The Sons Of God Are Coming

Jeremiah 51: 19-23

Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms; And, with thee will I break in pieces the horse and his rider; and with thee will I break in pieces the chariot and his rider; With thee also will I break in pieces man and woman; and with thee will I break in pieces the young man and the maid; I will also break in pieces with thee the shepherd and his flock; and with thee will I break in pieces the husbandman and his yoke of oxen, and with thee will I break in pieces captains and rulers.


From The Mountain Prophecies

Book Twelve

Chapter Seventy Eight

The Sons Of God Are Coming!

Hear Me now, My Blessed Child; for I am your Father Yahweh, Most High God. Hear My word, My Blessed Child. The whole world is broken in darkness. It is broken. The whole world mourns. It weeps and it howls. Great is the darkness upon the face of the earth and the deeps sigh and mourn. A curse is gone out; yea a great curse and it is devouring the whole earth; for iniquity, great iniquity has budded! It has bloomed and has born an ugly fruit. The ugly fruit of sin, of evils unparalleled, worse than the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, yes unparalleled evils have taken root, even covering the whole earth, and a spell has been cast upon the people. Darkness has covered their eyes and darkness has filled their ears. Darkness has consumed their hearts and thorns have multiplied to cover the whole earth.

A great and terrible stench has come forth, the stench of darkness and evil, and a devouring darkness has rolled forth upon the whole earth. The earth is in pain! The earth travails! Smoke and fire flow up from the depths. The earth has been moved from its foundations, the works of evil hands and evil minds, a technology so great and evil that if I do not intervene, the wicked ones will advance in their evil plans to destroy the whole earth.

Hear Me, oh you wicked ones, you, who call black white and white black, you who love evil, who tell every lie, who blaspheme what is good and of Me. I have laid a great stone, a great stumbling stone in your path, a great stone indeed, and you will push at this stone, you will beat upon this stone and you will seek still in greater ways to destroy this stone. But, I say to you, oh great harlots, who whine and whisper, who dance and shout for Satan and for the gods of other worlds, I have drawn a line, a sharp line, a line of division. The line and this stone are one and this line and this stone are both in My hands; for I have laid a plumbline and it is straight. I have raised up a standard and it is holy! I have sent forth My branch and he is holy. He is My holy Son, my pure child of Revelation Twelve; and he is in your midst, oh loud and raucous sons of evil!

He has paid his price and now he is your price! A great price, indeed; for as you stumbled upon Me, you shall not stumble upon him and he is both a mark and a reward. He is the reward to my faithful and the mark of destruction to the wicked. For, all, who make him their mark, will thusly be marked; and all who trouble themselves with him, he will now trouble. All, who goad him, will thusly be goaded. All, who mock him, will be mocked. All, who torture him, will be tortured. All, who seek to annihilate him, will be annihilated. All, who trample on him, will be trampled

And, all, who meditate on him, will be blessed! All, who love Him, He will love! All, who honor him, will be honored. All, who bless him, will be blessed! All, who receive him, will receive Me! All, who make their hearts pure and who love Me above all in truth, honor and spirit, will know him. These will have him as their eternal companion!

For, My BRANCH is of Me. He is Mine and the pure ones are Mine. They are My Holy Sons and through My Son, the BRANCH, they are even My Holy Seed.

Break through, oh woman of great travail! Break through, my chosen servant, Linda Newkirk. Break through as a breath of spring air, even after a long winter’s night. Break through, my chosen daughter. Break through in My might, in My power, in My freedom, in My love, honor, purity and truth! For, I shall make your feet big and I shall make your shoes wide and the wind of My power shall be beneath your feet! You shall climb tall mountains, you shall soar as an eagle, and I shall carry you in My hand. Where the wind of My spirit goes, you will go in My truth, in My love, in My mercy and power. And, no good thing shall be withheld from you! For, you have travailed, My Little One! Your travails have been long, your suffering has been great. In all ways, you have suffered and now I am turning a new page in a new book.

Yes, they shall see you upon the wind! In the night sky, some will see your face in great love and kindness! For, I shall send you upon the wind and they will say, “Who is this woman, who rides upon the wind.” And, I shall say, “She is My child, the mother of My Son, the Branch, and she rides the wind of My Spirit! Her feet are of brass and her shoes shine with My light and fire; for I have given her victory! She is the victor over all of her enemies and the dragon is beneath her feet! For, she is the one, who slept night and day for so many years beneath the feet of the dragon! And, the dragon and all of his hordes did as they would to her, but her mind neither faltered nor wavered, but rested in the knowledge, the truth, the purity and the love of the Most High! And, though her tears were many and her pain and suffering great, her travail a great and terrible travail, she trusted in the Most High and He gave her victory over the dragon and all his many hordes. And, she brought forth, not wind, but brought forth the holy son, the son of the king of kings, and through her travail, she birthed the very sons of God.”

Stand tall, oh you distant hills and rejoice, oh you trees! Be joyful, oh you brooks and streams; for the Sons (of God) are soon upon the whole earth. In their feet shall be the sounds of running horses. Their gait shall shake the whole earth. The wind of their mouths shall breathe forth a pure stream of My fire and light! For, these are Mine! These Sons are of Me! They are chosen, even before the foundations of the earth; and they are appointed. They shall not lie! Neither will they take bribes! They shall not love evil and no evil shall be found in them! For, I shall make their hearts tender and My love shall flow out though them. No evil will be found in them; for they shall be quick to repent. My mercy shall overflow them and if they err, their errors shall be on the side of mercy. Yet, they will hate every evil and destructive thing and shall plead against evil. Their call shall be to repent, or perish. Their great love shall be towards the underlings, towards those, who suffer. But, their hearts shall be set towards the destruction of every evil and wicked thing. And, through their very words, they will bring to pass My perfect will towards every evil thing. They will not use a sword. They will not be violent in any way, but will speak My word; and when they speak My word and move in My will, My word will move forth to accomplish My perfect will towards all things.

These are My Sons, full of love, mercy, grace, full of long suffering, full of kindness, slow to anger and quick to repent, full of every good virtue; and these, My Sons, will rule the earth; for these are also My BRANCH. They issue forth from Me! I will get My glory; for these shall glorify Me night and day and in them shall be no guile.

Hear Me in this, oh you heathen nations! Repent of your evil ways, lest you fall to the cunning lies of Satan’s new world order. For, if you take his mark and if you fall down and honor him as god, you make your final choice and your soul will suffer destruction.

Hear Me, oh you careless ones! For, you are careless with your souls! Hear Me, oh you liars and all, who mock what is holy and of Me; for your place is in the lake of fire. Hear Me, all who blaspheme My works of Revelation Twelve, through My chosen servant, Linda Newkirk; for if you do not repent with great weeping, your place will be with all liars in the lake of fire.

A time of great finality is upon the earth. Woe to you, who love evil, who parade in the filth of the flesh and will not repent; for if you will not repent, and soon, you will burn!

For, I will stir up the earth! I will stir up the stars! I will stir up the heavens and in one second of one minute, many, many of you will be taken unawares. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth; for Satan and his many hoards have been cast down and many, whom I sent to prison in the fires in the hollow of the earth, will soon be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world! For, they shall come up, out of the fiery flames; and they will come to devour you! They will torture you! They will greatly trouble you!

Blessed is My chosen servant, Linda Newkirk, for she withstood their fires, tortures and torments for her appointed months and through her great suffering, she paid the price for all of My Sons, that when these come again, their sting will not affect My Sons, who will then be totally sealed.

Hearken, oh you mockers and scorners of My servant, Linda Newkirk. Hearken, all, who have spread vicious lies and slander against her. For, if you do not soon repent of the great evils that you have done against her, I shall take you in an instant and I shall melt you as wax in the heat of the sun. From the puddle of your burning, you will cry out, but your cries will not be heard. Yes, I warn you now, all of you, who have delighted in putting your feet in the back of My chosen servant, Linda Newkirk, even as she travailed for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls, woe to you! Woe to you liars and slanderers; for you mock what is holy! Repent now, or perish! For, you have had your time to delight in your evil and if you will not quickly repent, the flames of hell will catch you! For, I have drawn a line, and this line is a line of finality!

Who among you will now mock what is holy and of Me? Even as the sands in the hourglass, your days are numbered and short, indeed!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of January, 2011, Linda Newkirk