Jesus Warns Mormons

God has spoken some very profound warnings to the Mormon Church through prophet Linda Newkirk. I present here a few excerpts from those warnings. To read the dated prophecies in their entirety, exactly as they were given use the direct link at the end of the excerpts.


“God’s Judgement will soon fall on the Mormon Church”

(excerpted) “My Little One, do not be dismayed because of two defensive letters, which you have received from the Mormons. My Child, do you not know how freemasonry works? Do you not know that those at the bottom levels innocently believe that they do right? Do you not know how these cults work, that deception is a slow process? Do you not know that the greatest numbers must be utterly deceived and tricked into following after Lucifer, that they would never openly agree to his shenanigans?

“Lucifer knows these things. He knows that he must operate behind the scenes. He knows that he must operate in the shadows and above all, he knows that he must control the top. Those at the lower levels of any freemason organization must all take oaths of allegiance. These oaths may vary, but they all serve the same purpose, to bind one to the leadership of the organization. Those, who receive temple recommends must show that they are loyal to the church. They must show that they are worthy to be counted ‘in’ and that they are not trouble makers. They must be made to see what a privilege and honor it is to receive a temple recommend and they must be made to believe that such a trip to the temple is a trip to the ‘Holy of Holies.’ In all things, those, who go to these temples, must show their obedience. Like wide-eyed children, they treasure these trips. They treasure these oaths, which they carry out in secret. They treasure this obedience to an organization, which at its highest levels, openly worships Lucifer. Willingly and in ignorance, they pledge themselves and their families forever to Lucifer and his oaths. And, as soon as they do so, the thick tentacles of blindness and deceit of Lucifer reach out to snare another person, another couple, another family. Yes, indeed these become ‘marked’ by Lucifer. They then come under his covering. Just as those, who pledge allegiance to My Son are grafted into the Olive Tree, so are those in Mormonism, who pledge themselves and their families, grafted into Lucifer’s eternal tree. Without their open knowledge or consent, they have made an eternal covenant with Lucifer, the Devil.

“My Child, what I have shown you about sacrifices of children to Lucifer in the bowels of some of these temples is absolutely correct. What I have shown you about rape and sodomy of little ones and others within these satanic circles is absolutely correct. What those at the lower levels of freemason organizations do not know is that Lucifer always requires human sacrifice. He always requires desecration and defilement of the human body; for this very body is the temple of the Spirit of God.

“What you need to know, My Child, and what people need to understand is that ‘eternal marriage’ is a lie. Neither are children sealed to their parents through time as many believe; but satanic agreements and curses can extend down through generations. When these innocent people go into these temples and make such covenants, they are putting themselves and their children under bondage for generations. In no way, do I honor such covenants; for they are purely Luciferian.

“Lucifer demands obedience and sacrifice, human sacrifice, and defilement of the human body. Those at the top of the Mormon Church are prisoners in the worse kind of way. You have been told of forced drugging at very high levels of this church and I tell you, My Child, that what you have been told is so. You have received words, which have backed up the previous visions of many months past, about human sacrifice and orgies in the bowels of some of these temples. Yes, My Child, the word is out and it is true. Let those, who will see, see. And, let those, who will hear, hear. For, My Son will not take a single one as His Bride, who is married to the devil.

“Yes, My Child, all, who have taken these lying covenants in these temples, are unknowingly, or knowingly (though these are few) married to Lucifer. They bear the same burden as all freemasons anywhere in the world. They have entered into Satanic agreements with the devil. They have made oaths and covenants with him, which are binding, yea upon their souls and upon the souls of their children.

“But, Father, how can such a covenant be bound upon an innocent child?”

“I say to you, My Child, that such a covenant is not binding until the child reaches the age of accountability.”

“Which is?”

“Twelve years of age.”

“But, my Father, how can a child discern right from wrong at this age?”

“Many do not; for they go along. They accept what their parents have given them to accept; but from this age on, each of you bears a grave responsibility for your choices.”

“Father, there is so much, which we do not understand.”

“My Little One, ignorance is not a blessing. It is a curse. I would not have Mine to follow around as blind sheep; for the wolves of the devil are looking to harvest the blind sheep. I tell you now that the Mormon Church is full of blind sheep. They willingly do as they are told without questioning; for blindness is accepted and encouraged as a way of life. They are kept in place and threatened about going against the ‘Only True Church.’ But, I say to them all, ‘You had better open your eyes to your plight and for your own salvation you had better seek refuge under My hand of safety; for therein is your truth. Yea, truth shall set you free if you will truly seek truth and be willing to give up a lying network of false security and fraud, which has been perpetrated against you. But, if you will not seek to be free with all your heart, you will remain a captive of Luciferian false doctrine and slavery.”

“Yes, indeed, many, many within the Mormon Church would weep and howl if they could see the truth of what goes on in the bowels of some of these temples. Many would be so sick that they would pine away in great sorrow if they could truly see and understand. But, alas, they cannot see how they reptiles have taken over the leadership of this church. They cannot see why it is frowned on for members to prophecy and that they are told the big lie that there is only one prophet in the world and only 12 apostles. Do they not realize that even and especially Lucifer knew that in the Latter Days, that prophets would be called and apostles would be called; and knowing this, he set up his church masterpiece upon this very order. But, alas, now many have been thrown out of the Mormon Church because they began to receive visions and prophecies from Me and My Son? My Child, you personally know of one, who was excommunicated for such; but this is only a small part of the story. Yes, indeed prophetic gifts within the Mormon Church must utterly be squashed by Lucifer; for he demands to be in control of all prophecy.

“Therefore, I say to all Mormons, ‘You are first My Children; but alas you, who have entered into temple covenants have given yourselves over to Lucifer and his doctrines. I warn you to wake up and take note of what you have done; for none of you will be Bride of My Son. Yea, you have knowingly married yourselves to Lucifer, the devil, and you are his bride, whether you accept it, or not.”

“Oh, Father, I am so sad; for I am not ignorant of this church, since I was a member of it for seven years in my youth. I have known some of the kindest and most gentle and loving people in this church and they are full of love; but I must also say that when I knew them they possessed a blind obedience to this church and to what they think it stands for. They are clean-living and decent people and this is what pains me so. Father, I am asking You for a miracle that these people are saved.”

“My Child, you will not want to hear this and you will not want to see the end-results; but this day I command you to take My rod of power, which is in your hand and to strike the Salt Lake Temple seven times.”

“Father, you know that I fear for those people, places and situations, which receive the power of Your rod; for this is not my rod of power, but yours. And, it is not in my hands, but Yours. Therefore, I fear, Father. Regretfully, Father, I hit the Temple in Salt Lake City seven times, knowing that Your judgement is going to fall on this church. With this rod in my hand I reach out and hit this temple one, two, three, four, five, six, seven times. And, I witness in the Spirit great explosions of light and with the seventh blow, I See Your power consume the temple far into the ground. I hear the wails of children and see their tears. I see prison cells burst open and I see a rolling fire consume an underground area, that looks like the bowels of hell. Father, I do not know what is going to take place, but You know. I worry for those, who must suffer; but I know that Your will shall roll forth as a great and mighty, thunderous fire.”

“My Child, this day My judgement falls on the Mormon Church; for I would not have millions of souls go into captivity unknowingly as the Bride of Lucifer. Though you are only one small voice this day I add My power to your voice. I add My hand of judgement to this rod that those, who would be free, might be free.

“Go this day in peace, knowing that a shake-up is at hand for the Mormon Church; and I am the author of it. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and received this 30th day of September 2001,

Linda Newkirk


Excerpted From Chapter Seventy, Book Twelve

From The Mountain Prophecies

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! I am He, who gave command to shape the Earth and all that is in it; and I am He, who stretched out the heavens! I, alone, am Most High! I am Lord of the Universe and besides Me there is none other! And, yes, I create good and I create evil; for there is a black and a white! There is a night and a day!

My Little One, you have said that you hate evil and you have done well in saying this! You have said that you love the lost and desire to see the salvation of the greatest numbers and you have done well in saying this!

Hear Me when I tell you that all unrepentant sorcerers, and all workers of witchcraft and all purveyors of false doctrine will have their place, first in Outer Darkness and then in the Lake of Fire! Hearken, when I tell you, that I will destroy the evil that I have, Myself have created!

Yes, this evil has been a yoke, a burdensome yoke, upon the blind and unsuspecting all over the world! This evil has been a burdensome weight upon My people the world over! For, all that is evil is out to devour all that is good and right and of the light!

Therefore, a great war goes on around the world every day of every week; and sadly many are unaware of this great war, as the works of evil are full of deception! The works of evil are appealing to the senses and they are tied to momentary pleasures of the body and the senses. Therefore, what is evil is often very appealing; for it brings a momentary sensory pleasure! And, for these reasons, many, many do not recognize evil and they readily slip into evil and quickly become slaves to it!

As they slip further and further into evil, they become cut off utterly from My light! Some of them become greatly demon possessed and possessed of destructive powers, which come from light beings, who are far outside of this planet! For, it is the power, which they want! Power to kill at will, and power to enslave at will! For, they become as their Master Satan, and believe themselves to be gods!

These demons, who indwell them and these powers, which are on loan to them, are all destructive and the great goals of these powers is to utterly, totally, and completely destroy the light, which is within each of you! For, it is these dark powers, who wish to rule this planet, and who wish to destroy you!

Be advised, as well, that these sorcerers have willingly, and by choice, traded away their souls and the ownership of their own bodies in exchange for these dark powers and quickly they lose control of their own bodies.

Remember, as well, that so many have blindly entered therein! They have blindly entered into witchcraft and they have blindly entered into sorcery, but once in could not get out! After a while, they do not desire to get out; for they become greatly drunk in this power, and they greatly rejoice and take pride in their great evils, and rejoice in their powers over the life and death of others!”
My Travail before our Saviour …

“Father, I feel so heartbroken for the victims! I feel so sad about all, who have suffered beneath their hands and often I just wish to see evil destroyed, failing to have compassion for the souls of the sorcerers! Father, forgive me in this; for I do wish to see You save them! But, Father, this is a dilemma in my heart; for when I think of their plucking out the eyes of children while they are still alive and of their cutting up the bodies of these precious little ones while they are still alive and eating their flesh and drinking their blood while they are still alive, I am so repulsed that I so greatly wish to see you destroy this great evil, that the innocent may be vindicated!

Oh, Father, I come to You because of this great dilemma; for when You will deliver but one sorcerer, oh what a great testimony to You and how greatly You can then use but one such person to warn the unsuspecting and to help save others, who are lost it! Therefore, Father, this is my dilemma and I ask You now, Father, how would You have Your children to pray as regards this great evil? For, it is a grievous thing, oh Lord! Please give your great guidance in this thing!”

Our Father Continues…

“My Little One, salvation is still My promise! I have not changed! I greatly rejoice when but one turns from evil and comes to love and serve Me! But, I also hate the shedding of innocent blood and I am greatly angered by what I see on this planet: how the masses follow after evil and will not repent!

Therefore, My Little One, I am bringing My judgements into the Earth! I am bringing My fiery corrections, wherein many will repent! But, all sorcerers, all workers of witchcraft, all, who teach and follow after false doctrine, if they will not repent, will go into outer darkness and thereafter into the Lake of Fire!
Our Saviour’s Warning to His People!

Hear Me, oh you people! My heart is overflowing with mercy towards the lost and I desire to save your souls from destruction; but if you die in your iniquities, you will pay a price for your rebellious ways, a terrible price in the fiery chastisements, even to the destruction many of your souls!

Our Saviour’s Continued Response to my Requests!

Now, My Little One, you have asked me from your heart and I shall answer you from My heart! OF this nature, I would have you to pray about all, who are lost and, in particular, all, who are lost in the teachings and beliefs of false doctrines, in witchcraft and sorcery!

A Prayer for the Workers of Sorcery, Witchcraft and False Doctrine!
Our Father’s Prayer, as Given Through The Spirit of God!

Oh, Blessed Father, Saviour of humanity, in Jesus’ Name, I come to You, Father; and my heart is heavy because of these great evils in this world! Daily, the innocent are either killed or have no opportunity to grow up in their innocence; for evil has devoured the innocence of the innocent! Evil has decided the fate of so many, even before the very times of their births. Evil has conceived and it has born a great destruction all across this planet!

Father, have mercy on the innocent, who have been slain in their innocence and bring justice, Father, in a world, where there is great injustice. Hear the cries of the innocent and bring justice against those, who have destroyed them in their innocence!

Father, only You can bring justice in such situations, where witchcraft abounds and sorcery is exalted! Father, bring down the high looks of the evil ones and exalt Yourself through the works of the meek and lowly! Father, show Yourself strong in the hearts and minds, in the works of those, who know and love You! But, Father, destroy the evil works of sorcery and witchcraft and inspect finely their souls!

Father, who among them would you save? Father, only You know the history of a soul and only You can understand what is required of each of us in this earth!

For, Father, You also know that some of the Elohim are evil and their works towards the humans are evil and as such they have bound evil to us and have caused us to walk in evil, even to do evil against our own wills. Therefore, Father, only You know whether You will save a sorcerer, or whether You will save those, who call upon familiar spirits, or whether You will save those, who are full of false doctrine and who teach it!

Oh, Father, have mercy on the lost! Have mercy on the workers of witchcraft! Have mercy on the sorcerers, if perhaps You could and would save some of their souls! Have mercy on those, who teach and follow after false doctrine!

But, Father, have an even greater mercy upon the innocent, who have been sacrificed beneath the bloody hands of these workers of great iniquity! And, Father, for the sake of these precious and innocent souls, bring a quick end to this great witchcraft and evil, which is devouring this planet! Destroy the works of these workers of witchcraft and sorcery! Put an end to their terrible works!

Father, take their powers away from them in mass. Loose and bind the wicked demons, who are in them all over the world; and put these wicked demons into hell, in the lowest levels, bound up, Father, so that they cannot come back to enter into another soul! And, Father, after You have rendered powerless these sorcerers and workers of witchcraft, prevent them from going and finding seven times more wicked spirits, but, Father, I beg You to lead many of them into righteousness, that they may help to save many souls!

Hear my cries, Father! For, I ask You to fight the cause of the innocent, to bring justice into the midst of incorrigible evil, to destroy the plans of the wicked, to save the greatest numbers of souls; and through all that You do, Father, to exalt Your Mighty and Holy Name! Thank You, Father!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Our Saviour Continues …

“And, My Blessed Child, these are My words, which I put into Your very heart! For, you have written as My Spirit has inspired you to write!”

(My Dear Ones, this is our Saviour’s prayer as given to me by the Spirit of God! When you pray for those, who are in witchcraft, sorcery, or false doctrine, remember His words of guidance. And, when you pray this prayer, re-state it in your own words and pray it from your own heart, not from memory and not from your mind, but make your own similar prayer and pray it from your heart!)

Our Saviour’s Great Warning
To Those, who Believe and spread False Doctrine!

“Hear Me, oh you, who teach and believe false doctrine! For, if you will not repent of it and if you will not come out of it, and if you die in it, you will enter into the terrible dungeons of the dragon of Outer Darkness, from which you will not be cast back up again! Come out from among them, oh My People, lest you perish with them! Heavy is My sentence upon all, who teach and spread false doctrine; but great is My mercy towards all, who have been so deceived! If only you repent and come away from false doctrine, I will forgive you! I will wash and scrub you and I will make you clean through My forgiveness.

Our Saviour’s Great Words of Warning to the Mormons, the LDS Church!

Hear Me, oh you Mormons! For, Satan sits at the top of your church! His fiery whip is in his hand and he is steadily beating you, by the hoards, into Outer Darkness!

Oh, My People of the Mormon Church, who blindly follow after the blind, who sit in the congregation of the lukewarm, do you not know My word to the lukewarm: I will spew you out of My mouth! (Rev. 3:15-16)

Do you not understand My great anger against those, who lead My people into Satan’s arms through the teaching and disseminating of false doctrine? For, I have sharpened My sword and I have made it ready! It is a terrible sword, a fiery sword, it sharply divides every word; and, My fiery sword of corrective judgement is even now falling on the Mormon Church!

Come out from among them, oh My people! For, if you will not, you will share in the cups and bowls of My wrath, which I am, even now, pouring out on the Mormon Church!

If you are an active member, turn in your membership! Renounce all that is false! Remove yourself from among them; for if you will not, the false oaths and doctrines will carry you into great judgements, which could lead to the destruction of your soul!

Hear Me, oh you Mormons, who have married one another forever! Have I not told you aforetime that in heaven, all are neither married, nor given in marriage, but are as the angels in heaven! (Matt. 22:30) Your oaths to be bound to one another forever are but very great Satanic oaths, for these oaths are binding upon all before the author of it, Satan, himself! Such oaths make you spiritually blind because they chase out My Spirit!

It is because of such oaths that the Mormon Church is full of the lukewarm and full of those, who do not have My Spirit, and who do not walk in My power!

Come out of her, oh My people, lest you suffer in the terrible judgements, which I will bring upon the Mormon Church! For, through secret oaths, you have bound yourselves to Satanic doctrine!

Have I not told you to forsake oaths, but to let your “nay” be your “nay” and your “yea” be your “yea!” (Matt. 5:37)Yet, you, being ignorant of My words, have bound yourselves through all manner of oaths and superstitions. Throw away your temple garments, and put your faith and trust in Me; for I am your shield and I am your armor against all that is evil!

Hear Me, oh your Mormons! You have made a covenant with Satan through your many oaths and he will require it of you! Hear Me, oh you people in the Mormon Church! Do you not see, do you not know that the Mormon Church is rife with Satanism, even from the top, that you have a prophet, who is no prophet of Mine, but a mouthpiece for Satan? Do you now know that there sit twelve above you, who call themselves my only true apostles in the earth, but they are none of My apostles; for they all sit bound in chains!

Yet, many of you, My people, cling to every word of your false prophet and you follow his every directive! Do you not see all such false things in your midst? Do you not see that they are your blind leaders, and they are carrying you with them into the flames of Outer Darkness?

Renounce your secret oaths! Come to Me in openness and I will forgive you for what you did in secret! I will wash you and make you clean!

For, I have a marriage and My marriage to My Faithful is the only marriage, which is eternal! I have an eternal marriage to give and I will marry some to Me, even My Bride, even My Faithful and Pure Ones! (Rev. 19:7) These, I will marry unto Myself. Besides this eternal marriage, there is none other!

Therefore, I warn you to come away from such evil oaths, to renounce them, and to forsake these evils of the Mormon Church! For, blindly you depend upon a Satanic church to save you and blindly you will go into Outer Darkness!

You missionaries have a heavy price upon your shoulders; for you have blindly brought many into Satanic slavery! If you do not repent, you will have your place in the jaws of the Dragon of Outer Darkness!

Come out of her, oh My People! Come away from the Mormon Church and come away from all harlot churches, oh my people! For, if you will not, you will have your place in the fire, which burns forever!

And, with this, my Little One, we shall stop for now! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of June, 2010,

Linda Newkirk

Please copy this message and help us to get it into the hands of the Mormons, the LDS Church all over this nation and around the world. If you do not have access to their e-mails, please make copies and hand deliver them to members of the LDS Church. Put them into the handles of the doors of their cars as they gather for their services on Sunday mornings, or put the copies into their hands as they come out of their churches!

We all need to fight for the salvation of the Mormons! They do not know that they have been deceived! In addition, the doctrines of the church exert a great mind control over many of them and they many remain in the church because of fear, particularly the fear that they will go to hell if they leave this church!

In Closing! A Message from my heart to the Mormons!

I wish to say in closing that many of you do not know that I was a member of the Mormon Church for seven years, during my mid twenties to my early thirties. I say in all honesty and with great sincerity that some of the Mormons are among the dearest and kindest of persons that I have ever met. To this day, I hold in very high regard some of my precious Mormon friends and love them greatly.

I am sad to say that the great problem with so many Mormons is that they have blindly accepted as truths many things, without questioning whatsoever! I include here also myself and the decisions, which I made regarding my membership in the Mormon Church, so many years ago.

It is for love of you, Dear Souls in the Mormon Church, that our Saviour has given this warning; for He also loves you greatly and He knows the deceptive and crafty ways of Satan. Therefore, I warn you: do not throw away our Saviour’s warnings to you, or to cast His message aside and consider it as naught. For, if you do so, you could risk destruction of your very soul.

I adjure you to begin to search out the truths regarding all of your beliefs! Indeed, I beg you to seek the guidance of our Mighty Saviour with your whole hearts regarding your every belief in the Mormon Church and its teachings.

For, our Saviour has told us aforetime that if we seek we shall find; and if we knock it shall be opened unto us. (Matt. 7:7) Know that He will open your eyes. He will unplug your ears! He will show you the truths about the errors in the teachings of the Mormon Church, if you but seek Him with your whole hearts.

If I can be of service to any of you, please write to me at, or drop me a note at: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. For, there is much mind control in the Mormon Church and many stand in fear of what will befall them, should they leave the Mormon Church! For, the LDS Church clearly teaches that it is the ONLY TRUE church in the whole world and if a member should leave, this member will go to hell!

Hear my cries to you, Dear Souls in the Mormon Church! For, it is out of love for you, that all is now given to you!

My Dear Ones, pray, pray, pray for the salvation of the Mormons!

Your Sister through our Blessed Saviour,

Linda Newkirk