An Urgent Call To The Bride Of Jesus Christ

When Chapter 50, “An Urgent Call To The Bride of Christ” was posted in 2009 I emailed the prophecy from our Saviour far and wide. I made a very serious mistake however when I did not include the first part of the chapter that was written by Linda.

I began to learn the fear of the Lord when I realized how very furious He was with me for neglecting to include Linda’s heartfelt introduction to His prophetic warning to the Bride. And I thank the Lord for forgiving me of my grievous mistake after I repented.

You will understand why He was so upset with me when you read the full chapter

From The Mountain Prophecies

Book Twelve Chapter Fifty

“An Urgent Call to the Bride of Christ!”

This could be the Last Call!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is good to be back with you and to share in the wealth of revelations from our Beloved Lord and God. For, so gloriously good is He and full of love and long-suffering! His bowels are full of love, mercy and compassion; and He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. Blessed is the Name of our Mighty God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Most High God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! For, even from the beginning, He has loved us with an everlasting love, his promises sure and His covenant to us forever and ever.

My Blessed Brothers and Sisters, I so delight in the love of our wonderful Saviour, our Mighty God and Creator; for daily I see His great miracles in my life, such great miracles that I am without words for so much of what I see and experience. Surely, I am exceedingly blessed to suffer such persecution for love of Him and for love of each of you; and I delight in what He has called me to suffer for love of Him. For, He is such a wonderful God and He is one God of great love and perfection, desiring that we be even as He is, perfect in every way. And, truly, the ones, whom He loves, He also tries, tests and purifies.

Therefore, my Dear Ones, what a delight it is to suffer for love of Him; for in and through all things that we suffer, we are surely purified, made white and clean. Therefore, may we all rejoice and be exceedingly glad when we are called to suffer for love of the One, who has so blessed us and called us to serve Him. Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh, Most High God and Blessed is the Holy Name of Jesus, Messiah, Saviour of Humanity.

The Beautiful Son of the King!

So lovely is the work of the beautiful Son of the King, the precious manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve. He is a delight to see; and His works are heavenly works; for from Heaven He comes and to Heaven, He will soon return, and straight to the throne of our Saviour He will go.

He is now over thirty-two months old and growing stronger and more full of the power, the strength and the light and fire of our Saviour every day. Marvelous things He does to dissolve the massive amounts of hard plastic, which are put into me via the ships of the U.S. military and through the hands of Satan and all of his hoards.

For, from the beginning, even before our Saviour gave me the manchild spirit on May 10 of 2006 in Pretoria South Africa, Satan and all of his hoards have made me their target of great persecution. And, at that time, the manchild was only a baby and was in my body as a spot of liquid light, of liquid fire from heaven. And, the wicked ones, on seeing this fire, began to try to steal this new heavenly DNA, the DNA of our Saviour and as I have written, they filled my body with foreign flesh as they attempted to grow this new DNA onto the flesh of others. But, after about six months, they gave up on this as they knew that they could not steal this new DNA, the manchild spirit in that way.

Following that six month period of great torture, they then began to infill my body with great amounts of metal, glass and other kinds of foreign matter in their attempts to totally put out the light in the manchild and to render him incapable of moving and working. And, since April 11 of 2007, these wicked ones have daily attempted to infill my whole body and even the space around my body with massive amounts of foreign substances, to the point that they have hoped to render the manchild immobile and to make me thereby captive.

Through this wicked and terrible technology, our Saviour has continued to “grow” the manchild, until he now reaches far outside of my body! And, he also needs to do so because of the fact that this terrible technology now reaches far outside of my body, even by several feet. And, because of the fact that our Saviour has needed to “grow” him, even to save both of us, He has constantly added new power, light, fire and strength to the manchild.

Why You Need to Know of this Terrible Technology!

In past writings, I have told you of this technology, but I will refresh your memory a little as regards this technology. The U.S. military has come in possession of technology, which is not of human origin. It appears as if the are using “quarks”, which are tiny, but unstable particles of light; and that they pair these unstable light particles with sound and push this heat producing light through common substances, like plastics, metals, glass, etc, and in so doing, they totally change the vibratory rate of such substances, thereby causing them to exist in an area outside of our own reality, but impinging upon our reality.

For, these substances, once converted in such a way, cannot be seen, and neither can they be felt, if one were to reach out to them to feel them around one’s periphery. However, they can be felt as obstructions in one’s body and as such can cause one much pain and to even stop bodily processes to the point of murder; for with such technology, they can make ones body hard with foreign substances and can shut down all bodily processes, thereby murdering another. And, if not murder, then total enslavement.

These substances seem to exist a step or two outside of the reality in which we live. For, in a relaxed state, one can feel the boundaries of such things within the body. For, they permeate ones being and such things can also be sensed outside one’s body.

My Dear Ones, this technology is one great horror story; for it is one reality, this being these foreign substances, which is superimposed upon another reality, that reality being the body in which one lives. Some of these substances may be highly conductive electrically, in which case when one is filled with such substances and subjected to a constant bombardment of electrical impulses, one could lose control of ones own cognitive processes, unless our Saviour intervenes so protect one and to keep one from being taken over.

And, this is surely one very big reason, my Dear Ones, that our Saviour has chosen to bring up the manchild spirit, His own son, amidst such horrors. For, in this, He, too, is tried and tested; and He is made ready for the Bride.

And, as for me, such has been an exceedingly difficult journey! For, I have suffered great pain and torture as the manchild has needed to grow, to master and to overcome all that they have laid before him. However, this has also been a richly rewarding journey; for through so much suffering, I have lived a most wonderful and miraculous life.

Oh, what joys and what hope amidst so much sorrow and persecution. For, through it all, I have never lost sight of the fact that a beautiful ending is coming into these works. A beautiful gift for all of humanity is coming forth through this little saviour, who has lived in me now for over thirty-two months.

And, yes He is a saviour and will be a saviour and used as a saviour as the Son of the Saviour of the whole universe. He will indwell the Sons of God and these will do the will of our Saviour, they in Him and He in they, a beautiful work indeed, to save humanity. Oh, indeed glorious beyond any words.

And, so, my Dear Ones, I have been in the midst of a technology, which is so terrible that I really lack words to describe it; and I have also been in the midst of such a miraculous journey that I also lack words to describe it. For, of a truth, I have daily lived a life of Shadrack, Meshach, Abednigo and Daniel. For, the ravenous lions have surrounded me night and day, the sky roaring daily with the presence of so many military ships.

They have for a fact surrounded me by day and night like ravenous dogs, seeking daily to devour me and the beautiful manchild spirit. They have laid wait for me and they have pummeled me on all of their “devil” days, on their number eleven days and they have regularly initiated their satanic practices against me. Satan has been daily in the skies around my house and steadily in and out of my house, seeking to devour my very soul.

Enemies have risen up against me and they have delighted in my suffering, thinking me to be full of sin and under punishment of our Saviour, when in fact this is and has been my price to bear the beautiful little boy of Revelation Chapter Twelve, the spiritual DNA of our very Saviour, His very own little son of light.

In Love to Our Lord and God!

And, yet, my Dear Ones, in the midst of all of my suffering and the suffering of the little boy of Revelation Twelve, we have never been alone! And, even though our Saviour planted us in a wilderness place and alone we sit before the evil god of this world, He has never left or forsaken us. But, indeed, He has hid us beneath His wings; and He has carried us in the palms of His hand.

He has fed us from the living waters of Heaven and He has nurtured us and loved us when it seemed that most in the whole world reviled us and joined forces with Satan to persecute us. He has carried us through the valley of the shadow of death and He has truly prepared a table for us before the faces of our enemies.

He has shined His light upon us and through the coldness of a dark and uncaring world, He has warmed us with His light and love. He has stood beside us when others deserted us in droves and He has repeatedly taken all of our burdens and made our journeys light. He has lifted our sorrows and has repeatedly filled our hearts with song, even when the sky was a roar with the sound of so many military crafts and engines.

A Song of Love for You, Oh Blessed King of Kings!

Oh, Beloved Saviour, Blessed Most High God, Oh, Glorious Creator of All, Lords of the Universe, oh how we love you! How we praise you, Oh Holy One! How we delight in you, Oh, Blessed Saviour; for you are ever faithful, full of love, compassion, mercy and full of great and awesome power.

You have heard our cries in the midst of the night when we stood beneath the roaring ships. When we cast our eyes heavenward, you looked down upon us with love. You have tended to our every need; and during the long nights of great torture and persecution, you have lovingly stroked us with your hands of love and comfort.

When Satan has risen up against us as a roaring lion, you have shut and bound his mouth and when ravenous humans would have daily taken our lives, you have carried us in your heavenly hands of great love and power. Oh, Great King of Kings, oh Great Lord of Lords, you are our Saviour and there is none other. You are our delight and the song of our hearts. You are our rainbow in the storm; and you are our Hightower. You are our Strong-arm and our Fortress in the midst of War. You are our Island in the Storm, the very rudder of our ships.

Oh, blessed Saviour, daily our eyes are upon you, our hearts fixed and set upon you. For, you and you alone are our sustenance. You, and you alone, are the love of our lives, You, and you alone, are the delight of our hearts and it is to you that we call for deliverance.

And, now, oh Love of our Lives, the hour is late and we know that you have heard. We know that you have set a date, that you have marked a time. We know that the end of a very long line is at hand and that a long road comes quickly to its destination. We know that your hand of light is but a quickstep away and that you are making ready the last few hearts.

Oh, yes, Oh, Delightful and Blessed Saviour, we sing your praises; for we know you and we love you above all, knowing for a certainty that you will speedily deliver us, knowing for a certainty that you will also deliver and take the pure of heart, knowing for a certainty that you have already wrapped and sealed our heavenly rewards and the heavenly rewards of the just.

Oh, Blessed Saviour, receive the great love of our hearts and our continual songs of gratitude and thanksgiving; for of a truth, you and you, alone are Most High. You and you alone are Saviour and it is to you that our hearts are sealed in love. Oh, Blessed Saviour, we await you with great anticipation and with great love, joy and thanksgiving in our hearts. For, you have heard our cries in the night and you have seen our tears in the day; and you will now come quickly to make an end of all suffering and to bring forth even your great promises to your bride and to all of humanity.

Oh, Blessed Saviour, in great anticipation, we long and we wait and we send up to you the great love of our hearts; for we are bound to you in great love and in great honor and we greatly desire to please you, to do your will, to bless you and to bring you glory.

Oh, receive these songs from our hearts, oh Love of our Hearts, oh Blessed Saviour! Oh, what a price indeed, and we have all but paid it, and even so, our time will surely be soon up, even as you stated it is the message which follows. And, then comes a glorious event, so grand that daily all of heaven is in great anticipation. For, soon indeed, the little boy of Revelation Twelve will return to you, our Beloved, Saviour, to Your very throne, from whence He came.

A Message from our Lord and God

“An Urgent Call to the Bride of Christ!”

January 21, 2009

Hearken unto Me, oh Blessed Daughter of Mine, and write as I say! For, I am your Father! I am your Saviour! I am most High God! King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Lords of the Universe!

Oh, Blessed Daughter of mine, as a line from My hands is made straight and without crooks or bends, so have I set My path in you! As a stream of My light goes forth and as it is straight, without crook, or bend, so have I made the course of My light in you!

And, as a mother hen so gathers her chicks, even one by one, and shelters them beneath her wings, so have I gathered you and others of My Faithful, to shelter you, and to nurture you for My great bounty, which I wish to bring forth in each of you!

As a golden egg of pure and radiant light is my will in each of My Faithful stewards, and it is now that My golden eggs of light in each of you are readying maturity. My golden eggs of light in each of My Faithful are nearing the time when such eggs will be harvested back to Me!

Such an egg of radiance, of joy, of hope, of completion, I have put into each of Mine and have so nurtured it, until it is ready to be harvested back to Me, with all of My purposes within each one having been accomplished, having been completed.

My Little One, you know and you understand well that I would have come on so many occasions. You have known of My imminent plans to come for My Faithful and on more than one occasion, this has been so! But on looking and on searching these very eggs, which I have put into My Faithful, I could not yet come! For, I have seen various stages of unreadiness and unripeness! And, on so seeing, I have lingered, in not only coming for you, but in coming for those, whom I wish to take to My throne when I take you!

For, on searching their hearts, I have found all manner of judging. I have found all manner of sin. I have found all manner of spiritual unreadiness; and the whole bride whom I wish to take and marry when I marry you and the manchild, I cannot take!

I warn you and I warn you now, that all over the world FEW ARE READY! FEW, my Little One, because few are sold out to Me! Few love Me above all! Few strive to be clean by the minute, by the hour and by the day; and grievous sins have crept into the lives of those, whom I wish to marry, such that if I were to come now for you and the manchild, few of My true bride would be ready!

For, they will not come totally clean before Me! They will not love one another, even as I have commanded, but wish to set themselves up as judges, as holier-than-thou, and are full of all manner of worldly thoughts and desires.

I cannot and will not marry these, My Child! Be advised! Be warned! For, I will not continue to delay My coming for you and for the manchild, based upon whether anyone else is ready! Be advised, my Blessed Child, that this is the last delay, by which I will delay My coming for you and the manchild!

This is My last delay and some of this delay is for reasons of your own prayers! For, even as you have sought Me to come and even as I have showed you that I would, your own prayers for others have caused compassion to stir up within my bowels on behalf of these, who are not ready to go into the light! And, I have been moved in compassion to delay yet again the timing of My coming for you and the manchild and for those, who will then also marry Me!

But, be advised, oh you backslidden and wayward bride of Mine! I will not continue to delay the rewards to My chosen daughter, the mother of Revelation Chapter Twelve, and the mother of My Spiritual Son of Revelation 12. For, to delay for love of you is to extend her own time of suffering beneath the feet of Satan and all of his hoards. And, I will not continue to add to the suffering of this one, My chosen daughter. For, she does suffer and has suffered exceedingly because she bears My spiritual Son, the little boy of Revelation Chapter Twelve, a beautiful gift for humanity, indeed, a glorious gift for My bride, wherein through the manchild, through my Spiritual Son, all will marry Me and become My Sons, the heirs to My throne!

In that you, oh My Bride, and have neither cared about it, nor have been concerned about it, is to your own undoing. For, be warned, oh you sleeping bride, and you bride of Mine, who stands in disarray: I shall surely come for My bride!

I have been sounding the alarm through the mouths of My prophets. They have heard ME tell of My intentions to come in months past. And, I have been ready! All in heaven is now prepared and ready and I am giving this one last shout! There shall be no other delay, past this one! I only delay now as My bowels of mercy and compassion have been moved to extend this time for a short time indeed! For, many of you, oh My Bride, stand on the brink of being ready! But, you are not ready!


Let It Be Known That I Will Marry No Gossip Mongers, And No Purveyors of Hate or Malice, Save You Repent In Deep Sorrow And Seek My Forgiveness For All.


I Will Marry None, Who Do Not Love Others, Even To Love Your Enemies, To Pray For Them And To Bless Them.


I Will Marry None, Who Have Any Sort Of Unforgiveness In Their Hearts.


I Will Marry None, Whose Bowels Are Not Full Of Love And Compassion Toward All.


I Will Marry None, Who Do Not Have Mercy And Compassion Toward The Lost, The Hurt, And The Suffering.


I Will Marry None, Who Have Not Spent Long Hours In Prayer Before Me, Night and Day, Seeking Me To Judge Them, To Purify Their Sins Through Forgiveness And To Make Them White.


I Will Marry None Who Love The World And What Is In It.


I Will Marry None Who Are Addicted To Television, Or To Any Other Worldly Thing.


I Will Marry None, Who Lust After The Flesh And Who Love Things Of The Flesh.


I Will Marry None, Who Make Television Their Council, And Who Look Upon Violence.


I Will Marry None, Who Backbite, And Who Mock And Scorn My True Works And Will Not Repent.


I Will Marry None, Who Stay Up Late To Chase Things Of The World, And Who Put Me Last.


I Will Marry None, Who Love The World And What Is In It. For, I Demand That You Renounce The World And All Of It’s Evil Matters And Concerns.


I Will Marry None, Who Look Upon Another With Eyes Of Lust, Or Who Covets, Or Jealously Longs After What Belongs To Another.


I Will Marry None, Who Do Not Put Me First And Love Me Above All, Cherishing My Commandments And Obeying Them All.


Repent Oh You Bride Of Mine! I Will Come For A Clean Bride! And, Be Warned, That I Come Very Soon, And, Be Warned That At This Time And From My Vantage Point, Save Many Of You Get Clean, And Quickly So, I Will Take At This Time Few Indeed! For Few Indeed You Are, Who Have Made Yourselves Clean. But, Even So, It Is Not For Any Lack Of Warnings That I am Coming For My Bride! I Have Warned You, And The Time Of My Tarrying Is Fast Coming To An End!


I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, Jesus, Saviour, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


(This prophecy was given to Linda on Jan 21, 2009)