Thermal Imagery, The Poles Are Melting!


The following info has been reproduced here from the uncensored news blog.

It seems that for some unknown reason ice is melting in the middle of the Arctic. At first i thought it might be an error or a glitch for that matter but the opening shows up on 3 different maps

  1. The Sea Surface Temperature map of the Arctic
  2. The Sea Surface Salinity map of the Arctic
  3. The Ice Thickness map of the Arctic

It has started to show up at the end of September.  It is still there at the moment of writing.

It has grown in size then got a bit smaller and now it is growing again in size!

I have honestly no idea as to what could be causing this sudden melt in the middle of the Arctic Ice Pack.

The images can be found at: Arctic Hycom CICE

It can also be found as a fresh water spot and thinner ice spot!

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So how on earth is this possible?

Well there are actually a few possibilities the most logical is the assumption that a polnya is forming in the middle of the Arctic.  It has happened before in Antarctica and this is a well know fact.

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