Message From Our Saviour





Message From Our Saviour:

“I am your Redeemer!”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father. I am your Creator; and I am your husband! I am your Redeemer; and I am your truth and your way! Hear Me, My Precious and Blessed One; for as the wind blows firstly this way and then the other way, so does My will! For, I am that God, who both gives and takes away.

My Blessed One, many think that they know Me, or that they have a relationship with Me; but I am the God, who sees and though some know Me and others know about Me, few truly understand much about Me. I am that God, who sows and even reaps where I have not sown. I am that God, who sees and understands, but who unfolds all to give understanding, even as I please. For, I am Creator, and I do as I please.

Therefore, My Blessed One, few really know the how(s) and the why(s) of who I am, though many guess about Me and many think that they know Me. My Blessed One, I have plowed a field and it is barren. Nothing else is to be planted in that field. Do you see this, My precious one? I have plowed it! It is barren and nothing else is to be planted in that field, My Little One. I know that you see that field and it is “the field of disbelief.”

Yes, my Precious Saviour, I do see that field, a dusty and a large field with deep rows and with big clods of dirt; and it is in a valley. Barren hills surround this valley of “the field of disbelief.”

My precious one, I am not going to do anything about this field. I have plowed it under. It is barren and it will produce no crops. So, there is nothing more that I will do regarding this field of disbelief!

Oh Precious Saviour and Glorious God of ours, I love you so and I would so very much like to see one thing in that barren field! Oh Precious God, I would like to see Your (white) cross in that barren field.

Yes, my Precious One, I know that you would like to see My cross there, but that field it is not likely to bear any fruit.

Oh, Blessed Saviour, I love you so very much and I know Your great mercy and Your great grace. That field has been tilled up. Will You not plant a few seeds of belief in there? Will you not plant a few seeds of love in there? Will you not plant a few seeds of mercy in there? Will you not plant a few seeds of hope and forgiveness in there? I love You so, oh Precious Saviour, and I know of Your precious love, of Your infinite mercy and overflowing grace! You are so kind, Blessed Saviour! Will you please hear my cries regarding that barren field of disbelief?

My precious one; and you are My precious one, the precious mother of My children and spiritual mother to so many souls and I know you so well; for you are the one, who pleads for the salvation of the hopelessly lost and for the salvation of the unlovable and for the salvation of some of those, who are so cruel and heartless; and I have so often answered your prayers for those, who are neither loved, nor able to love.

But, My precious one, the hour is very late and we have truly come to the time when the darkness does cover the earth as a cloud and I have laid the line and I am sorting the souls!

But, My Blessed One, because of this very dark time, My grace is so great to save very great numbers of souls and I am doing very great works to save those, who are in the midst of such great darkness, and who were not meant to be saved at all.

My blessed and precious one, you have worked long and you have greatly travailed and you have suffered such great hardships and such great sorrows in the face of such great evils, longing and praying for Me to save the greatest numbers of souls; and I have heard your cries. I have seen your tears.

Oh, how greatly you have suffered, My Blessed One, for the salvation of souls, who were not meant to be saved! You know who they are: billions of fallen angels, many, who are under and have been under full mind control, but not just mind control, but under full mind and body control.

You have so greatly suffered for (the salvation of) these souls. You have been beaten severely by the terrible technologies of Satan and the fallen angels because you are the Woman of Revelation Twelve and you are indeed My wife.

You have suffered so greatly in the midst of interdimensional gates and portals and you have been placed in their midst so that you would be victimized by them and all of their technologies; for I wanted you to pray for them, to love them, and to forgive them, and to pray for their salvation.

And, your spiritual journey has been so exceedingly difficult, My precious one. Oh, how greatly you have suffered! Oh, how greatly you have travailed and you, My precious one, have suffered in the midst of such severe travails and in the midst of such sorrows, alone, going in and out of death and despair, brutally beaten and wounded by their technologies, hated and despised, rejected, mocked and scoffed and scorned, but loved, My precious one!

For so greatly I do love you and so greatly do so many of the fallen angels love you and they sing to you and about you; and they pray to me so regularly about you. You are greatly loved, My precious one, and these love you so, and I love you so and others, whom I have so miraculously taken from within this darkness, catching them up in My arms and placing them in hospitals and in other sorts of healing facilities, even in reform schools and in other sorts of schools, yes, My precious one, oh how greatly they love you.

They have all been out there, and back in again, through the gates and portals, and they know you. Many previously despised you! They hated you without cause and they so greatly persecuted you. But, you would not give up on them! You prayed for them night and day! You sang to them as they passed through, as they went up and came back down again. You read the Bible to them! You called out to them and you loved the unlovable, some of them so dark and evil!

And, they began to turn to Me! Oh, yes, My blessed one, you know that so many of them began to turn to Me and You blew light out to them, that precious love in your heart, and it settled on them, like little wings of white light and this love light made all sorts of configurations on them and these configurations of light are that precious love, My love that heals, delivers and sets free! Oh, how greatly you have loved them and I have loved them and we do not want their souls to be destroyed in the Lake of Fire!

So, My blessed one, you pay and have paid such a great price for the salvation of their souls and I am doing a very great work to save their souls; for I would not have a one of them to be lost!

But, My blessed one, few know or understand about your years of very great travail under their feet and how greatly you have suffered to see the salvation of these souls!

But, my blessed one, you know that I so greatly love them and you know that I am doing such a great work do save them! Yes, My precious one, you are the one, that I placed in the darkness of the darkness, in their very midst, to suffer and to travail and to weep and to be in and out of death because of their terrible technologies; for I wished to save them!

And, I have multiplied My love in you, that old “shirt-off-your-back love,” for you have repeatedly given all that you have, even your last bit of light to them; and you have repeatedly laid down your life, that you might pick it back up again!

My blessed one, this is that old “shirt-off-your-back love,” and it grows right there in your heart, this precious love of great kindness, of extreme hope and precious long-suffering, that love that just loves, that loves, that truly does cover a multitude of sins, that love that is full of suffering and does not judge, but just loves, that love that truly does love the unlovable, that is given freely and without condemnation.

Yes, My precious wife, that it the love that you throw out to the lost souls, the love (light) that comes out of your mouth though your prayers and makes ribbons of light on the bodies, or butterflies of light on the shoulders, or on the backs, or wreaths of light on the heads, that precious love light, My beloved wife.

That love light has been given to you alone, so precious a love light; for it is given to you through extreme, and I do mean extreme suffering and you have so liberally tossed it out to so many souls, who have gone up, and who have come down, through these gates and portals, even to and from some from other star systems.

And, these precious gifts of light have settled on some, and this light is changing their thoughts, changing their actions, just changing their souls, here a little and there a little. And, later you look back at some of these souls, who have received this light and you see that this pure and holy light has grown. Yes, My precious one, that it has grown and this love light, this precious “shirt-off-your-back love” anointing has so greatly blessed these souls and its very presence is working to change these souls! Yes, My precious one, (this given) to change them in subtle and beautiful ways (through) those precious “shirt-off-your-back-love” anointings!

This love has been perfected in your heart through these past years of intense suffering and great travail as you were placed here in these gates and portals in the midst of the darkness of darkness! For, Satan the fallen angels, wicked Satanists, atheists and others traveled up and down through these gates and portals, firstly to the new earth and then to Mars and beyond, but not just there!

Many have come into the earth from other star systems and you tossed out this love light to them and it fell on them, making those unique configurations of light; and they all carried this “shirt-off-your-back-love” light back with them! Oh how greatly these were blessed because of this “shirt-off-your-back-love” anointing!

But, you, My precious wife, have suffered as none have ever suffered, or ever will suffer again! You have lived in the midst of so many interdimensional spaces and have lived in the midst of their starships, etc., as they left this earth and changed their frequencies to move on out and to come back in through these interdimensional spaces.

Oh, how terribly you have suffered! Oh, how greatly you have travailed in the midst of such a terrible war! But, I have been with you, to save you, My precious wife; and you are My precious wife, the mother also of our precious children of light and the spiritual mother of humanity, though few believe and few care!

But, these fallen ones, who are sincerely turning to Me, and who do greatly love Me, do know who you are and they so greatly love you! Not only do they know who you are, (but) they believe the works of Revelation Twelve; for they have been an intricate part of these works.

Yes, My precious wife, you are that light being, My friend, My wife, who has so greatly travailed. The kingdom of darkness knows you and many from within that kingdom are now with Me in various sorts of hospitals, in various sorts of schools, or clinics, or reform schools, or in the grinders of hell, or Outer Darkness, in those grinders, so that their souls can be remade.

My Little One, you know intimately of these great works and that I have taken nearly nine billion of these so-called “greys” into such hospitals, or clinics and into schools of different sorts and into the grinders. But, I have also taken others, (not greys) who are so sick emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically into such places; for you loved them, and you prayed for them and you suffered so terribly, having paid such a great, great, and terrible price for them and for the salvation of their souls.

Yes, you did, My precious wife, and no one else paid such a price, or will ever pay such a terrible price. Your suffering has been extreme and severe, your physical pain great and extreme because of their traveling through the portal, which is attached to your physical body! Oh, how terribly you have travailed!

Those in the kingdom of darkness know who you are, that you are My wife and they know that these works of Revelation Twelve are true and real. But, My blessed one, this is not true for the people of this nation or for the people of this world!

Few in this nation believe, having rejected the truths of these works of Revelation Twelve. And, few in the world believe; for as soon as these truths are planted in the hearts of the sheep, Satan comes along and he dispenses his lies into their midst regarding you and these works.

So, My blessed one, this nation is a field of disbelief about these works of Revelation Twelve and the world is largely a field of disbelief about these works!

But, not the nations, or rather the various leaders of these nations, or the military (leaders) of (most of) these nations, or others of extreme wealth, or power and prestige, who have passed through these gates and portals in their space travel!

They know you, My blessed one! And, they know about the international space program and how these have gone out and have come back in through these gates! And, they also know that I have punished them extremely, that I have thrown them down and that few can now either go up or come down!

Yes, of course, they know you and they have all greatly abused you! But, My blessed one, that beautiful silver lining in this great cloud of darkness is that beautiful “shirt-off-your back-love,” that precious love that I put into your heart, which was and is so precious, perfected through your great and terrible suffering, and so abundant that you toss it out and speak it out, pray it out, and blow it out (through your breath) to the lost, to the suffering.

But, My precious one, a prophet is without honor in his own country and you, My precious one, My blessed prophetess, are without honor in the USA. You are not without honor; for so many, who have come to Me from within this great darkness, so greatly love you. You are greatly loved, My precious one, but not by the masses of people, not by those in this nation, and not by large numbers in other nations.

You have greatly loved them, My blessed one, but Satan set out to destroy your name, to destroy your reputation, through his lies, through his mocking, through his scoffing of these works and through blasphemous and slanderous accusations against you! He thought he had won in his great efforts to destroy you and these works of Revelation Twelve, so I put you there in his midst, and they all rode up and down through these portals and gates and they viciously assaulted you and beat you so terribly and severely.

But, I said, “I will do a new work in this darkness of the darkness! I will put My wife there in the face of Satan and in the faces of all of these fallen angels and in the faces of those wicked Satanists and in the faces of those wicked ones in the military’s and in the faces of those wicked ones in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and the NSA (National Security Agency) and the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) and Homeland Security and in the faces of those wicked ones, who came from England, and from other nations, and in the faces of the dragons, and in the faces of the hundreds of thousands of sorcerers, (who came to destroy you), and in the faces of evil and strange gods, who came to kill you. And, I will cause them to use their most terrible of evil technologies to kill you and to disintegrate you and I will cause you to suffer the worst sorts of hardships. For, I was angry with you for a little while; and I said, I will settle it all!”

But, I could not be angry with you for long, but only for a little while, (so) that My words regarding you in Isaiah chapter 54, might be fulfilled.

And, I gave you My precious son, (the holy manchild of Revelation Twelve) and I have since given you other children of light; for I found you worthy to bear My children of light; for you are My wife, but (these children have been) given to you supernaturally and through My mind, not that other way!

And, I have so greatly loved you and through all of your suffering, I have forgiven you and have resolved all past angers against you and I have brought you through all that I have determined that you must go through and I have heard your cries.

I have heard your prayers for those, who are lost within the darkness of the darkness, and I will save many billions of these souls; for you, My precious and much beloved wife, have willfully paid the price for the (salvation) of them all!

And, I was angry with you for a little while, but am no longer angry with you; but you had debts to settle, which went back to the beginning! So, at this time, I am not angry with you, but am exceedingly pleased in you, My blessed wife! And, I shall greatly exalt you and all of creation shall know that you are My wife, both the mother of My children, who are light beings, who are with Me, (Isaiah chapter 54) and that you are the spiritual mother of that House of Israel.

And, that truth that you have given this holy seed can be found there in the Book of Revelation in this particular verse, wherein I made mention of the seed of the woman: “and the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed” And, I am the Father of these and you are their mother, My blessed wife, the light seeds coming from Me and from you! And, because of these light seeds, I warned you not to mix your seed with those (seeds) of other races and regarding these, who have these light seeds, there are these words, “Do you not know that you are gods? “Well, they are not yet gods at all, but from godly seeds and some will become gods in the light kingdom, in due season!

But, too many, My blessed one, are in extreme disbelief. They are cut off from any knowledge of who they are and the powers of darkness very much want this! Therefore, the war against all of you at this time is great and will become extremely great! For, the powers of darkness do not want you to become light beings, but to keep you distracted by firstly one thing or another, so that you do not grow spiritually, but remain stagnant and in the darkness.

Therefore, My blessed one, that barren field of disbelief is the USA, but I am not much inclined to do anything about this disbelief at this time. For, I am exceedingly angry with this nation! For, it is in great error before Me and I am greatly angry with this nation; and I will bring great destruction on this nation! For, you are a spiritually barren nation, a spiritually destitute nation, a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, a spiritual wasteland, though some do greatly love Me. You (the USA) are an island unto yourselves, but a barren place, which is full of the spiritually decadent, who will neither repent, nor believe.

Therefore, My precious one, I can only judge this errant and wicked nation of the USA; for you throw Me rainbow flags and serve Me plates of emptiness or rot and I will sever you out, oh you haughty people, from among the living! For, you do know to do right, but choose not to do right and this nation is so severely corrupted to this point that your little ones do not have a chance to know Me before they, too, are thrown into extreme decadence!

I have warned you all, through the mouths of My servants, but you do not believe that I will bring a catastrophic judgement against you. You do not believe that I will swiftly put an end to your comfortable lifestyles, for you do not know Me.

I am the God, who came in that human body, the One, whom you call Jesus Christ; and I paid that terrible price for the salvation of your souls! I am a merciful God and I love you with an everlasting love, but most of you do not even know Me! If you knew Me, you would love Me and you would obey Me! But, you neither know Me, nor obey Me. Yet, I love you greatly, and I call out to you through My servants. However, you not only refuse to hear Me, but you mock Me and you mock and persecute My true servants! You, oh you mockers, will have your places in the Lake of Fire, if you do not repent! For, you mock what is true and holy!

I have laid the line. I have prepared the long and dividing ditch! I will make the great chasm; and I will put the “tried and true” on one side and the disbelievers, and the untrue, the liars, the perverts, the thieves, the whores and whoremongers, the sodomites, the murderers, the proud, the haughty, the covetous, the greedy, the loud, the obnoxious, the rebellious workers of witchcrafts and the lovers of all that is evil on the other side; and I will inspect each of you and I will determine whether I shall extend grace to any of you!

For, I am merciful and I know your innermost hearts and your innermost thoughts and your innermost secrets and I will look and see what sort of mercy I will give to you!

For, My wife does plead for you and she does plead for Me to save the greatest numbers (of souls) and she reminds me often that this great God would not have one soul to be lost, though she also knows that “if the righteous are scarcely saved, what about the rest?”

So, My blessed wife, Linda Newkirk, found this contradiction in the Scriptures and she regularly reminds me that this Great God of Love would not have even one to be lost!

And, I am that God, but in My anger against the sinners and the rebellious, I can make sharp decisions, and I can throw many into hell without giving them even one more thought! But, she is the one, who is before Me and who pleads for Me to take them out of hell and to examine some (of them) more carefully with mercy!

For, I have thrown great numbers (of them) into hell, who came out of the darkness of darkness, but in My great mercy have also taken out great numbers of them, having (thereafter) more carefully examined them and have put huge numbers of them into hospitals, or into reform schools, or into clinics, etc. So, because of her intercessions, I have been moved to great mercies, because My wife has paid such an extreme price for the salvation of many, who are slaves in the darkness. So My mercy is great to save them; for these souls, who are so (greatly) in chains cannot in any way, get free!

But, I look at you humans, who have plenty and who love every wicked thing in this earth! You are not in great travail; and I provide plentifully for you! I bless you in very great ways, but you are not interested in doing right with your lives. You are blessed, but you deny Me! You are warned, but you mock Me and My servants! You are comfortable in your sinful, proud, haughty and boastful lives. You love the world and what is in it, but you hate Me and you despise My servants and My words of warning. You (of these sorts) are plenteous in this nation of the USA and elsewhere; and I warn you now that destruction will come upon you and it will come suddenly and unexpectedly. You will not see it coming! You will not expect it and this destruction will catch you unawares; for your pride will not allow you to see it coming!

There is nothing more to say about that giant asteroid! It will come when I say! I am merciful to hear your cries and merciful to receive your repentances! That giant space rock is going to beat you down, oh you wicked people! I could give mercy and I could delay it, but at this late hour, this may not be! I could break it up before it comes. I may do so, and I may take parts of it and beat other rebellious and haughty nations!

I am that God, who judges and I am the One, who is sending destruction on you, oh you wicked people; and it will come when you are not expecting it. For, you are the ones, who love every lie! Therefore, you will not know when it comes, that terrible rock, which is going to beat you and beat you and beat you wicked ones quickly down into the fires of hell!

I have seen the extent of your great wickedness, oh America, and I have warned you to repent, or perish! You do not choose repentance, so your choice is, therefore, to perish!

I am that God, who judges. And, I am that God, who saves! I am merciful to save, but I will not save those, who are so abundantly blessed, even above all nations, who love every lie, and who continually disgust me with their dark and evil rebellions!

I am Jesus, even Jehovah, Yahuweh, that Most High God, even God Almighty the Creator, the One, who sits above it all!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of July, 2015,

Linda Newkirk

Sending my heart’s love to you all, linda