911 Prophecies, September 2001

Excerpts From The 911 Prophecies (original post)

Warning  On September 5th, 2001

I tell you now and be advised that I speak the truth. I am ashamed of the greed on this planet. I am ashamed of the unbridled lust on this planet. I am ashamed that so many of you know My name; but you do not know Me; and you do not know My Son, Yeshua. Yes, I am ashamed of your fox-hole prayers! I am ashamed that when you need me or when you need my servants you have no qualms about asking, but when I ask you to do a certain thing, you do not carry through. When I ask you to repent and come clean before Me, you do not even hear. When I ask you to help with my works through My anointed servants you do not even hear. You read what you want to read and you understand what you want to understand, but when I ask you to do things you take it as an arbitrary decision.

I am telling you, My Cherished Ones, that I am deeply ashamed of the masses. I am deeply ashamed of the way you take and take and take, but you are willing to give so little. Woe to the selfish and woe to the hypocrites. Woe to those, who cry out for truth, but you do not want to live truth. Woe to those, who take freely of what is given you, but you dare not give back.

I have promised you a season longer without a great judgement upon this land. Yea, I have promised to hold back this war for a season; but I have not promised to hold back other kinds of judgement. I have not promised to hold back personal judgement upon the masses. I have not promised to hold back judgement of the finances of this land; for you have lived lavishly. You have lived selfishly! You have lived for self and when you have been asked to help my anointed servants, who labor with a love for you and for your salvation, you do not help. You look upon my pleas with blind eyes and I tell you that all, who have looked upon My pleas to help with blind eyes and have listened with deaf ears, yea when you come to me, I shall also look upon you with blind eyes and I shall listen to your pleas with deaf ears. Yea, this is truly a time of the sorting and my judgement is falling upon a proud and stiff-necked people. My judgement is falling upon a greedy people. My judgement is falling up an errant and haughty people. Yea, my judgement is falling upon a rebellious people; so be forewarned!

I am about to hit the finances of the USA. I am about to hit the factories and I am about hit the farms. I am going to cripple the economy of this land in a great way; and woe to the greedy. Woe to the proud and to the stiff-necked. Woe to the tale bearers and to the false accuses. For, this day the rod of judgement falls on the stock market. This day, the rod of judgement falls on the congress of the USA, a gathering of many whores. This day, my judgment falls upon the trucking industry of the USA; for I shall cause a traffic jam of trucks to push and pull at one another the length of this land. I shall cause trains to stop for weeks and I shall cause airplanes to fall unexpectedly from the sky.

God Reveals The NWO Are The 911 ‘Perps’ On 911!

September 11th, 2001

“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah Most High God. Proceed to write, even as I say, that the people might receive from Me. Behold the number eleven, which is given at the top of this prophecy, yea the number, which is cherished in the occult practices of the Luciferians. Yes, My Child, place this prophecy ahead of the last prophecy on “A Message for You” that the people may read, that those with the eyes to see may see, that those with the ears to hear may hear! For, these two prophecies are related!

“Yea, in My words below, wherein I told you to take the rod to the stock market and to the congress of the USA, I wanted you to see and know in advance that I am judging the finances of this land! I am judging the leadership of this land! The devil and his hoards know that I put the power in the rod, which is in your hand; and they know that I have orchestrated this judgement on this soil, which has been carried out by the very Luciferians, who carried out the Oklahoma bombing. These are the very same ones, who carried out the bombings of the embassies in Africa. Yea, these are the very same ones, namely the Rockefeller whores and their allies, who no longer count the USA as worthy to survive; for they are hell-bent towards the New World Order. But, remember, My Child, that I allow the New World Order to rise for a season, all to test and try, to humble My Faithful, and to make them ready for their heavenly rewards. Yea, I allow the old system to crumble and fall; for I am bringing into the Earth a new system through My Son. Yea, I am tearing down the old, the rotten and the putrid; for I am bringing in My glory. Yea, I warn all to take note, to observe what has happened today! I warn all , who trust in the riches and the fat of this land to behold; for what you see today is meant for the whole of this land! Yea, I warn each of you to get your spiritual houses in order and to get ready for the Coming of My Son; for He will come when you expect it least. Truly, here and there, one or two will be taken and the rest will be left standing. Yea, a grave warning is going out across this land to all, who trust in their riches, or in their self-sufficiency to sustain them! I tell you now that today many souls went to hell! Today, they cry out in anguish from the bowels of hell for water! They cry out for forgiveness, but it is too late! They cry out for another chance; but it is too late. They have missed the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! They have missed their heavenly inheritance because they trusted in the arm of the flesh. Yea, this day the bowels of hell opened up and took many; but few, very few made their way into Heaven. I tell you now that you do not know how long you have! Today could be your last day! Did those, who died today, think that it would be their last? Nay! They did not! For, even unto the end many partied! Many loved the world and what was in it and at their death, the Lord of this dark world, the devil, himself, was ready to claim his prey.

“Are you devil bait? Are you? If you will not live My commands, you are! Just as surely as the sun rises, you will end up in hell if you will not obey my commands! Will you stay in hell forever? Some will! Will you ever get out of hell? Only I know this answer! But, I can tell you this. The blood of the Lamb is not lost on those in hell! The blood of the Lamb will not forsake those in hell! Even My Son visited them in Hell; and as you see in Zechariah 9:11, some of them are loosed. (This is the reference, which our Father speaks of. Zech. 9:11 As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water.) But, I tell you now that only I know which ones and only I know how long you must anguish in suffering and in agony in a desolate place, wherein there is no water! I tell you that you do not want to go to hell!

“Those of you, who live for this world are devil bait. Are you ready for the consequences of being devil bait? Nay, I say, ‘You are not!’ You are not ready; for how can you be ready for a torture, which is so great and so awful that it defies human description. Nay, you are not ready for hell and neither are the masses ready for Heaven!

“This calamity is a wake-up call. It is a wake-up call for those, who slumber. It is a wake-up call for the greedy. It is a wake-up call for the leadership of this country. It is a wake-up call for the fat and greedy whores in congress! Yea, it is a wake-up call for those, who will not lift a finger to help My struggling prophets! It is a wake-up call for those, who take and take and take; but will not give! Yea, it is a wake-up call for all, even and especially the rich!

“I say to you, My Child, take the rod and hit the right arm of the Rockefeller family seven times!”

“My Father, I take the rod and I hit the right arm of the Rockefeller Family high up in the shoulder seven times; and the arm breaks off and falls into myriad pieces. And, just as suddenly I see the remnant pieces of this arm become as dust in the wind and they blow away.”

“Now, My Child, I say to you, take the rod and hit the left leg of the Rockefeller empire at the knee; and hit it there seven times!”

“My Father, I take the rod and I hit the Rockefeller empire in the left leg at the knee one, two, three, four, five, six seven times. And, as always, when the rod hits, great white fire explosions take place in the Spirit. My Father, I see that the leg buckles at the knee immediately. Then, suddenly the whole leg begins to twist and as it twists, all the clothing disappears readily from the leg revealing not bone, but steel instead of bone. And, this steel twists as a piece of twisted licorice candy until the leg disconnects quickly from the hip joint, which is also made of steel; and this piece of twisted steel bursts into smoke and flames and is gone.”

“Now, My Child, take this rod and hit the Rockefeller head seven times.”

“My Father, I take this rod and I hit the Rockefeller head seven times and the head begins to splinter off and break as if is made of soft, yet brittle wood; and in place of the head, there remain brittle wooden stubble, which are hollowed out in the center as if leaving a nest. And, at the instant that I say, ‘nest,’ I see the black raven with the silver rings on its toes; and it is standing on first one foot and then the other. (For more about this black raven see the latest prophecies of Book Seven.) The raven looks at me with his black eyes and says, ‘I am a wise, old bird, yea a trick, a whore am I; but My plumes on My tail are fresh. They are all here! Neither a dot nor a tittle do I miss! A whore, a goat, a whore am I! Oh, yes a fanciful whore!”

The bird begins to hop, first on one foot and then the other, with its tail feathers stretched out like a peacock. Then, as it were, a whirlwind hits the raven in the rear end and this wind sucks the feathers out of the raven’s rear end, leaving only three tail feathers. On the feathers are the words:1. Standard Oil is still here! 2. Corrupt banking and fraud is still here! 3. Stinking, rotten, dope trade, body parts, terrorism and theft, these are all here!

Then, the bird turns to see that it is bald in the rear and the bird gasps and says, “A whore am I, a coward, a whore! How can I stand in a land where My arm is gone? My legs are gone! My head is exposed! “

Then, I see the Rockefeller body turn and on the rear end of this body, I see the words, “As of this day, the Rockefellers are burned and they are burned badly!”

“And, so it is, My Child, go in peace this day, knowing that those, who are mighty in this world, shall one day be as dust in the wind. I am your Father in Heaven”

As witnessed, dictated, and recorded this 11th day of September 2001 Linda Newkirk