then tell us how one of Gawe Strampe’s relatives had called and told that Gawe Strampe was on night patrol on the farm, and that he had leaned up against a bus (a tour bus, which had been made into a residence) and that he had been electrocuted by touching the bus, thereafter falling backwards and splitting open his head! This, my Dear Ones, is the report, which came to me in Sweden! To hear of his untimely death and that Gawe died in such a horrific manner was greatly shocking and indeed very sad!

However, once I returned to South Africa, I would hear another tale regarding the death of Gawe Strampe, and this tale being that he slipped in the shower, hit his head and died! Could there be another mystery, which is hiding in the death of Gawe Strampe? Even one, which is eerily reminiscent, of the fat man/thin man?

My Dear Ones, Dirk Van Vuuren would not easily stop his hate campaign against me! From Sweden, I sent him certified mail demanding that he cease and desist this hate and smear campaign, and take down the mirror copy of, or I would most definitely sue him for 20 million U.S. dollars. Thereafter, he stopped his smear campaign, but it still lives on through the Pamela Schuffert!

My Dear Ones, all of these years, I have given over to our Father in Heaven, all of these slanderous accusations and after so many tears, have forgiven them and have moved on with my life! In spite of all that so many have done to destroy me, I absolutely refuse to harbor hate in my heart against them, but truly do pity all, who get joy from such evil! I have forgiven them and have prayed for our Father’s mercy upon them all, but they just continue on!

Someone recently wrote me and asked me why I hate Dirk Van Vuuren, that Dirk and his wife hate me greatly and others there hate me; and I told this person that I hate no one, but have forgiven all; for I absolutely refuse to walk in bitterness. And, because I have spiritually moved past all of the hurt and sorrow, which these have caused me and have forgiven them all, I have not desired to refute any more of their lies and accusations!

I am confident that in due season, our Mighty God will settle this massive debt and so I wait and have waited all of these years! And, in spite of what these and CIA employee and spreader of hate and disinformation, Stew Webb, have done to destroy me, Linda Newkirk, I have no malice in my heart towards them, but have had to forgive them and move on with my life!

Realize, my Dear Ones, when you see, bold-faced lies against me and these works, that there exist paid, government, Satanist “lackeys,” whose sole livelihood is to spread malicious hate and slander, to smear the names of the servants of God, and to destroy the credibility of the truth bearers! And, they do not care what they say; for they know that they are being paid by the government (Satanists) and as such the government is not going to do one thing to them! Beware! For, these nameless, faceless types infiltrate the message boards and they are on their rampages to both destroy and to scatter the Body of Christ! So, consider the sources of hate, malice, slander and blasphemy against our Lord and God and against His true servants! For, these kinds of assaults are indeed rampant and through their dark and evil deeds, such operatives are terrorizing the whole world!

So, in closing, my Dear Ones, I hope that you understand why I have come forward at this time to rehash so many hurts, so many things, which I have forgiven in past years and to set the record straight again! My Dear Ones, it is for those of you, who have been so wounded by these lies, your faith having been diminished, or totally shattered by such accusations! I also come forward on behalf of some of you, who have been so gullible, or naïve, that you have believed these lies. Just know that I do not fault you for being gullible or naïve; even as I was naïve as to the true nature of these people!

My Dear Ones, it is far better to believe the best in others and to be made to see the worst, than it is to believe the worst and to be made to see that there was good there all along, thereby, having great shame for having misjudged the good intentions of another!

So, if I have erred in initially believing the best in all of these, who have later become my enemies, I am glad that they had to show me their true colors! For, in the beginning I surely wanted to believe the very best about them all!

And, with these words, I leave you in love, hoping that you are, at least, a little bit wiser!

Sending you much love in the Name of our Blessed Saviour,

Your sister through our Blessed Messiah,

Linda Newkirk